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Hunts ban doubts.

Byline: By Denise Robertson

Although I'd happily not hear the word fox again, I'm still uncertain about this ban.

I loathe the idea of taking pleasure in killing but don't understand the furore over the moderate number of foxes killed each year when the Dogs Trust tells us a healthy dog is killed every hour in Britain and no one says a dicky-bird.

And what about the misery of battery hens or pigs in birthing stalls or weary cattle and sheep travelling hundreds of miles to be slaughtered?

At this moment, 28 million turkeys are crowded in darkened sheds, each holding more than 20,000 birds, waiting to be despatched for our Christmas merriment. Surely they should have a life, a smell of the open air, before we make use of them.

Bred for weight, many of them can no longer walk and they're debeaked with a hot knife in case they peck one another to death. Where's the lobby to stop that revolting practice?

Could it possibly be true that this hunting bill is about class war and not about foxes at all?

And if it's true that hunting using dogs to flush out the fox so it can be shot is still lawful, I have awful visions of foxes with bullet wounds dying painfully and slowly of gangrene. Is that an improvement?

If all this Parliamentary time is being given to stopping a few lah-di-dahs prancing about in red coats without benefiting the fox, surely MPs could make better use of the time? There's plenty to be done for humans, let alone animals.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 30, 2004
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