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Humanity's capacity to share a common sense: the absence that gives rise to our presence.

"In moments of pure presence, we are who we most wish to be."--Jacob Needleman

OVERVIEW: Nature has apparently designed us to evolve into a more unified, awake state of consciousness. Many religious teachings for millennia have pointed to the realization of this unity as the highest attainment of a human life. Mutual devotion to this level of realization on the part of countless individuals has led, over thousands of years, to our current process of awakening together. There is a growing interest today in the potential of cultivating a common sense--both inter-subjectively and socially. Our capacity to share a commonly sensed consciousness may be the next step in human and cultural evolution, an integral element in the maturation of the universe, and even essential to our survival as a species. (2,3,4)

Over these last hundred years, many of the realizations described in ancient texts have been explored by western science. As one such example, Hinduism teaches that there are aspects of ultimate reality whose interaction accounts for all experience. The so called "real" Purusa (Sat-Purusa) is a void, which gives rise to an unchanging spirit (Purusa)--the point that radiates consciousness through all points, as a colorless light. This spirit is said to be present everywhere, in everything, and everyone--as the soul of the universe. It guides our evolution, breathing life into matter, as the presence of consciousness. As the oneness in every life form, and in all of humanity, spirit is the essence of both the individual self and the universal Self. According to Hindu teachings, this is why the universe is dynamic--versus being static. All else changes (Prakrti) and is subject to cause and effect. These teachings hold that we are all one spirit, coordinating countless material manifestations. The overall unity of creation, while it does not change, allows for this cause and effect wherein the unity of opposites produces novelty and consciousness itself. This dynamic and paradoxical relationship of unity and novelty has been realized directly by many of the tens of millions reporting a near death experience (including this author) who have seen that we are "in this world but not of it." What is more, these experiences can be lived in life with others. (h)

Contemporary research has examined what appears to be essential for cultivating conscious community, finding that a shared sense of emptiness frequently precedes social integration. (3) My own ongoing research in attention management and group intelligence shows subjectivity and objectivity are integrated and displayed through the quality and presence of our attention. I have found that whenever we are aware of the void-like nature of our awareness--whether alone or together--our ability to receive and reflect is significantly enhanced. Participants report feeling one with everyone and everything. They share enthusiastically about the evolution of a "common sense" that can be cultivated and popularly embraced.

When collective attention is undivided and aware of itself, people can recognize its quality and presence. Participants experience the breath entering and leaving one another's bodies as well as a profound altruistic way of being together. This is a subtle process, requiring a deep sense of shared relaxation, and the gradual development of "effortless concentration." Our minds and bodies serve as a lens--as do our eyes and ears--for attending to whatever we choose to notice. Clearly, we seem designed to receive, reflect, and be--whatever we attend to.

"The Inner Light is beyond praise and blame; like space it knows no boundaries, yet it is even here, within us, ever retaining its serenity and fullness. It is only when we hunt for it that we lose it; we cannot take hold of it, but equally we cannot get rid of it, and while we can do neither, it goes on its own way."--Yung-chia Ta-shih

INTRODUCTION: Have we denied and overlooked our formlessness? Are we afraid of being nobody, of having no image--f not being able to imagine who we are? This appears to be less common among indigenous people, who instinctively observe their interdependence with nature. What seems literally "unimaginable," is the freedom of being nobody, going nowhere, yet everywhere--as every one, and any thing. This spirited freedom may prove to be the sole re-creative axis of an eternal consciousness? Currently, the popularity of the smart phone may turn out to be a critical step toward incrementally embracing a universal OSX. Cultural Creatives (4) agree that to evolve as human beings, we must somehow wake up together.

My thirty years of research (5) with multi-cultural audiences has demonstrated that, when almost any group of interested individuals sets aside ninety minutes to carefully notice and describe the quality and presence of what they sense and feel together, their verbal descriptions are remarkably similar. This provides a reliable way of sharing a sense of spaciousness at the heart of consciousness itself which is intimately known--inter-subjectively--as an all-loving intelligence. The Buddhist saying, "Form is formlessness, formlessness is form," is reliably revealed in these groups. A coordinating void-based absence appears to be organizing, orchestrating and informing us.

"Within the expanse of spontaneous presence is the ground of all that arises. Empty in essence, continuous by nature, it has never existed as anything whatsoever, yet arises as anything at all." The Cho Ying Dzod

There are countless benefits to sharing awareness more consciously. It is an effortless alternative to meditative isolation, brainwave entrainment or sensory deprivation when positively reprograming the traumatically conditioned subconscious. Trauma can originate in any relationship, due to a perceived lack of mutual understanding and unconditional love. A practice of shared sensitivity restores trust, which in turn supports compassion and the growth of an empathic intelligence. (6) In this way, a past offense can be met and integrated into the conscious awareness of any given individual or group of individuals--repairing rifts in interpersonal, familial, and collective social consciousness.

Like many of us, I am always exploring and discovering more about consciousness. At the level of form, I am never the same way twice. As formless consciousness, I am unchanged and seemingly unique. Yet this same uniqueness and its unchanging quality is shared with the whole of existence.

Since my near death experience at age four, there has been an ever-present mirror-like quality that unites all that I can know myself to be. Through realizing how truly selfless I really am, suffering is resolved insightfully--by witnessing its origins. Likewise, when we share conscious awareness together, we can begin to resolve our suffering-which is vital for collective cooperation. This then can be a direct way to re-program our selves and help heal one another. As most traumas have occurred in relationship, our habit of feeling less than wholly connected can be transformed by sharing "undivided attention" as emotionally indistinguishable from being unconditionally loving--in all our relationships.

As a product concept developer for Brain Actuated Technologies (7) for twenty-five years, I have experienced that interactivity helps us access our common sense. This frequently occurs when we focus on influencing an outcome: i.e., Cinematrix, Inc. has implemented a wireless "mouse for the masses," making it possible for five thousand people to play a video game, with twenty-five hundred on a side--with greater alacrity than a lone individual. (8) I have observed that whenever people are awakened to the quality and presence of their awareness, they report feeling freed from a false sense of self. Still, there are challenges to popularizing this quality of consciousness. Perhaps the most urgent we face--as a species--is collectively realizing that there is really only one of "us." The writer, Alice Bailey, claimed that "evil" has its origins in our exclusive belief in a separate self.

Alva Noe, a professor of philosophy at UC Berkeley, writes, "We are like submariners in a windowless craft (the body) afloat in a dark ocean of energy (the world). We know nothing of what there is around us except what shows up on our internal screens." Alternatively, when one or more are intimately conscious of being awareness itself, there is freedom from this sense of personal isolation. While we still uniquely en-soul the universe, we also share who we are--as both one and many--whereby we all come to know that we are never who we think we are.

"You are not really real. All things are emptiness. If you understand how selfless we really are? If you can see beyond that, then you will rise above all suffering. You are no longer just a human. You are part of everything. With sincerity, comes insight, which is another word for wisdom that is gained by experiences. Once you have that, you can learn to cultivate yourself. By cultivating yourself, next, you can cultivate other people."--Lama Dordrup Dorje

THEORY AND METAPHOR: Imagine information and energy are like marbles rolling towards the lowest point. Next imagine consciousness as both the centre of gravity and the dimensionless reference frame of light. Now whatever we pay attention to will appear in our awareness--like a mirror receives what's in front of it. Yet, when we--as two or more--are aware of awareness, the marbles roll into us. How is it possible for each of us to be the centre of gravity as well as the reference frame for light? Might a void allow and ensure the occurrence of this phenomenon?

What Paul LaViolette calls sub-quantum kinetics; the Russians, torsion fields; David Bohm, pilot waves; and Rupert Sheldrake, morphogenetic fields, may be energetic information that changes, and is changed, by the participation of our biological forms--affecting a bio-genesis that is both nonlocal and universal in nature. Even Lawrence Kraus, a prominent physicist and cosmologist who dismisses such theories, writes and talks on how our universe may well have come from nothing. By adding up all the negative and positive energy, he and many of his colleagues conclude we are in a flat universe, where all energies add up to zero (0). Here in the next footnote is a short clip (32 secs) from a talk he gave regarding this. (9)

Brian Swimme, Duane Elgin, this author, as well as others, submit that all-things re-originate every moment. We personally experience life renewing itself, re-emerging as fresh, new, and incomparably unique every moment. This essay intends to help us understand why we experience this, as well as how to collaborate--in ever growing numbers--to sponsor this realization at a global level. It appears nature has designed us to learn how to end our suffering--by effortlessly sharing our combined intelligence. This "solution" has a basis in science. I recall learning in my first physics lab in 1984--when balancing all the weights pulling on a metal ring--that all forces can cancel to zero. This fact may allow all life, and each of us, to share the singular stillness of an already unified consciousness. (j,k)

We each have hundreds of millions of so called "mirror neurons" which receive and respond to what is meaningful to us. Yet, like a mirror, we are also unchanged by the images we see.

Similarly, the dimensionless axis of a bicycle wheel is unaffected as it coordinates what is dimensional. At the same time, the pivot point of a wheel depends on the structured system which spins around it for its existence.

Could we be conscious in a body and creatively co-exist without receiving or responding to what matters to us? Does the absence of form unite and coordinate countless potentials, possibilities, fields, forces and particle-like behavior, while also sustaining the indivisibility of the whole? What could be more unique than that which cannot be created or destroyed?

This macro-photograph of an eye is by Suren Manvelyan. The pupil appears as a dark abyss. It's a hole which grants us an experience of the whole. Some of us literally feel indivisible from the whole cosmos, that we are every thing, everyone, and anyone, yet not a thing and no one in particular.

"Iwant to know God's thoughts ..."--Albert Einstein

How is this possible?

The solution to this question may be found in Bernhard Riemann's original conception of space curvature, whereby an n-dimensional space is embedded in an n + I dimensional manifold: i.e., all 3-D points are united at one point in 4-D. Then, if n = 0, that which is dimensionless could be embedded in 1, 2, 3 and 4-D. If so, then 4-D and 0-D would share a dynamic relationship, as would every dimensionless point in 3-D.

The graphic above is a frame from an animation featured in the 2004 Nobel Prize acceptance lecture of Prof. Frank Wilczek illustrating that our mass is made up of vacuum fluctuations. Please watch this (3mm) youtube video. (10) Can you imagine--this instant--you are disappearing and reappearing out of empty space, a billion times? There is now widespread agreement that the sum of all energy in the universe is zero: E- + E+ = O = E - [mc.sup.2].

To conserve energy, the creation of energy must be balanced by an equal but opposite energy, i.e., particles and anti-particles, or positive and negative forces. Energy can appear and transform from one form into another, but the sum of all energies must be equal to zero. Is there a place--in all of us--where (literally) "nothing matters"?

Metaphorically, a bathroom mirror receives, reflects and unites all that is displayed in front of it. Perhaps all O-D and 4-D points are united (at one level) and are "non-consciously witnessing" all the forms that are forming and unforming in 3-D. What is received and reflected (united) by O-D (absence/emptiness) and 4-D (a timeless omnipresence throughout space) could be neurophysiologically "embodied" in 3-D. Form-based processes would be attracted to integrate and evolve, throughout the "unstructured," temperature-independent, super-fluidity of O-D and 4-D. Imagine an absence giving rise to y/our presence.

"Normal space-time is essentially the collection of dimensionless points from which it is constructed," (II)--James E. Beichler

At this one level, any grouping of dimensionless points would be indivisible from all other points. This may be the origin of zero point vacuum fluctuations, making nonexistence the engine and axis of existence. (I) I am asking, is this "Consciousness" localizing the quantum vacuum? In this view, 3-D is seeking thermodynamic equilibrium (gravitationally, electro-magnetically and quantum mechanically) via localizing the non-local whole, by way of point-centered QM observational-measurement processes--as outlined by David Bohm in his model of SomaSignificance. (12)

The conjugate O-D and 4-D mirroring of all the re-creative processes taking place in 3-D may be experienced as an impersonal form of self/Self-awareness. Are we becoming conscious of this process--individually and inter-subjectively? Do we grow by awakening to our innate unity--as nothing whatsoever? Is this evidence that all dimensions are united by O-D? Perhaps the reason God is unbounded, immeasurable and undefined is because the void is beyond all concepts of good or bad, right or wrong, or here and now.

Perhaps psi-phenomena is only appearing to reach across space, and backwards and forwards in time--if all points co-exist in O-D. Are we spending a third of our lives asleep to restore our emptiness in order to fuel and fulfil the form of our awakening? A void could be localizing all that is nonlocal, and delocalizing all that is local, reliably re-forming the whole of existence, while also calibrating a "groundless ground" state. In this model, O-D would serve as a toroidal axis for vortex reciprocation. All points would collectively and individually relate "all that is" received and reflected--instantaneously--ensuring cross-correlations to occur in space over time. This (2:14 min) clip helps to illustrate this. (13) The overall action in this O-D/3-D/4-D "holomovement" might offer each of us a constant context through which we can witness and share experientially. If this is so, degrees of sentient consciousness would be by-products of a fluctuating void. In other words, energy, space-time and consciousness would be derived from an indivisible rest frame as it undergoes random and discontinuous collapse and expansion, developing within itself all known physical and metaphysical properties.

"This is what you and I are made out of, these clouds of energy and excitations of the field." Prof.--Frank Wilczek

William Unruh of the University of British Columbia at Vancouver modelled particles moving relative to one another as accelerated QM observational measurement systems, where acceleration is defined as a constant change in direction in space over time. His as yet undisputed theory (the Unruh effect) (14) predicts that a particle would observationally measure itself to be at rest in a structured system of particles (as we find ourselves now), because it changes direction in space over time. Unruh also showed that a QM system would measure "nothing" on average, when at rest, or traveling at a constant velocity.

As particles are relatively at rest in their own reference frame, perhaps this is why we share the paradox of perceiving our selves (and Self) as a multi-faceted void that is complemented by super-positions, which appear classical under sustained observation in the Zeno effect. (15) If this is true, we are all connecting nonexistence with existence right now, this very moment.

As the surface of this world moves, as the earth falls toward the sun at over a million kilometres an hour (km/h), as our solar system orbits the centre of the Milky Way at more than half that rate, as our galaxy orbits a common centre of gravity with four other galaxies (together, hurtling toward the Virgo Cluster of galaxies at over a million km/h), the particles within us are changing direction in space over time. So maybe this is why we tend to perceive matter, yet scientists find that the use of quantum mechanics yields far greater accuracy.

Could these three mathematical symbols

1 0 [infinity]

represent key aspects of our perceptual experience ?

The three mathematical symbols in the graphic above could also represent our perceptual experience--as an aware emptiness--as that which cannot be created or destroyed. Can you directly experience the answer to the famous Koan, "What was your 'original face' before you were born?"

Mathematicians agree, when we divide infinity into one, it's equal to zero. If we see this as a metaphor, could boundlessness entering into its unity produce a witnessing void-based consciousness that can know its Self? If so, are we uniquely designed to serve a universal intelligence (God?) in order to become fully realized? nothing produced by everything?

nothing produced by everything ?

1/[infinity] = 0

could boundlessness, entering into its unity, produce a witnessing consciousness ?

What if, zero is a metaphor for all the local axes, and nonlocal, of an indivisible void-based consciousness?

"The universe is both its own first observer and subject."--Neil Theise, abstract for his Science and Nonduality talk 2015

We know from twenty-five hundred years of religious history that many considered the void essential to understanding what we truly are beyond name and form. Perhaps emptiness is a constant context we are all destined to share evermore consciously--as an unshakeable peace that is still and silent? Before particles, fields and all else, where do we really come from?

Could zero (O) in the equation above serve as a pointer to an absence that is supplying us with presence? There are few mathematical means to help us explore this idea. For example, a low dimensional attractor in chaos theory is not conducive to life. It produces the same pattern over and over, and does not evolve. Complexity theory models how observational measurement systems are only relatively autonomous, since they are all interconnected. Neither general relativity nor quantum theory so much as mentions the dynamic potential of a non-local O-D attractor that is everywhere, which then could passively act from nowhere through every point in space-time.

Surely particle/anti-particle pairs must share a neutral reference frame? Could a dimensionless, non-local attractor support a field of virtual potentials and a void-based observer to focus on these possibilities? Why would the total energy of the universe be equal to zero, if zero energy did not have some ongoing dynamical significance for our own re-creation?

Then there is BIOS theory, a new mathematical tool that holds out the promise of mapping a specific instance of evolution from initial conditions, by taking into account the complementary opposites that are influencing the system, i.e., opposites such as nothing and everything may be found to produce a graphic representation as a progressive series of novel outcomes.

For forty years Vortex-based Math (VBM) has provided an open source for researchers and inventors. Geometrically related points serve as a seamless network of toroidal axes for higher dimensional dynamics. In my first hand experience with high-tech proprietary applications, O-D coordinates 3 and 4-D. (g)

The Quantum Paradigm must answer:

1) What is Observation ?

2) "How" can conscious observation "choose" from an infinite field of quantum mechanical potentials ?

3) "Why" does observation "cause" us to perceive classical behavior, according to general relativity?

There are currently dozens of different interpretations of quantum theory. A correct theory has to answer: 1) What is observation? 2) What allows an observer the choice to make a measurement from within an infinite field of quantum-mechanical potentials? 3) Why does observation cause us to perceive the persistence of classical appearances? 4) Why is it "Now"?

A primordial void would be so constant, and all-pervasive that if the whole of space-time energy, matter, mind and body were made out of it, it could be the ideal context. The void would not interfere or interject any "thing." It wouldn't eclipse what emerged from it. But, it could unite anything energetic--as it has no energy of its own-while acting passively from within each and every location.

Transferring information instantaneously (which a group of plasma physicists evidence in their "Electric Universe" model) would then not violate the speed limit of light. "All that is" could be timelessly "entangled" and co-creatively evolving, causing us to experience ourselves as a single consciousness. Through this type of perceptual "activity," impermanent, virtual forms would, of necessity, receive and reflect the flawless, indivisible nature of an absence as it continuously re-unites and re-generates the whole.

Perhaps an effective way to view consciousness is as a "superposition" of existence and non-existence, producing an indivisible experience of non-local being, plus who and what we perceive ourselves to be--local observers. Can a formless void, in the form

   Perhaps an effective way to view
   consciousness is as a "superposition,"
   of existence and nonexistence,
   producing an indivisible
   experience of
   "nonlocal being," plus
   who and what we perceive
   ourselves to be

   (local observers).

of an observing mind--instantly--integrate all potential QM superpositions to produce the perceived appearance of a reliable, evolving, classically organized life and universe?

Are we locally "embodying" the void's stillness, by being indivisible and boundless? Given the much older reptilian and mammalian nervous systems (which feel and sense) and our newer verbal/analytic brain, could we be making a conceptual map of "our being" both alone and together?

Former president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Thomas Metzinger, presents a formidable lecturef on "Being No One," asserting, "We are systems that simulate and emulate ourselves for ourselves." Yet, the more these characteristics are perceived personally, interpersonally and collectively, we may well find that we are capable of sharing a single intelligence. Our evolution could depend on us realizing we are both less, and so much more than we have yet imagined.

Mystics say we are "an aware emptiness." In meditative experience, the observer

Could void-based observation localize a quantum system--producing a classical perception?

1/0 = [infinity]

1 (unity)/0 (bservation) = [infinity] (every Thing)

Quantum Mechanics/Zeno effect = General Relativity

and the observed are united by the activity of observing. Through our presence, an absence may be ensuring the stability of a toroidal flux, (13) supporting a higher dimensional display of QM self-referential processes. If an infinite field of quantum mechanical possibilities and potentials takes the form of a stable classical appearance, due to the presence of awareness, then the predictions of general relativity (GR) could be the direct result of our void-based QM observational measurements--vis-a-vis the Zeno effect (as in the graphic above). In this way, our form-based universe may have produced the sequence of evolutionary steps which have so surely led to its current complexity as well as its simplicity, in which humanity may well be woefully lost in a forest among its trees.

"... in a strict philosophical and mathematical sense, all points in three-dimensional space correspond to each other and co-exist with one another, since all points in three-dimensional space pass through the same single pole in the higher dimension. They all become one at the single pole. This single simple fact is more than sufficient to explain quantum entanglement."--James E. Beichler, p. 4, (16)

James E. Beichler claims to have found a way to unite quantum theory and general relativity by showing how both systems default to using metric extensions, instead of utilizing the fact that every point in geometric space is dimensionless. (14) He shows why quantum theory may have abandoned geometry and how QM can be understood geometrically. He also presents a detailed model of consciousness. (17)

Assuming our universe is an experimental verification that something can come from absolutely nothing whatsoever, could both space and time emerge from a point (or an infinite number of points) via a primordial form of QM observational measurement? As all would be inseparable, each all-encompassing "perception" would re-unite the whole-requiring an exponential expansion of new novel spatio-temporal measurement structures--re-creating all that was, is, and ever could be, within the formless/form of Consciousness itself. The enormous potential of virtual zero-point energies could also compel a void (which has no location) to deform, to serve as an ideal "process-centred" location for the origination of energy and the illusion of matter. Could QM and GR be adapted in such a way so as to model "this"?

   Assuming our universe is
   an experimental verification that
   something can come from "nothing,"

   ... could virtual Planck scale
   wavelength(s) "cause" a Void
   to undergo "de-formation," to form
   the first "process-centered" location?

Essentially, the dimensionless points that are the basis of all geometry may be serving as both axes and portals, dynamically uniting form and formlessness. Are we sharing a perceivable sense of locality (Now), wherein all points are "extensions" of a nonlocal void, as it passively regenerates this illusion of being everywhere and yet nowhere--but Here?

If all points are extensions of an original point, then wavelengths and frequencies, of what appears to be particle-like behavior, could be seen as geometric fluctuations that localize and delocalize an infinite spectrum of relative intensities--while maintaining an "aetheric" equilibium. QM phenomena might even be constrained by some type of "inertial resistance" if the observation and materialization of space and time "causes" an unlimited number of geometrically related points to spontaneously form countless self-similar fractals. This then might contribute to the inflation of the void. For example, could quantum pixels, (a very interesting concept in quantum theory), be displaying information generated by this underlying "program"?

   Could the de-formation of a Void
   "cause" an unlimited number of
   geometrically related "points" to serve as
   correlated, event-centered locations,
   spontaneously forming countless self-similar,
   fractals--inflating a 0-D Void?

   e.g. could quantum pixels, be displaying
   information generated by this underlying

"There is only seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, thinking, feeling. These have a common source in awareness. The mind conceptualizes these sense perceptions. This intuition that we all share this inter-subjective experience, this shared world, is due to sharing a single consciousness. It's the presence of awareness that is shining in our perception. We can speak many words about consciousness, but all of them will not be true. It is that in which all experience appears, it is that with which all experience is known, and it is that out of which all experience is made."--Rupert Spira

(from slide # 4)

could boundlessness, entering into its unity, sustain an all-embracing void-based consciousness ?

1/[infinity] = 0

n [not equal to] = [infinity] yet when x [not equal to] 0

1/n = x

1/.948(11) x [10.sup.34] = 1.054(53) x [10.sup.-34]{ could our limited observations quantize the void?

Given the graphic above, please do your best to imagine the following: In place of (an observing) zero, let (O) be (X), the Planck length, implying that a fractal of the void is observing--which in turn ensures that a fraction of our boundlessness is being observed and classically "embodied. " This is meant as a metaphor, to contrast void-based consciousness with a more constrained mind-identified consciousness. Our experiences may be so perceptually limited and limiting--not only individually but together--that we find them to be both distracting and delusionary. This could significantly decrease the likelihood of mutual understanding, as well as the sharing of a commonly sensed "reality."

By awakening together--as one consciousness--we may be destined to see with greater clarity. Despair and distrust dissolve when known by a commonly sensed consciousness. Like radio telescopes arrayed around the earth, which work together to see back billions of years, we may be designed to undo "the insanity of humanity" by co-evolving a more conscious culture.

Yet how can we be happy if "nothing" lasts? I'd say, everyday, we have to make time to form a relationship with our home in awareness, through which states of mind can pass, and be treated as guests. We get to know them, ourselves and others by asking questions, hanging out, creating time, so our mind and body can trust our awareness.--paraphrasing Ethan Nichtern (d)

In place of pieces and parts, particles and people, there may be a dynamic geometry, a complex arrangement of dimensionless points--albeit very dynamic ones. The Amplituhedron (above) suggests the possibility that both classical relativistic space-time and quantum mechanics can be described geometrically. Cosmological evolution, as well as every one of us, may have arisen out of pure geometry.

SUMMARY: There is an integrity between our inner life and our outward presence in the world. Consciousness is the coalescence of form and formlessness. The end of suffering evidently begins with an undeniable love for all we believed was unlovable and unloving. Knowing we are capable of a love without limits, we are compelled to collaborate, to unlearn our lack of love for what we have feared and hated most about ourselves and one another.

If a zero dimensional void is assuring our perception of "Now"--something scientists agree they have not yet explained--does there need to be a prior cause for this constant context "in which we live and move and have our being?" (18) Can a void be both the source of, and answer to, this longstanding question? Is a shared sense of "Now" sustaining our 3 and 4-D experience as sentient observers?

Citing Max Planck, Erwin Schrodinger and Karl Pribram, M.L Bhaumik asks, "Is the source of awareness in the quantum vacuum?" (e) Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff assert that consciousness is a process in the very structure of the universe, connected to the brain via quantum computations in the microtubules.

"In my view with Roger (Penrose), consciousness is a process incurring and manifesting reality, the ground of existence, the makeup of the universe (information). That process is proposed to be a series of quantum state reductions, collapses of the wave function, rearrangements in the fine scale structure, creating reality moment by moment. Like waves crashing in the ocean of awareness. "

--Stuart Hameroff, MoM reply to Neil Theise and Menas Kafatos, 9-9-2015

1) Is a zero dimensional Void ensuring the experiential basis for our perception of "Now", as a singular context

for our 3 dimensional experience--as observers?

2) Does a Void provide the spaceless/timeless non-local reference frame, for all electro-magnetic phenomena?

3) Does gravity connect all points, as one single event?

4) Does non-existence provide that which is continuous, indivisible, boundless, and temperature independent supporting SVT: a Super-Fluid Vacuum Theory?

It is thought that, from the point of emission, a photon of electromagnetic radiation may travel a universal distance before being absorbed by an electron at the other end of the universe. The point of emission and the point of absorption might be the same point. Is the void the spaceless, timeless, non-local reference frame of electromagnetism? Does gravity also "coincidentally" connect all points--as one single event? If electromagnetism and gravity are united geometrically in the Amplituhedron, this would support a viable way forward for scientists.

We may wonder about the significance of the triangle-shaped "gap" in the illustration above. Is the presence of that absence significant, when attempting to understand the geometry of the cosmos? Might non-existence provide that which is invisible, indivisible, boundless and temperature independent in support of super-fluid vacuum theory (SVT)? (19)

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."--Anonymous

MEDIA: This author is developing plans for a movie that will cause hundreds of people--at once--to share a life changing experience of being awake as one. By sensing their greater body, heart and mind, viewers will be interconnecting with one another. Inside of ninety minutes, an entire audience may claim they have always known each other. (20) It will seem natural to feel love with total strangers. As unlikely as this may sound, years of experiential research confirms--this does happen. Please imagine these five minute clips (b,c) built into a feature film designed to shift the separative mind-set of humanity.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have withinyou the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."--Santosh Bidari

   Logline: "The Whole in Every One" Film

   4s repressed traumas and egoicprojections flare up to be
   witnessed and healed, we awaken as one single consciousness
   before our fears and delusions cost us our humanity. By
   sharing responsibility for earth's sixth mass extinction, eight
   unlikely heroes cause collective unity consciousness in viewing
   audiences. A scientifically-based demonstration of our
   indivisibility when we are thousands of miles apart, is
   followed by a stadium simulcast igniting a profound life-changing
   experience. By dropping into stillness together,
   billions of viewers worldwide will share a sense of ecstatic
   delight and mutual understanding.

by Sperry Andrews and Bryan Brey

A scientific experiment (21) that has been replicated by many laboratories over the last twenty-five years will be presented in the film. Eminent scientists and educators have agreed to serve on the advisory board, and in some cases direct one of the five neuroscientific laboratories involved--some of which are located in different countries. To back this up, scientifically derived ("seeing is believing") images of interconnectedness will be presented via news reports, print media, talk show formats, feature documentaries and dramatic films. (6, 22 23, 24 25) The intent of this film, future films and related media will be to help shift the separatist "mind-set" of humanity, so "the one we all are" is felt and thought intuitively by every human being.

"If you can turn yourself into nothing, you can accomplish anything."--Mahatma Gandhi


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f) Being No One with Thomas Metzinger



i) Alan Watts, "You're It"





3) Scott Peck









12) David Bohm, "Soma-Significance and the Activity of Meaning," (1985)




16) um_and_relativity










BIO: One-on-one, or as a group facilitator, I love sharing experientially and insightfully. For over thirty years, I have explored two-way telepathic awareness with hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals. With a background in physics, neuroscience, (para)psychology, philosophy, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking, I adore learning with you. As founder of the Human Connection Institute, I orchestrate a large-scale, spiritually-inspired, multinational, scientifically-based, media project, designed to facilitate humanity's imminent leap into collective enlightenment.
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Author:Andrews, Sperry; Tayloe, Jennifer
Publication:Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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