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Hunk steals beloved's heart and moolah.

As they say: You can't teach old dogs new tricks.

Bodacious Veteran is bitterly disappointed in Cantankerous Hunk.

BV thought CH has changed for the better. To be fair, CH seemed convincing, at first. BV also wanted to believe that CH had turned a new leaf.

Turns out CH has become much worse.

CH is supposedly cheating with not just one but two lovers on the side. Worse, CH has the gall to filch from BV's coffers.

BV caught CH in the act. CH purportedly ran away with several millions from BV's personal account.

CH is a thief of hearts, after all.

Common denominator

This salacious scuttlebutt is somehow connected to the above-mentioned couple.

Scintillating Jezebel had to part ways with longtime sweetheart Ruffled Jangler. The official reason given is not the true cause of the breakup, however.

RJ would like the public to believe that it was a mutual decision. Alas, RJ could no longer endure SJ's past, and present, entanglements.

There's a persistent rumor that CH was smitten with SJ, too.

Seems BV and RJ have something in common.

Banishing act

Who knew Grizzled Elder had the makings of a raging diva?

GE made life a living hell for brash newcomer, Enterprising Colleague.

As luck would have it, EC ended up with a showy part in a project. EC was showered with praise and plaudits.

True to form, GE got antsy.

Before anyone could say 'prima donna,' GE took over EC's job. As expected, EC was banished to the nether realms, far from the spotlight.

A fine mess

There's this shocking gossip making the rounds in the studio.

Before Audacious Maverick changed careers and joined the top brass, the much-loathed celeb had left a massive mess in old workplace.

Former colleagues insist that AM got naive upstart in trouble. Poor underling is now left all alone, to take care of the product of AM's blunder.

Seems AM is reluctant to own up to the mistake.

Is it because AM is afraid of incurring the ire of current partner's privileged and powerful kin?

Still bankable

From the Inquirer tabloid Bandera:

Ravishing Hottie has grown immune to all those sordid rumors regarding this and that illicit affair.

RH doesn't mind being linked to different lovers, who are all coincidentally married.

RH has learned to ignore the intrigues. According to insiders, RH is still very much in demand among dirty old men.

Why would RH bother with the naysayers? After all, RH is busy, juggling various benefactors ... and laughing all the way to the bank.


This week's top show biz news in the Inquirer tabloid Bandera (and why we are moved, if we are moved):

Suot na alahas ni Kris Aquino sa press con ng 'I Love You Hater' kapresyo ng three-bedroom condo sa Rockwell. (How do you spell ostentatious?)

Local celebs bumilib sa pagiging generous ni Kris ; pa-raffle sa press con umabot ng P1M! (Sponsored by ... how striking!)

Pia Wurtzbach ayaw pang pakasal kay Marlon Stockinger: 'Marami pa kaming gustong gawin!' (Huwag pilitin ang ayaw.)

Rufa Mae Quinto umamin sa feelings kay Piolo Pascual: 'Nagkakamalisya na kasi ako sa kanya!' (The title of this fable? Malice in Wonderland.)

Kylie Padilla mas ganadong magtrabaho dahil kay Baby Alas; mag-aaksyon uli sa 'The Cure.' (This hot mama packs a wallop.)

Hugot ni Jolo Revilla para kay Jodi Sta. Maria: 'You don't have to force it!' (May the force be with you two...)

Jodi may nadiskubre sa leading man niyang si Robin Padilla: 'Akala ko urban legend lang 'yun!' (Intriguing.)

Luis Manzano nag-propose na kay Jessy Mendiola sa Paris? (Hmmm...)

Angelica Panganiban at Carlo Aquino pinainit ang socmed sa mga sizzling photos. (Just in time for the rainy season?)

Sigaw ng mga haters: Maine Mendoza gamit na gamit sa bagong serye ni Alden Richards. (Ho-hum.)
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 24, 2018
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