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Hundreds turn up for massive snowball fight as snow continues to fall across the country; People likened the fight to a scene out of Braveheart as hundreds of people pelted each other with snow.

Byline: Anna Verdon

Hundreds of people turned up for a mass snowball fight as Storm Emma continued to cover the country insnow.

In Bristol many students and employees were given a snow day after there was a significant downfall overnight.

It was the most the city had seen for years, theBristol Postreported.

And residents of the area decided there was no better way to make use of their day off than to have a huge snowball fight in Clifton Downs.

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Hundreds of people took to the downs to sledge and build a snowman.

But the real excitement was in the snowball fight.

A Facebook page was even set up for the event which started at 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Around 2,000 people registered their interest on the page called Massive Snowball fight on The Downs - with 300 people saying they were going.

Organised by University of Bristil student Carlos Sandin he said the idea had originally started off as a bit of a joke.

But it soon spiraled out of control.

Huge snowball fight in Bristol on The Downs

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He said ahead of the fight: "It started off as a joke in my flat. My friend Sion dared one of us to set up a public event, so I did and now Bristol's gone mad for it.

"I'd be very impressed if 100 people turn up, but the event is sitting on 2,000 interested and 300 going, so who knows.

"We could actually get thousands embarking on the downs for a massive snow ball fight."

Just before it all kicked off Carlos posted some rules on Facebook to make sure everyone could stay safe while still having a good time.

He said: "First throw in just 1 hour!Rules:1. Snow balls only (no rocks, no sticks, no ice etc.)2. No snow balls thrown until 3pm3. If you're not part of the fight (taking a break) put your hands up and move out the way4. Don't hit anyone with their hands up5. Don't hit anyone with a camera (or the drone)6. Take care of each other, don't be a dick7. Have fun!8. Snowmen/women are protected citizens, if you hit one you're getting bundled..."

And, from footage taken at the event - it looked like the snowball fight could have been the biggest to take place in the UK.

Footage shows hundreds of people gathering on the snow covered grass.

They start grabbing the white stuff before quickly moulding it into round balls and start pelting them at each other.

Running up and down the field it's clear they are having a lot of fun as one team charges at the other.

Posting on the page after the event people called the fight "spectacular" and likened it to a scene out of the film Braveheart.

And those who did not get the day off said they were "gutted" they had missed it.


Credit: Tom Wren /

Hundreds of people took part in the mass snowball fight

Credit: Tom Wren /

It could have been the biggest snowball fight in the whole of the UK

Credit: Tom Wren /

An event was even set up on Facebook for people to find out how to take part

Credit: Tom Wren /

Some have likened the fight to a scene out of Braveheart

Credit: Tom Wren /

Around 2,000 people said they were interested in going

Credit: Tom Wren /

Carlos posted some rules on Facebook to make sure everyone stayed safe

Credit: Tom Wren /

Credit: Tom Wren /

Those who didn't get to go said they were gutted they missed it

Credit: Tom Wren /

Hundreds of people could be seen running across the grass at each other
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Date:Mar 3, 2018
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