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Hungry for supply chain efficiency: Danone; John Lee, managing director at Courier Express, explains how leading multi-national dessert manufacturer Danone adopted a fresh approach to supply chain processes for food products and met peak customer demand.

Danone, a global food company made up of four divisions: dairy, waters, early life nutrition (ELN) and medical, sought an ultra-efficienttransportation solution to meet the requirements of customers nationwide. Operating in the highly competitive food manufacturing industry, the company needed an effective solution to drive down costly logistics overheads and boost supply chain efficiency.

With a wide variety of fresh produce, including dairy products, formula milks such as Aptamil, bottled water and medical nutrition, distributed to customers throughout the UK, seven days a week, Danone had a requirement for a flexible supply chain that could easily adapt to the specific temperature-requirements of the products being transported. What's more, reliability was also high on the agenda for the company, as failure to meet sample delivery windows would result in loss of tenders, and ultimately a loss in substantial revenue.

Like many fresh food manufacturers, the business operates a round-the-clock distribution model. Food produce is held in warehouses where orders are taken until 6pm each day, in order for them to be delivered to customers before 9am the following day. Such processes necessitate an overnight samples delivery service to ensure end-customers' orders can be met at all times, regardless of the size of the order, delivery location or specific temperature-controlled requirements of the products being conveyed. A same day delivery service is also needed to make shipments of products to customers.

Danone's ambition to transform shipping operations, and reduce overheads from refrigerated transport services, was driven by Courier Express, their third-party logistics partner who built an integrated network of strategically located sites to provide same day foodservice and overnight sample deliveries.


Working in collaboration with the food manufacturer, Courier Express --one of the UK's leading providers of refrigerated transport solutions--came up with a bespoke refrigerated logistics solution that enables same daily deliveries from internal Danone sites to customers across the UK and beyond, as well as a flexible overnight sample distribution service.

Courier Express' wide service offering for Danone includes same day and next day refrigerated deliveries of chilled, frozen and multi-temperature orders, as well as an overnight delivery service for product samples. Initially deliveries were made across the UK, but more recently, Courier Express has been utilised to make international deliveries for the leading food company.

By operating out of strategically located sites in London, the Midlands, Northampton, Manchester and Leeds, Courier Express is able to offer a truly national service for Danone, with the capacity to transport chilled, frozen, ambient and multi-temperature loads, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Designed to optimise performance throughout the supply chain, and reduce product wastage during transportation, Courier Express' high-specification fleet of refrigerated vehicles provide the ideal solution for transporting Danone's varying portfolio of products. All vehicles are fitted with advanced on-board temperature control equipment, safeguarding the integrity of all food during shipping by maintaining set temperatures.


As the new remodelled logistics operation was implemented, both Danone and their customers immediately realised the value. Since establishing the partnership, Danone has seen significant improvements in meeting the demanding delivery windows of customers--in fact, since joining forces with Courier Express, the company has not missed a single delivery, allowing Danone to strengthen its reputation for reliability.

Communication levels between Courier Express and the client remain very high at all times, ensuring Danone feels the refrigerated transport provider is very much a key part of its enterprise. Due to the improvement in communication and deliveries, the Danone team has been able to place a greater focus on other areas of the business.

In addition to advancements in supply chain efficiency, Danone has also achieved significant improvements in customer satisfaction levels across all four areas of the business. By utilising Courier Express' established transport network and fleet, the company now offers complete flexibility and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Danone is also able to achieve significant cost savings throughout the supply chain--freeing up funds for further product developments--as Courier Express operates within an extremely cost-effective framework.

As a specialist in nationwide refrigerated transport, Courier Express brings together all regions of the UK via a connected network of strategically located sites. Courier Express Ltd can offer a truly UK-wide service for chilled, frozen, ambient and multi-temperature deliveries, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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Comment:Hungry for supply chain efficiency: Danone; John Lee, managing director at Courier Express, explains how leading multi-national dessert manufacturer Danone adopted a fresh approach to supply chain processes for food products and met peak customer demand.
Author:Lee, John
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