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CARLSON. Jun 13, 2018 169
3 students kicked out of uni after rape jokes; SCREENSHOTS TAKEN OF GROUP CHAT ALSO REVEAL RACIAL SLURS. Jun 12, 2018 346
The Kims have it. Jun 10, 2018 1003
Danny Dyer jokes younger daughter will join Love Island as eldest Dani becomes fan favourite; The EastEnders actor reckons 11-year-old Sunnie will be heading to the Love Island villa. Jun 10, 2018 210
McMahon on two ex-Middlesbrough players Pulis should sign, special Neville moment and his coaching dream; McMahon jokes with Dominic Shaw about sending Tony Pulis his highlights reel as he reflects on his Boro career and looks to the future. Jun 10, 2018 2116
My life at a Korean law firm (part 22). Jun 9, 2018 1085
F**K LONDON... I'M MOVING TO IRELAND; Comic McIntyre jokes with Dublin fans after moped mugging terror. Jun 8, 2018 342
Watch Ginger Cal and Friends prank Newcastle shoppers in the best possible way; Callum Ancrum was joined by Jack Bart to pull off escalating jokes in shops in Newcastle city centre. Jun 7, 2018 298
HERMANN. Jun 7, 2018 188
Wife's self-deprecating humor doesn't mean husband can mock too -BYLN-. Jun 7, 2018 585
Wife's self-deprecating humor doesn't mean husband can mock too -BYLN- By Carolyn Hax. Jun 7, 2018 585
Man stunned as joke claim he was cigarette impotence model goes viral; Marley tweeted an image with the comment: "With the benefit of hindsight, accepting this modelling job was definitely a mistake". Jun 6, 2018 233
Sara Duterte jokes about running for VP. Jun 5, 2018 235
Inside Lost Voice Guy's love life: Britain's Got Talent winner Lee Ridley jokes about having his mum chat up women for him; The comedian, who lives with cerebral palsy, has a secret confidence crisis when it comes to approaching potential girlfriends. Jun 4, 2018 575
I'll walk down the aisle to Love Island theme tune; caroline flack romance Star jokes about wedding plans. Jun 4, 2018 316
Senate goes to BGC: New building design rouses mixed reactions, plus jokes. Jun 3, 2018 823
Mrs Brown real family nag dad for best jokes; Thinking outside the box with Nicola Methven & Mark Jefferies; SQUARE EYES. Jun 1, 2018 152
Rumpy Trumpy; Together in the White House, the butt of so many jokes.. Donald with Kim Kardashian. Jun 1, 2018 424
Jason's a belly full of laughs; Host jokes with pregnant stars & new mum Kathryn. Jun 1, 2018 218
Love Island's Iain Stirling won't make any Dani Dyer jokes because he fears Danny Dyer will kill him; The comedian admitted he is worried the EastEnders hardman will 'slash him up' if he cracks jokes at his daughter's expense. May 31, 2018 360
Kerr jokes about resigning after Warriors win. May 30, 2018 318
Cowell jokes about sabotage by Ant. May 30, 2018 267
Kerr jokes about resigning after Warriors win. May 29, 2018 377
Cheeky Peter Kay puts 'Manchester City' sign on Old Trafford in Car Share finale; True to form Kay scattered cheeky little jokes and hidden gags in street signs and adverts throughout the episode. May 29, 2018 320
Plane passengers open emergency exit and run out onto wing after man jokes about having BOMB on-board; The Lion Air flight in Indonesia was cancelled after a traveller made a joke about a bomb because he was 'angry that one of the attendants moved his bag in the passenger cabin'. May 29, 2018 357
It's hard to chat people up when you can't speak I can 'type up' a woman but it sounds wrong; BGT COMIC ON HOW JOKES CHANGE ATTITUDES. May 28, 2018 1259
It's hard to chat people up when you can't speak I can 'type up' a woman but it sounds wrong - LEE RIDLEY; BGT COMIC ON MONDAY 28.05.2018 HOW JOKES CHANGE ATTITUDES. May 28, 2018 1293
Dec Donnelly jokes about presenting Britain's Got Talent solo - but even David Walliams admits he 'looks smaller' alone on stage; Dec will be hosting the semi-finals and final on his own after Ant stepped back from his TV commitments. May 28, 2018 438
Tortured teddy bears, ginger jokes and James Corden dressed as Henry VIII: Inside the royal wedding after-party; Best man Prince William is said to have told a bawdy joke about "wet knickers" during the reception. May 27, 2018 720
BREAKING Devastated Morgan Freeman issues second statement claiming "misplaced humor" is different to "horrific incidents of sexual assault" amid misconduct allegations; The actor who has been accused of sexual misconduct by eight women initially apologised this week for any discomfort he had caused people but has now moved to clarify his statement. May 26, 2018 258
Dean Gaffney shares incredible throwback pic of his stunning twin daughters - and jokes he hopes to see them this year; The EastEnders actor had daughters Charlotte and Chloe with ex-girlfriend Sarah Burge who he dated for 22 years. May 24, 2018 450
High praise as school rated outstanding for fourth time in a row; Inspectors praised Priory Woods School and Art College for its 'humour, laughter and a love of life'. May 24, 2018 215
'Ray had a strong sense of humour'. May 22, 2018 357
Grinning photos of Meghan Markle sharing jokes with Prince Charles and Camilla prove she's been fully welcomed into royal family; The Duchess of Sussex appears to be making quite an impression on her new in-laws, having a giggle with them at a garden party at Buckingham Palace. May 22, 2018 526
Sox games not great, but Steve Stone is Rozner: Stone still on top of his game in Sox booth. May 20, 2018 939
White Sox games not great, but Steve Stone is. May 20, 2018 945
Emotional Prince Charles' wedding speech about 'darling old Harry' leaves guests in tears as he jokes about son's burping; The 69-year-old heir to the throne was said to have impressed the 600 guests with his dry sense of humour about his youngest son. May 20, 2018 801
More to 'Deadpool' than humor, ultraviolence. May 19, 2018 561
Inside Ali Wong's strategic mind. May 19, 2018 2052
Margaret Cho's first visit to Taiwan was a journey of laughter. May 17, 2018 1075
Anne Frank's 'dirty jokes' found in hidden diary pages. May 16, 2018 404
Teen jokes discovered in Anne's diary. May 16, 2018 101
Anne Frank's risque jokes are revealed. May 16, 2018 116
SWARTZ. May 16, 2018 194
Researchers find dirty jokes in Frank's diary. May 16, 2018 709
Researchers uncover Anne Frank's 'dirty jokes'in her diary. May 16, 2018 507
Hidden pages from Anne Frank's diary reveal collection of 'dirty jokes' and her honest thoughts on sex; Researchers say the contents of the mystery pages are unsurprising and show that the Dutch teenage writer had a interest in sex typical of others her age. May 16, 2018 449
Marcus Rashford thanks mum for England pick as Kyle Walker jokes he missed Gareth Southgate's phone call; The Manchester United forward is delighted that Gareth Southgate has selected him for the World Cup finals in Russia. May 16, 2018 352
Eck: Fergie's still a joker; Fergie still cracking the jokes. May 15, 2018 195
Sir Alex Ferguson cracking jokes from his hospital bed as Manchester United legend continues recovery, reveals Alex McLeish; Ferguson is continuing his rehabilitation as an inpatient at Salford Royal Hospital. May 15, 2018 213
Film review: Blockers **. May 14, 2018 930
Builder sacked after prank Snapchat video goes viral - and he says his bosses have no sense of humour; Alun Rees worked for construction company HPC for nearly two years, but his bosses did not see the funny side of his prank video. May 13, 2018 669
Graham Norton mocks Eurovision host after she makes 'gay joke'; Fans and Graham Norton didn't seem too impressed with the joke... May 12, 2018 220
A spontaneous smile beats a synthetic laugh. May 12, 2018 227
Jeremy Kyle makes naughty jokes about his fisherman guest catching 'crabs' on a 'hoe' after it is revealed he and his partner have an open relationship; A cheeky innuendo or two is not unusual on The Jeremy Kyle Show and the ITV host absolutely loved making some fisherman jokes on today's show. May 11, 2018 345
Uni students in rape 'jokes' furore; UK BULLETINS. May 10, 2018 107
Kim Kardashian Reveals Detail About Kanye West That People Don't Know. May 10, 2018 381
Nancy Binay jokes: 'I am the wife of Thanos'. May 10, 2018 107
Vlogger detained pending investigations into 'false news'. May 8, 2018 173
How making fun of yourself can make you happy. May 7, 2018 774
Havana ball with cheeky Cuban bros; CUBAN BROTHERS Oran Mor, Glasgow 02.05 Legendary comedy and music troupe entertain crowd with non-stop songs, sexy fun, jokes and breakdancing. May 6, 2018 385
Comedian Amit Tandon to perform in Dubai. May 6, 2018 159
Come and have a go if you think you're funny! May 4, 2018 495
Michael V burns netizen who called his jokes 'baduy': 'You're among those who make me rich'. May 3, 2018 483
Record breaking regret wave in Karachi as citizens recall all donkey jokes made at Lahore's expense. May 3, 2018 346
An assassin in Wolf's clothing. May 2, 2018 714
WIT & WISDOM: from The Old Farmer's Almanac, always 'useful, with a pleasant degree of humor'. May 1, 2018 189
Cecile Richards says Michelle Wolf was 'doing her job' when she made jokes about abortion. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2018 722
What Is a Hat? Brief article May 1, 2018 134
Mr. Las Vegas Has a Bad Knee. Book review May 1, 2018 118
Strewth! Aussie politician gets nasty surprise when visiting UK and seeing Amber Rudd headlines; People on Twitter were quick to pile in with jokes at the expense of the beleaguered Ms Rudd, who is the fifth Cabinet to quit since last year's snap general election. Apr 30, 2018 366
Arsene Wenger jokes Manchester United fans only respect him now because he is no longer a threat; Wenger's final game at Old Trafford as Arsenal boss ended in defeat after Marouane Fellaini's late winner. Apr 29, 2018 498
Cool Germany - really? Apr 26, 2018 741
More women step forward to accuse Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Apr 21, 2018 259
More women speak out against Ali Zafar. Apr 21, 2018 830
LOOK: Angelica Panganiban teases again with 'unconsummated' kiss, this time with JC Santos. Apr 20, 2018 302
Cajun fiddler comes to coffeehouse in Elgin. Apr 18, 2018 273
Jose Mota regresa con su humor a La 1. Apr 18, 2018 143
To ever-lasting excellence and reminding everyone who's boss. Apr 17, 2018 980
Going ape. Apr 13, 2018 480
Cajun Fiddler Comes to Highland Avenue Coffeehouse, Elgin, April 20. Apr 13, 2018 272
Johnson helps to carry Rampage The video game-based action flick is a light-hearted throwback to old-fashioned creature features, complete with high-tech visuals. Apr 12, 2018 462
LATURNO. Apr 11, 2018 122
Watch: Saudi Crown Prince jokes about French cuisine elicits applause. Apr 11, 2018 315
Alesha: I'll never be Mrs Nasty on BGT; Talk TV; She insists judging requires sensitivity and a sense of humour. Apr 8, 2018 260
Sloane Crosley releases funny, relatable book of essays. Apr 8, 2018 269
Sloane Crosley releases hilarious, relatable book of essays. Apr 8, 2018 269
How making fun of yourself can make you happy. Apr 6, 2018 336
Write a new CHAPTER; klopp urges players to add to reds' history. Apr 4, 2018 978
Living proverbially. Apr 4, 2018 349
Remembering Cardinal Sin. Apr 1, 2018 660
Being the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome made me a much better person. Velasquez, Leticia Travel narrative Apr 1, 2018 608
Ditch Pickup Lines and Polish Up Punchlines. Apr 1, 2018 295
Con respeto a Calife: carnaval, teatro y negritud dominicana. Chetty, Raj Gopal Apr 1, 2018 7692
Happy memories of a genius of humour. Mar 15, 2018 725
Will Carling defends Eddie Jones over Wales outburst but ex-Welsh international demands the England coach is sacked; 'This happens up and down all the countries in the Six Nations - it's called humour'. Mar 15, 2018 503
HOLOTA. Mar 14, 2018 136
Egyptian tweets on Harry Kane injury: '100m prayers'. Mar 12, 2018 202
Imee Marcos could easily win a Senate seat -- Roque. Mar 9, 2018 374
Donald Trump Jokes About Melania Leaving Him. Mar 7, 2018 337
Dear Annie. Mar 7, 2018 552
Trump jokes about 'impeachment' with journos. Mar 5, 2018 248
Political Activist Stripped her Chest in Front of Berlusconi. Mar 5, 2018 126
End of Comedy. Mar 4, 2018 905
Six facts you need to know about Zeinat Sedky. Mar 2, 2018 381
Lyric Lewis On Her Funny Role On NBC's 'A.P. Bio'. Mar 1, 2018 447
The Trumping of American Politics: The Strange Case of the 2016 Presidential Election. Book review Mar 1, 2018 136
Psychology: The Comic Book Introduction. Book review Mar 1, 2018 135
5. DETROIT TIGERS. Mar 1, 2018 811
Jimmy Kimmel will discuss politics at this year's Oscars. Feb 28, 2018 299
Montreux Comedy returns to UAE: What's in store. Feb 28, 2018 907
FRIEL. Feb 26, 2018 251
Pidilite Unveils its New Dr. Fixit Campaign. Feb 24, 2018 434
United States : Boozman Shares WWII Veteran's Memories of Service in Recognition of Black History Month. Feb 24, 2018 509
Gallows humour from Blues fans. Feb 22, 2018 384
COULD the humour [...]. Feb 17, 2018 137
MERRY COCKERS. Goodridge, Mark; Mills, Coopers Feb 15, 2018 411
Bodies of 11 Pakistanis drowned in Libya to arrive in Islamabad on Wednesday. Feb 12, 2018 521
Valentine's Day Jokes For Kids And Adults. Feb 11, 2018 314
World Castle Publishing Releases the YA Novel Call of the Phoenix. Feb 11, 2018 308
'Kapa-kapa lang...' with Noli Aurillo. Feb 11, 2018 777
MARION -- Jerry Wayne Fowler, 71, passed away at 2:12 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018,. Feb 9, 2018 276
Trudeau says he shouldn't make stupid jokes in public. Feb 7, 2018 272
LAMBRECHT. Feb 5, 2018 244
TROJAN. Feb 4, 2018 178
VAUGHN. Feb 3, 2018 153
Artist uses humour to address social issues. Feb 2, 2018 598
Poetry: A Writers' Guide and Anthology. Book review Feb 1, 2018 200
Rome and the Romains: laughter on the border between Kinshasa and Brazzaville. Devlieger, Clara Essay Feb 1, 2018 11314
drom: FRAGRANCES. Feb 1, 2018 243
Catharsis. Wertz, Jay Feb 1, 2018 597
Car salesman 'could always raise a laugh'. Jan 30, 2018 404
Kimbell Royalty Partners condoles death of board member Ted Collins Jr. Jan 30, 2018 119
Elon Musk Starts Selling Flamethrowers. Jan 28, 2018 514
[STATEMENT] How media missed the 'Raila supporting Ruto in 2022' joke. Jan 27, 2018 279
Lack of humour hits WH Smith. Jan 25, 2018 281
BRANDSTETTER. Jan 25, 2018 335
Court Jesters and Black Mirrors: Translator Alex Elinson on Bringing Moroccan Literature into English. Jan 24, 2018 3047
'My Mayor'. Jan 24, 2018 246
MARKS. Jan 21, 2018 155
A friend to thousands and scourge of authority who never lost his sense of humour. Jan 17, 2018 649
Stand-Up Comedy School Dominates RAW Comedy. Jan 16, 2018 331
Salvo. Jan 15, 2018 924
The art of the Davao 'conyo'. Jan 14, 2018 1649
NFL: Cleveland Browns fans protest season of futility with parade. Jan 7, 2018 351
2018 should be year of ads that respect consumers. Jan 7, 2018 1475
Remembering our sister Luchie. Jan 7, 2018 713
Despite stumbles, Knierims win pairs short program at national championships. Jan 5, 2018 495
GIVE PHIL A BREAK. Jan 3, 2018 228
Tee-hee. Jan 3, 2018 608
7 Christmas cracker jokes 'guaranteed' to make you laugh; These classic wise cracks are bound to have you chortling into your Christmas pudding. Dec 25, 2017 173
Queen Elizabeth II Gushes Over Husband Prince Philip. Dec 25, 2017 354
6 Strange Effects Of Stress Including Vivid Dreams, Hair Loss, Gallows Humor. Dec 23, 2017 600
Danny Bobrow: A Personal Recollection. Bobrow, Rusty Dec 22, 2017 1028
Christmas Jokes 2017 For Kids And Adults. Dec 18, 2017 387
Philippines : Sen. Joel Villanueva's manifestation on reso granting highest civil award for the late Sen. Miriam Santiago. Dec 15, 2017 188
Prominent real estate Cary Grant estate on the market. Dec 10, 2017 500
Diff 2017: 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' review. Dec 10, 2017 380
From Sweden, an unsentimental take on decluttering. Dec 9, 2017 687
2017's top K-pop music videos on YouTube in Korea revealed. Dec 8, 2017 359
Maria Casado: <>: La periodista, que presenta La manana de La 1, en TVE, acaba de publicar su primer libro. Suarez, Omar Dec 6, 2017 1687
JOEY JENNINGS' STORY: What appeared to be one of the least restrictive settings for Joey--a one-person group home in the community--became the most restrictive for him, because it was most inappropriate for his complex behavioral needs. Jennings, Sue Dec 1, 2017 1497
Alternative Avenues For Increasing Sales. Ayoob, Massad Dec 1, 2017 1105
Help Doddy make it a Christmas CRACKER; SEND US YOUR JOKES, FUNNY STORIES AND PICTURES - AND ... Nov 30, 2017 375
Is the Islamic World Progressing or Regressing? Q&A with Faisal Al Mutar. Nov 29, 2017 1224
Virulo: "!A gozar que el mundo se va a acabar!". Flores Munoz, Rogelio Nov 26, 2017 1493
Internet personality Rifat tours Taiwan by bus. Nov 23, 2017 370
Kerry quits Kittens after drunken row. Nov 20, 2017 116
It's mock the weak, starring.. DAVID DAVIS; European leaders ridicule Britain's Brexit secretary for comedy turn. Nov 18, 2017 327
Post-apocalyptic visions mixed with infectious humour. Nov 17, 2017 461
TWEETS & POSTS. Nov 17, 2017 225
Duterte kids media about being 'spies' to keep them out of meeting with Trump. Nov 13, 2017 232
Need a good laugh? Check out some 17th-Century Dutch art. Nov 10, 2017 906
When Ben Affleck and Ezra Miller get together, jokes and serious banter ensue. Nov 10, 2017 1306
WEBCHAT; Greggs worker suspended after allegedly telling customer Welsh sounded 'like Tourette's'. Nov 8, 2017 719
Book Review: A look at the woman behind the crown. Nov 8, 2017 769
Fury at Harman Holocaust joke; UK BULLETINS. Nov 4, 2017 112
Panelo's 'packing' joke. Oct 28, 2017 324
Ryan Reynolds jokes about starting a new life on 41st birthday. Oct 24, 2017 268
Are you funny? Then you are more intelligent. Oct 23, 2017 591
DUTCH & GO; BRIGHTON 1 EVERTON 1 Knockaert 82 Rooney 90 pen PREMIER LEAGUE AMEX STADIUM; Koeman arrived in Brighton a man under real PRESSURE, he looked like a man under PRESSURE as he watched the game and he left for home still a man under PRESSURE. Oct 16, 2017 1037
DUTCH & GO; BRIGHTON 1 EVERTON 1 Knockaert 82 Rooney 90 pen PREMIER LEAGUE AMEX STADIUM Koeman arrived in Brighton a man under real PRESSURE, he looked PRESSURE as he watched the game and he left for home still a man like a man under PRESSURE. Oct 16, 2017 1113
Why Steven Seagal loves to shoot in PH. Oct 13, 2017 461
Laughter therapy - the middle class kind. Oct 3, 2017 1060
The Contingency of Meaning to the Party of God: Carnivalesque Humor in Revolutionary Times. Halabi, Nour Report Oct 1, 2017 5360
'Corbyn could do with a wash and shave' OUTRAGEOUS COMIC PULLS NO PUNCHES AHEAD OF GIG. Interview Sep 29, 2017 1197
Philippines : Grace Poe's Sponsorship Speech. Sep 27, 2017 1021
ROTTEN EGGSY. Sep 24, 2017 323
ROTTEN EGGSY. Sep 24, 2017 380
Resiliency and the ability to detect cartoon humor. Killion, Jessica B.; Torres, Aurora Sep 22, 2017 4530
Hemingway's Requiem for Battle Fields: "Atomic Jokes" after Hiroshima/Nagasaki in Across the River and into the Trees. Yanagisawa, Hideo Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 6132
Kiku Sharda has last laugh with Ram Rahim Singh. Sep 10, 2017 485
It was outer this world to add own brand of humour; DVDQ&AWE CHAT TO CHRIS PRATT, WHO PLAYS STAR-LORD IN GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2, WHICH IS RELEASED ON DVD TOMORROWIt was outer this world to add own brand of humour. Sep 3, 2017 591
Can't You Hear Them: The Science and Significance of Hearing Voices. Brief article Sep 1, 2017 177
It looks like it'll work: a roll-your-own departure isn't an ideal solution, but when the designated procedure requires equipment only available from eBay, what else are you supposed to do? Van West, Jeff Sep 1, 2017 1301
Lost and found in government filings. Ojala, Marydee Sep 1, 2017 2194
The magic of humor. Sears, Diane Sep 1, 2017 867
Louis Sterne International Man of Mystery. Pearson, Andy Column Sep 1, 2017 593
What people don't know about Vhong Navarro. Aug 28, 2017 611
Michael Moore: Winning with humor. Aug 21, 2017 562
GRIN & BEAR IT; TAKING IT IN HIS STRIDE EX-BOSS REVEALS ILLNESS Jimmy tackling Alzheimer's with trademark humour as he jokes about regretting splashing out on Ibrox season ticket. Aug 17, 2017 889
Healthy Humor Partners with Moose Toys to Launch Red Nose Docs at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Aug 11, 2017 1011
De Lima wants remarks degrading women stopped. Aug 10, 2017 450
Laughter Yoga workshop in Cairo. Aug 10, 2017 164
When an out of office reply is out of the box. Aug 9, 2017 385
Chris Hemsworth Draws Hype For 'Contemporary' 'Thor: Ragnarok'. Aug 8, 2017 421
Inspiring Quotes From Barack Obama To Celebrate His 56th Birthday. Aug 4, 2017 606
Jennifer Lawrence And Darren Aronofsky Are Serious With Their Relationship. Aug 2, 2017 427
Saying it loud and clear--diaspora blacks move into mainstream commentary. Goodwin, Clayton Aug 1, 2017 1418
Teaching School is a Scream! Confessions of a Career Substitute. Blake, Richard R. Book review Aug 1, 2017 331
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Stars Tom Holland, Zendaya Are Dating. Jul 14, 2017 406
IS THIS END OF INNUENDOUGH? Smutty jokes are binned on the new-look Great British Bake Off as C4 seek to change show's style. Jul 13, 2017 347
Innuendo is never a step too fnarr! Why Springwatch gags are harmless pun. Jul 12, 2017 917
Same old jokes that go way over my head. Jul 11, 2017 446
Innuendo is never a step too fnarr! Why Springwatch gags are harmless pun. Jul 11, 2017 930
Pinoy humor needed in PH tourism ads. Jul 7, 2017 180
NCAA Season 93 Preview: With key guys out, Cardinals to bank on defense. Jul 6, 2017 399
Asking important questions: what keeps you motivated in your profession? Thelen, Rory A. Jul 1, 2017 1215
The best medicine? The nature of humour and its significance for the process of psychotherapy. Gibson, Neil; Tantam, Digby Report Jul 1, 2017 6266
Flightmares, Sky-High Humor. Blake, Richard R. Book review Jul 1, 2017 265
"?Me da una Mirinda?" Constantes en el cine de Alex de la Iglesia. Urena, Pablo Garcia Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 5809
35 years of vegan activism by The Vegetarian Resource Group. Wasserman, Debra; Stahler, Charles Jul 1, 2017 3414
Humor As A Coping Mechanism Of Breast Cancer. Jul 1, 2017 931
Revision del Cuestionario de Emociones Positivas para adolescentes. Propiedades psicometricas de la nueva version abreviada. Marcelo Rodriouez, Lucas; Emilia Onate, Maria; Mesurado, Belen Jul 1, 2017 7976
Effectiveness of an Intervention Program in Fostering Academic Resilience of Students at Risk of Failure at Secondary School Level. Arif, Muhammad Irfan; Mirza, Munawar S. Report Jun 30, 2017 4807
Hart, Caryl and East, Nick: Knock Knock Dinosaur. Gould, Jayne Book review Jun 22, 2017 163
Rizal's 3rd book shows lighter side. Jun 19, 2017 419
A Little Laughter. Jun 18, 2017 1282
Billy is our hero; RECORD VIEW. Jun 17, 2017 140
Father's Day 2017 Jokes. Jun 17, 2017 606
Amy Schumer Jokes About Ben Hanisch Breakup At Charity Event. Jun 10, 2017 618
Seinfeld to Kesha: No Hugs for You! Shukert, Rachel Jun 9, 2017 123
Midori Inc. Introduces 2017 Summer Gift Wrap Collection and Dupioni Silk Ribbon Bridal Colors. Jun 7, 2017 662
LOOK: Man flees London attack with a glass of beer in hand. Jun 5, 2017 172
Ernst Lubitsch's 'To Be or Not To Be,' Hollywood's Other Great Anti-Nazi Movie. Doherty, Thomas Jun 2, 2017 437
Martin Lawrence Galleries Exhibition of Robert Deyber. Jun 1, 2017 232
Curve confidential: celesbians behaving badly ... and sometimes well. Curran, Chloe Jun 1, 2017 448
The art of 'char'. May 19, 2017 825
There's more to 'comics' than the jokes they tell. May 19, 2017 706
Robert Deyber "Meet the Artist" at Martin Lawrence Galleries. May 16, 2017 243
Rumor has it: Egyptians mock alleged US tapping of phone calls. May 6, 2017 269
United States : An updated handbook on the fundamentals of library supervision. May 5, 2017 354
Jihadists Turn to Mainstream Matchmaking Site for Partners. May 4, 2017 849
Jihadists Turn to Mainstream Matchmaking Site for Partners. May 2, 2017 808
Baines makes me laugh with 'odd' sense of humour - Williams. May 2, 2017 181
'Moving the Palace': Part 'Adventures of Baron Munchausen,' Part Meditation on Translation and History. May 1, 2017 1040
Un pais de tontos graves ... sobre procesos historicos y el modo en que nos vemos los chilenos habla la exposicion de humor politico que se presenta hasta comienzos de junio en el Museo Historico Nacional. Rauld, Juan May 1, 2017 857
Embracing the carnivalesque: Young children's humour as performance and communication. Tallant, Laura May 1, 2017 5510
Historias de patitos feos: humor, verguenza, narcisismo y oralidad en La traicion de Rita Hayworth (1968) y La patografia (1998). Bortolotto, Maria Celina May 1, 2017 8315
Effectiveness of an Intervention Program in Fostering Academic Resilience of Students at Risk of Failure at Secondary School Level. Arif, Muhammad Irfan; Mirza, Munawar S. Report Apr 30, 2017 4807
Teen's 'unsurvivable' injuries from collision. Apr 28, 2017 636
'Ang pikon, talo,' or satire as impulse to freedom. Apr 26, 2017 379
JOKE time. Apr 21, 2017 170
Currie: City should just laugh at S*n; SCOUSERS ARE TOO SENSITIVE, SAYS FORMER TORY MP EDWINA. Apr 19, 2017 554
'President Is A Moron,' Former SNL Star Says. Apr 7, 2017 400
10 Best Neil deGrasse Tyson Science Tweets. Apr 7, 2017 789
With stellar performance, Jubail Division-L Toastmasters steal show in EP. Apr 4, 2017 328
Cartoons: Another Long-standing Bridge between Science and the Arts. Dominiczak, Marek H. Apr 1, 2017 1013
Perspectives sur l'usage de l'humour en psychotherapie. Chaloult, Guillaume; Blondeau, Claude Mar 22, 2017 7179
HQs de Humor no Brasil. Ferro, Ana Paula Rodrigues Mar 22, 2017 1202
The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Herbert Lust. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Mar 17, 2017 208
Does George Bush Have A Crush On Michelle Obama? Mar 3, 2017 548
April is National Humor Month: Q&A with Dr. Joel Goodman. Interview Mar 1, 2017 1212
On the air. Mar 1, 2017 628
Neurodiversity. Book review Mar 1, 2017 180
Ficcion publicitaria radiofonica y humor: un analisis pragmalinguistico. Hernandez Toribio, Maria Isabel Ensayo Mar 1, 2017 9022
Laughter as subversion: Martial Law Jokes at Iba Pa . . . Feb 26, 2017 703
The Chosen Ones: An Interview With Talk Show Host Michael Krasny, Who Tells Us Lots Jewish Jokes. Aschenbrand, Periel Interview Feb 24, 2017 127
Alex Trebek Raps On Jeopardy. Feb 21, 2017 354
What Does SJW Mean? Feb 15, 2017 473
Things to take from Pia, our kween. Feb 5, 2017 315
Jenna Dewan Tatum To Guest Star In CBS Comedy Show 'Man With A Plan'. Feb 2, 2017 334
The dating decode: you can find your perfect match with this simple advice. Bashan, Frankie Feb 1, 2017 1357
Ever had a girl crush? Lundsten, Apryl Feb 1, 2017 1000
Hectic Miss U sked takes toll on Pia. Jan 20, 2017 736
Steve Harvey apologizes for 'racist' Asian-American jokes. Jan 19, 2017 265
Michelle Obama Celebrates Birthday Days Before Leaving White House. Jan 17, 2017 456
Taika Waititi Shares Hilarious New Behind-The-Scenes Photo Of 'Thor: Ragnarok'. Jan 16, 2017 332
Henry Cavill Shares Hilarious 'Batman V Superman' Photo. Jan 5, 2017 333
La caricatura politica en Pasto desde 1950 hasta 2013: dislocacion y expresion visual de la realidad. Coral Bustos, Willan Fernando Jan 1, 2017 7769
El recurso didactico del humor. Fernandez Poncela, Anna Maria Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 7567
The Guy who Dreams. Dec 31, 2016 1113
Bruce Bozzi Jr. Shares Heartwarming Memorial For Carrie Fisher. Dec 30, 2016 547
Beauty just for laughs? Humor can mean serious business for beauty brands. Dormon, Nick Dec 1, 2016 585
Maintenance of functional capacity in cognitive stimulation subgroups/Mantenimiento de la capacidad de funcional segun grupos de estimulacion cognitiva/Manutencao da capacidade funcional em subgrupos de estimulacao cognitiva. Santana, Rosimere Ferreira; Rosa, Thalita Batista; Aquino, Raisa Gongalves; de Alexandrino, Shardell Dec 1, 2016 4691
Thank You, Trump Voters. Nov 30, 2016 349
Humour that will end in [...]. Nov 22, 2016 145
Why young women love to date an old man with humor. Nov 17, 2016 519
Mourning the morning after. Nov 13, 2016 745
Funny business: an American fashion designer praises funny women and workplace practical jokes. Burch, Tory Nov 1, 2016 451
In memoriam: Dr. Mary Ann Bell. Foote, Carolyn Obituary Nov 1, 2016 1845
Make 'em laugh: get a serious lesson in creating humorous work. Brady, Kristyn Nov 1, 2016 1131
In Time of Need, One Has Need of Time: More Spoonerisms and Transposition Puns, Original and Otherwise. Hauptman, Don Essay Nov 1, 2016 915

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