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Spice Girls and the art of maximum exposure; Knowing how to manipulate the publicity machine is a useful tool to help you get to No.1 in the music charts, writes Mel Hunter. Oct 31, 2000 825
...and STRETCH; After years of pounding the treadmill at the gym, it's time to breathe, says Mel Hunter. Oct 28, 2000 930
BEAUTY STYLE roll on . . . good hair days; If you thought big hair went out with padded shoulders and Kajagoogoo, Mel Hunter explains how and why you should learn the art of back-combing all over again. Oct 25, 2000 716
Pot luck; Mel Hunter discovers a wealth of ceramics on our doorstep. Oct 23, 2000 862
When rewriting history is not just a black and white issue; Mel Hunter meets Roi Kwabena, organiser of Black History Month. Oct 23, 2000 892
Noodles, NEON & nuclear fall-out; Mel Hunter savours the calm of the tranquil parks in and around Tokyo as well as the bustling shopping centres. Oct 21, 2000 1338
SITTING pretty; Mel Hunter sits up straight and gets to the bottom of back problems caused by bad posture. Oct 21, 2000 1070
Interview: Tiff Needell - When the going gets Tiff; Mel Hunter meets the fast-driving, easy-going heart-throb of Top Gear. Oct 19, 2000 1050
Interview: Dr Petra Boynton - Against all odds; Mel Hunter talks to award-winning academic Dr Petra Boynton. Oct 18, 2000 1029
West End GIRLS; Many of Hollywood's top actresses are leaving behind the glamorous world of the movies to tread the boards in England's theatres. Mel Hunter looks at the latest leading ladies to take to the stage. Oct 17, 2000 959
Finding your balance; There's new hope for perennial dieters, says Mel Hunter, with a self-help programme that encourages us to reinvent our relationship with food. Oct 14, 2000 1001
The magic of a new career; Mel Hunter is left spellbound by one woman's radical change of direction. Oct 12, 2000 900
Face of an Angel; Mel Hunter discovers a new range of skin care products which uses ingredients full of ancient eastern promise. Oct 11, 2000 536
Health: Laugh to boost your immune system; With winter around the corner, we wave goodbye to the feelings of well-being brought on in the sunnier months. It doesn't have to be that way, reports Mel Hunter. Sep 30, 2000 614
Perspective: Let the children play; A pioneering scheme in Birmingham, which has campaigned tirelessly for the rights of children, celebrates its tenth anniversary today. Mel Hunter reports. Sep 29, 2000 1226
On your BIKE!; You can get to school, travel to work, or have a family day out on it. But perhaps one of the greatest attractions of the 163-mile West Midlands Cycle Route is the wealth of history. Mel Hunter followed the route from Stratford to Lichfield. Sep 27, 2000 889
Beauty Style: From the inside out. Sep 27, 2000 805
The new direction's in the post; We rarely think about our postmen unless the letters fail to arrive, but Mel Hunter finds there could be a lot to learn from your mail man. Sep 26, 2000 951
Health: Let loose at FRESHERS' WEEK; Cutting the apron strings: Your guide to coping with student life - It's hell but it will pass. Mel Hunter takes a look at the daunting initiation to student life and asks how empty nest parents can learn to live without their little darlings. Sep 23, 2000 1344
Tracel: A new dawn in the land of the RISING SUN; Mel Hunter meets a woefully misunderstood people whose hospitality is in undiminished despite enormous cultural changes. Sep 23, 2000 1399
Beauty Style: GET the autumn look; It's back to the glamour of the 1980s as far as make-up trends go this autumn. Mel Hunter finds out how to obtain the latest look. Sep 20, 2000 561
Health: The day that changed my LIFE; At 23, Charly Williams discovered she had breast cancer. Her she tells Mel Hunter how she coped at such a young age and why she made the decisions that she did. Sep 16, 2000 1305
Here come the brides; Mel Hunter previews a Worcester designer's new bridal gowns. Sep 14, 2000 837
Beauty Style: BEAUTY by the book; Teen make-up is all about letting your natural looks shine through, discovers Mel Hunter. Sep 13, 2000 566
A you're adornable; Mel Hunter meets a young jewellery maker with designs on a bright future. Sep 12, 2000 848
Health: Solutions in the store cupboard; Eat your way to a stress-free and healthy life. Mel Hunter gets tasting. Sep 9, 2000 1330
Secrets of the stars; BEAUTY Glamourous and stylish in her 60s, actress Joan Collins and some famous friends are revealing their tips on growing older but not getting old, finds Mel Hunter. Sep 6, 2000 500
Health: The headaches from hell; More than one in 10 people suffer from migraines but many do not realise that there is now a lot of help available. Mel Hunter investigates. Sep 2, 2000 1085
Bridge that gap; As thousands of young people prepare for the start of their college and university careers, Mel Hunter considers an alternative - the gap year. Aug 31, 2000 1320
Health: Getting constant cravings under control. Aug 26, 2000 396
Facing up to the human error that lets babies die; A child a day dies in the UK through human error. But this number is not only unacceptable, it is also unnecessary. Mel Hunter reports. Aug 24, 2000 1105
Shining beacon for regions; Flagship centre that was once at cutting edge of broadcasting. Aug 23, 2000 801
BEAUTY Three easy steps to hair beautiful; Mel Hunter looks at the latest products on the market which promise to make our hair look fantastic. Aug 23, 2000 589
HEALTH The overlooked illness that can be a sleeping killer. Aug 19, 2000 504
IN THE WILDS OF IDLICOTE; As farmers continue to work under a cloud of disease and EU quotas, one man has taken the bull by the horns and bought himself a dairy herd. Mel Hunter discovers these are no ordinary cows. Aug 19, 2000 1069
A question of better role models rather than more intelligence; Girls are stealing a march on boys both inside and outside the classroom, writes Mel Hunter. Aug 18, 2000 571
More than a stroke of luck; It didn't take long in the pool for water baby Georgina Lee to leave behind the fastest women in the country. At 19 she is fit and ready to take on the best in the world. Mel Hunter talks to the Sydney bound swimmer. Aug 17, 2000 1250
Aspects: Bestseller Robyn gets into the nun's writing habit; Novelist Robyn Sisman has Hollywood knocking at the door thanks to her latest successful book, Just Friends. Mel Hunter talks to the Anglo-American about her highs and lows in the publishing world. Aug 16, 2000 1207
BEAUTY all eyes on YOU!; Fed up with eyes that are tired and puffy? Want to look energised all day long and into the night? Mel Hunter discovers a range of products designed to put the sparkle back. Aug 16, 2000 645
WEIGHT gain; Women may have overcome their preconceptions about going to the gym, but weights are still avoided by even the most fitness conscious. Mel Hunter asks are women missing out on a great workout option? Aug 12, 2000 828
Blair fails to make Oxford; As Mel Hunter finds out, there's a word for everything - and now they're in the dictionary. Aug 12, 2000 968
So what's wrong with the lazy, hazy days of summer?; Thousands of children have been booked in for holiday summer schools, when they should be relaxing and enjoying some healthy boredom instead, says Mel Hunter. Aug 11, 2000 675
Aspects: Breaking down the 'devil's grip' on mental illness; Award-winning nurse Billy Ko, formerly from Hong Kong, tells Mel Hunter about his work convincing the Chinese communities in this country that mental health problems can be treated. Aug 11, 2000 1142
End of the line for rail users in the countryside; Rural communities face the prospect of having their access to cheaper rail fares curtailed after operating companies threatened to limit ticket sales at smaller stations. Mel Hunter investigates. Aug 8, 2000 1125
Aspects: Snapshots of life for the over-60s; Mel Hunter talks to the spirited photographer behind the Senior Citizens exhibition at Birmingham Central Library. Aug 8, 2000 1057
Health: Chewing the fat for health; Many people avoid eating fat however, as Mel Hunter explains, some fats are not only good for you but essential for healthy living. Aug 5, 2000 1268
I don't believe it - I'm 101 and still going strong; Mel Hunter asks one of Birmingham's oldest residents what it means to reach your century. Aug 4, 2000 909
Aspects: Bridget-free zone for girls wanting a gossip; Between mouthfuls of Scotch eggs, three authors tell Mel Hunter about a new collection of short stories by women writers. Aug 1, 2000 1283
Nature's medicine cabinet; A constant barrage of health advice and information can be bewildering at the very least. One minute a drug is a miracle cure and the next minute it's a myth. Mel Hunter reports on natural remedies, whose application through history have proved their worth. Jul 29, 2000 976
Living in the shadow of a sibling's illness; When a child falls ill the whole family suffers. For siblings, the trauma can be an isolating, upsetting experience as Mel Hunter reports. Jul 29, 2000 719
All bright for old fashioned village; Mel Hunter reports on Albrighton, a Shropshire village. Jul 29, 2000 827
Oh Brother: should they stay or should they go?; As the TV show faces its first eviction today, Mel Hunter considers the saga so far. Jul 28, 2000 998
Post Style: Summer's hottest favourites; BEAUTY Mel Hunter showcases wonder products, both old and new, and sheds some light on what makes a bottle of cosmetic gloop become a best seller. Jul 26, 2000 677
Aspects: Knowing there's always someone willing to listen; As it celebrates its centenary Midland firm GKN spotlights its 500 welfare visitors. Mel Hunter reports. Jul 25, 2000 1144
Time to step off this rollercoaster of public grief. Jul 25, 2000 548
Health: Join nature's gymnasium for an all-over workout; Find a zest for life and rediscover your inner child in the great outdoors. Mel Hunter finds the countryside an inspiring place to shape up. Jul 22, 2000 1293
Donor Card Special: Gardener's life blooms again after heart swap Picture/ ED MOSS. Jul 21, 2000 450
My children have their mother back; The failure of her kidneys left Carol Sutton tied to a regime of dialysis four times a day. An anonymous organ donor provided a perfect match, improving Carol's quality of life immeasurably. But as Mel Hunter discovers, there aren't nearly enough donated organs to go around. Jul 19, 2000 1098
Kilos and grammes take a pounding in a good cause. Jul 18, 2000 862
All four one; Dreading the school holidays? Imagine having quads... Mel Hunter meets the McFarlane family. Jul 18, 2000 1156
Health: Irreversible damage can occur in a matter of minutes; The Sun Protection Centre, run by cosmetics company Vichy, visited Boots in Birmingham's High Street. Mel Hunter popped along to get a personal skincare examination. Jul 15, 2000 410
Health: Time to move out of the bronze age; Pale and interesting hasn't yet come into fashion but, as Mel Hunter discovers, a sun-kissed tan is seldom worth the risk. Jul 15, 2000 697
CLUB CLASS: A FUTURE IRON GIANT?; Heading for the green after school to hone his golf skills is five-year-old Aaron Rai. His natural talent at such a tender age has prompted professionals to call the pint-sized player the new Tiger Woods. Mel Hunter talks to the Midlands' very own under age driver. Jul 15, 2000 1031
Strangers in a strange land come together through dance; Mel Hunter reports on two women from very different backgrounds who have united to share the experience of ethnic communities. Jul 14, 2000 902
Beauty: Cool,calm and collected; Put the sizzle back into summer with these luxurious products says Mel Hunter. Jul 12, 2000 567
Aspects: Ray of hope born from tragedy; Missing genetic information can leave children with up to 180 crippling defects. Mel Hunter meets two women who live in the shadow of DiGeorge syndrome. Jul 11, 2000 1144
A generation of slobs; The statistics are startling: more youngsters are overweight now than ever before and it is because too few take part in physical exercise. Mel Hunter looks at what parents should do to encourage their children to enjoy sport. Jul 8, 2000 1180
A STITCH IN TIME; An Aladdin's cave of clothes greets reporter Mel Hunter as she steps inside a clothes shop that hasn't changed for 60 years. Reluctant to share the location of this secret treasure trove, she reports on The Staffords, a shop like no other. Jul 8, 2000 1144
Aspects: Supplying the breath of life to an ailing school; A relentless flood of statistics highlighting cracks in the education system paint a depressing picture, but a few teachers have been singled out for providing exceptional teaching. Jenny O'Connor, a relative newcomer in the classroom is one of those super teachers, as Mel Hunter discovers. Jul 6, 2000 1077
Aspects: Interview Paul Oppenheimer - The privileged prisoners of Belsen. Jun 29, 2000 1387
So just who are the heroine's heroes?; In the four years since she defended a group of terrified nursery pupils against a machete-wielding maniac, Lisa Potts has been universally acknowledged a heroine. But who does she really admire? Mel Hunter reports. Jun 24, 2000 1207
Health: Time to go back up the apples and pears. Jun 24, 2000 665
Treating the whole person . . . and the animals, too; For 200 years homeopathy has climbed an uphill route to acceptance. Now it is gaining ground fast, says Mel Hunter. Jun 23, 2000 1056
Opening a legal and moral can of worms. Jun 22, 2000 790
Aspects: Too hot to be cool?; As Birmingham sweltered yesterday, Mel Hunter checked out how the well-dressed office worker was coping with the heatwave. Jun 20, 2000 748
Health: Bond with baby: a touching story; Alongside the nappy changing, sterilising, bathing and snatching five minutes' kip when possible, find time to massage your baby, says Mel Hunter to help create a deeper attachment. Jun 17, 2000 1069
Down Your Way: The true heart of England; People come to Meriden from around the world for the honour of standing in the centre of England. Mel Hunter joined in the legend. Jun 17, 2000 1240
Aspects: You've got to hand it to her; Mel Hunter talks to the manicurist with royal connections. Jun 16, 2000 786
Modern man - all mouth and too little trouser. Jun 16, 2000 688
Middle ground that became a quagmire. Jun 16, 2000 453
Duchess embraces royal show of unity. Jun 14, 2000 297
Head east if you don't want to go west; Eastern 'soft' arts offer a holistic approach to looking after our bodies which Westerners are finding increasingly attractive, says Mel Hunter. Jun 10, 2000 1142
Waxing lyrical about a bitching masterclass. Jun 6, 2000 1162
Health: Just don't put your back into it; Is your back proving a pain in the neck? - well you are not alone. There are at least 2.5 million other sufferers, says Mel Hunter. Jun 3, 2000 1268
Living with an invisible illness; As 750 Birmingham patients face the possibility of having contracted hepatitis C, Mel Hunter talks to one victim of the disease. Jun 3, 2000 1183
Aspects: A story of Blake's progress; Quentin Blake has enchanted young and old alike for years with his vivid drawings and stories. And he's as popular as ever, says Mel Hunter. Jun 2, 2000 1151
Onward Christian soldiers as religion takes to the road; A major survey into religious belief has revealed it is still a relevant part of today's society. Mel Hunter joined the thousands gathered at the Jubilee Mass in Birmingham as they held their own celebration for the new Millennium. May 30, 2000 1069
Facing up to those dreaded words . . .; Mel Hunter meets a mother who is up and running after a race against time to beat cancer. May 26, 2000 1157
A love affair made in Tatler; They may have announced their split but were Hugh and Liz ever really together? Mel Hunter investigates. May 25, 2000 1025
Last one to condemn party games is an idiot; With musical chairs now condemned by the PC, Mel Hunter wonders what on earth the world is coming to. May 24, 2000 738
BEAUTY : Beach bum . . . and hair and legs and feet; Mel Hunter provides a top to toe guide to getting set for the summer. May 24, 2000 1134
It's not over til the small soprano from Yorkshire says so; Mel Hunter discovers that Britain's best-loved soprano, Lesley Garrett, is just like the girl next door. May 23, 2000 1644
Here comes the summer sun; But sunshine can bring calamity as we take to outdoor living. Mel Hunter warns of the dangers. May 20, 2000 1122
Tim Roberts: Taking advantage of Midlands; SATURDAY PROFILE Man with job of selling region to the world. May 20, 2000 1160
Aspects: Dealing with dyslexia; A new approach to the problem is reaping dividends, reveals Mel Hunter. May 19, 2000 1057
Health: Dealing with the stress of exams; We've all been there but every generation has to suffer it for themselves. Mel Hunter discusses ways the long-suffering family can help. May 13, 2000 1166
Professor on the look-out for dangerous visions; It is Professor Graham Harding's job to make sure television does not make us ill. May 12, 2000 1073
BEAUTY Whiten up for the perfect smile; There's nothing like a gleaming set of gnashers to give you that turbo-charged grin, says Mel Hunter. May 10, 2000 867
How the parent trap can so easily lead to tragedy; Mel Hunter looks behind the NSPCC campaign calling for more understanding for new parents. May 9, 2000 1073
FOR HIM The changing man; Waxing, plucking, preening, cleansing, moisturising, toning. . . no, it's not a girls' night in, men are now taking as much care about grooming as women. Mel Hunter finds out more. May 3, 2000 801

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