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Hunting dangerous game.

Although hunting boar in the U.S. is often referred to as hunting "dangerous" game there is literally no dangerous game in the lower 48. Occasionally someone will do something really stupid and be injured by a boar or black bear. Far more people are injured by horses and other domestic animals, I'm told that Whitetail deer kill about 10 people a year in the U.S.; usually during the rut due to accidental encounters; usually not hunters and not counting those killed in auto-deer accidents. Think about it. What animal is really dangerous to a man with a gun in real life? Certainly another human with a gun. Not much else until you get to Alaska and risk an unlikely and unfortunate encounter with a bear. The tremendous "hype" surrounding hunting boar is just that. I recall an encounter with a boar hunter in Tennessee years ago. He was carrying a BAR in .300 Mag, a .44 Mag revolver with a belt full of ammo and a knife bigger than most bayonets. The real kicker was his bodyguard was carrying a short-barreled 12-gauge 870 loaded with rifled slugs and a Mexican style bandoleer filled with amino over his shoulder.

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Author:Jones, J.D.
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:May 1, 2006
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