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Hunter Automated Machinery Corp.

Hunter Automated Machinery Corp., with office and factory in Schaumburg, Illinois, is the world leader in matchplate molding and mold-handling equipment.

The company has manufactured more than 1300 automated molding machines, 90 automatic coresetters and 400 turntable systems.

Hunter was founded in 1964 by Al Hunter, who still serves as chairman of the board. The first machine, which came off the drawing board in the same year, was designed to accept existing matchplate patterns of the size used by hand molders.

The introduction of this machine may have done more to shape the American foundry industry than any other single event. Certainly, there have been more dramatic innovations. But in retrospect, they probably had less impact. Hunter's molding machine was just what the industry needed--and at precisely the right time.

The Marketplace

Today, Hunter continues to serve a unique role in the U.S. foundry industry by offering:

* the only machines to bridge the gap between jobbing and high production;

* the only gravity fill type automatic matchplate molding machines (all HMP models);

* the only recipe programmable automatic matchplate molding machines;

* the best factory training program in the industry for maintenance personnel (more than 200 classes consisting of more than 2570 students);

* the only automatic coresetters for matchplate molding machines (all models);

* the only turntable mold-handling systems offered in several diameters with integral fume hoods, from one level up to a maximum of six levels of controlled in-molding cooling (available for all mold sizes and models);

* machines that exceed 90% U.S. origin for parts, labor and components.

The application of computer controls and new technology to the foundry process will undoubtedly have the greatest impact on our industry over the next few years. This can happen in several ways:

* existing proven processes refined and improved through practical application of new technologies;

* new processes and technologies developed;

* any combination of the above.

The new NC or CNC type machining centers are good examples of innovation achieved by refining a proven process. Controlling a milling machine with a computer results in an incredible improvement in operating speed and accuracy with repeatable performance. In effect, it became a totally new machine with capabilities that go far beyond its previous capabilities.

This is the same way Hunter D-Series machines were developed. A reliable and proven molding process was dramatically enhanced by placing important functions under computer control. The following functions are part of the recipe entered by the customer in the high-resolution color touchscreen for a specific job or are computer-controlled to ensure fast and reliable operation:

* special prefill program riddles sand on the pattern and into pockets;

* vibration of the pattern during the fill, squeeze and draw sequence;

* automatic parting spray application cope and drag side of the pattern;

* drag flask heater and pattern temperature;

* separate draw speeds with controlled acceleration for cope and drag;

* sand compactibility is sampled and recorded on SPC charts;

* proportional valves for motion control and hydraulic cylinder ramp speeds;

* hydraulic pressure variable and programmed throughout the cycle;

* machine cycle time is monitored and recorded on SPC charts;

* diagnostics with more than 400 comprehensive graphic displays (on screen);

* preventive maintenance procedures and checklists (on screen);

* detailed parts lists and adjustment procedures (on screen);

* production and downtime monitoring (on screen);

* telephone modem for remote monitoring or telephone assistance;

* local network capability.

The product of this high-tech marriage is an incredibly versatile new machine that produces superior quality molds at rates up to 50% faster than previous models!

Furthermore, there is not a molding machine, automatic coresetter or turntable in the Hunter product line that's not either totally new or dramatically improved within the last five years.

Now that's progress!

Hunter Automated Machinery Corp., 2222 Hammond Drive, Schaumburg, Illinois 60196-1094; 708/397-5120; fax 708/397-8254.

Key Personnel

* Al Hunter, chairman of the board;

* Bill Hunter, president;

* Linda Decker, administrative vice president;

* Jim Fitzgerald, vice president manufacturing;

* Bill Nimmo, vice president sales;

* Rod Hartung, regional sales manager;

* Dean Martin, regional sales manager;

* Linda Lundblad, administrative manager sales;

* Joe Hughes, service manager;

* Kathy Meredith, parts department manager.

Sales Offices

Hunter Automated Machinery Corp. is represented by more than 40 different sales agent organizations throughout the world.
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