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Hungary Detects Salmonella in Oilcake.

May 27 2010 -- The Hungarian Agricultural Office, Food and Feed Control Department has detected Salmonella Mbandaka in a consignment of linseed oilcake from Ukraine.

A spokesman for the Hungarian Food Safety Office told Feedinfo News Service that the consignment was 21 730 kg net in 28 "big-bag" sacks.

He added: "The oilcake consignment was not detained. After checking and sampling procedures it was transported to Italy. The source of contamination is unknown, the serotype is Salmonella Mbandaka. The consignment was forwarded to Italy. According to the information of the Hungarian Customs and Financial Guard, the consignment arrived at Slovenian Customs Office Terminal Sezana on April 22 2010."

The product analysis was made according to MSZ EN ISO 6579:2006 in the regional food chain safety county laboratory of the Hungarian Agricultural Office at Fejer. The Hungarian authorities alerted the European Union of the discovery.

The spokesman said: "According to the documents the product was manufactured in Ukraine. The next ten consignments from this manufacturer in Ukraine will be sampled and tested for Salmonella spp."
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:May 27, 2010
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