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Relationship between Giant Panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca Habitat use and Disturbance Density in the Daxiangling Mountains, Sichuan, China. Report Nov 24, 2020 3291
Imran affirms support to efforts for biodiversity conservation. Oct 14, 2020 446
Imran affirms support to efforts for biodiversity conservation. Sep 29, 2020 446
Ohio State University Sued for Age Discrimination. Stephanie K. Jones Sep 10, 2020 348
Attenborough's fragile world. Sep 3, 2020 244
Salmonella spp. infection in Psittacidae at a wildlife rehabilitation center in the state of Mato Grosso of Mato Grosso Do Sul, Brazil. de Souza, M.L.; Coelho, M.L.; da Silva, A.O. Sep 1, 2020 188
In Mecca, dreams of a 'green hajj'. Aug 1, 2020 701
Synergistic Evaluation and Constraint Factor Analysis on Urban Industrial Ecosystems of Traditional Industrial Area in China. Lu, Chengpeng; Ji, Wei; Liu, Zhiliang; Dong, Shuheng; Xue, Bing Jul 31, 2020 11870
National Sanitation Day: FG Urges Stakeholders To Ensure Compliance On Sanitation, Hygiene. Jun 25, 2020 473
'Our Livelihoods Depend on How we Protect Biodiversity' Nuha Jammeh. Jun 23, 2020 809
TROUBLED TUNDRA. Engelhard, Michael Jun 22, 2020 3268
We cannot allow our biodiversity to fail. Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Special to Gulf News Jun 4, 2020 870
'Communities & Consequences' sequel published. May 8, 2020 184
Fractured Communities: Risk, Impacts, and Protest Against Hydraulic Fracking in U.S. Shale Regions. Book review May 1, 2020 158
Ozone Transport to the San Joaquin Valley: Baseline Observations from CABOTS. May 1, 2020 1936
Large-Scale Hybridisation as an Extinction Threat to the Suweon Treefrog (Hylidae: Dryophytes suweonensis). Borzee, Amael; Fong, Jonathan J.; Nguyen, Hoa Quynh; Jang, Yikweon May 1, 2020 10641
Flexible Foraging Response of Wintering Hooded Cranes (Grus monacha) to Food Availability in the Lakes of the Yangtze River Floodplain, China. Wei, Zhenhua; Zheng, Meng; Zhou, Lizhi; Xu, Wenbin Apr 1, 2020 6931
Time to make logistics `green'. Apr 1, 2020 875
Environmental Cultures in the Upper Mekong Basin: A Review of International Literature. Ribo, Ignasi; Calzolari, Fabio Report Mar 1, 2020 14073
Polar bears are being forced into cannibalism by climate change, scientist warns; A Russian scientist has warned that cases of polar bears killing and eating each other are on the rise in the Arctic as melting ice and human activity erode their habitat. By, Shivali Best Feb 28, 2020 477
Black Scholars in Green Departments? Why environmental studies remains one of the least diverse fields in STEM. Ruf, Jessica Feb 6, 2020 1530
The Responsive Environment: Design, Aesthetics, and the Human in the 1970s. Book review Feb 1, 2020 263
Chapter 18: QUANTIFYING HUMAN IMPACT ON THE 2018 SUMMER LONGEST HEAT WAVE IN SOUTH KOREA: High-resolution large-ensemble simulations indicate that human activities have at least quadrupled the probability of occurrence of the extremely long-lasting heat waves over South Korea as observed in 2018 summer. Min, Seung-Ki; Kim, Yeon-Hee; Lee, Sang-Min; Sparrow, Sarah; Li, Sihan; Lott, Fraser C.; Stott, Pete Jan 1, 2020 3358
Determining the effect of urbanization on the vegetation of Gurun district (Sivas) based on biotope mapping and vegetation analysis/Biyotop haritalama ve vejetasyon analizine dayanarak, kentlesmenin Gurun ilcesi (Sivas) vejetasyonu uzerindeki etkisinin belirlenmesi. Bozkurt, Selvinaz Gulcn iD; Akkemik, Unal iD; Kose, Nesibe iD Report Jan 1, 2020 5852
Best Eco-Friendly Gifts For People Who Don't Care About Nature. Darwin Malicdem Dec 24, 2019 511
Sustaining our future through Geo 24/7. Dec 9, 2019 736
Penguin diet key to survival forecasts; ANTARCTIC. Dec 3, 2019 513
Museum Donates Ancient DNA To Help Wildlife. Jan Cortes Oct 21, 2019 367
Greening a blue industry. Andria Kades Oct 10, 2019 2086
Why climate change is the new normal. Oct 6, 2019 1050
Hybrid Numerical Investigation on Soil-Hammer Interaction during Dynamic Compaction. Wang, Jian; Cui, Yinghui; Li, Qimin Technical report Sep 30, 2019 6100
born to make a mess. Stanley, Walton Sep 22, 2019 1790
WE CAN'T GO TO THE STARS: The notion that humanity could live anywhere else than on Earth is an outlier idea. Robinson, Kim Stanley Essay Sep 22, 2019 745
Edgar Morin's "Complex Thought": A Blueprint for Reconstituting our Ecological Self in the Anthropocene Epoch? Moser, Keith Critical essay Sep 22, 2019 6387
HEAA President's Corner Fall 2019. Sep 22, 2019 448
2019 HEAA ALUMNI AWARDS. Awards list Sep 22, 2019 583
Content Changes Hearts and Minds With Authenticity and Purpose. Allen, Katherine Sep 22, 2019 699
mirroring nature. Murdock, Esme G. Sep 22, 2019 1300
WORK, TOOLS, AND AUSTERITY: For the Abujhmadia, a hunter-gatherer tribe in central India, work, like much else, is a living abstract mediated by the mystery of the wild. Narendra Sep 22, 2019 1592
Destruction of environment. Sep 13, 2019 377
THIS WEEK'S MILESTONES: Aug. 11-17, 2019. Aug 11, 2019 256
Town's fans lead push to save planet. Aug 1, 2019 474
Interactive Exhibit Raises Awareness for Endangered Species. Jul 15, 2019 694
UNILORIN Don Seeks Laws To Reduce Society's Vulnerability To Disasters. Jul 11, 2019 582
Unilorin Don Seeks Laws To Reduce Society's Vulnerability To Disasters. Jul 1, 2019 919
Escaping Indoors. Arthur, Chris (Irish writer) Essay Jun 22, 2019 4151
Shouting for Less: A Conversation with David Holmgren. Vollmar, Rob Interview Jun 22, 2019 4038
FCA US signs memorandum of understanding with Aurora. Jun 10, 2019 185
Fiat Chrysler, Aurora to develop and deploy self-driving commercial vehicles. Jun 10, 2019 118
The Skin as Exposome: An Underappreciated Route of Entry for Toxicants. Fine, Anne Marie Report Jun 1, 2019 3837
Ecohumanism and the Ecological Culture: The Educational Legacy of Lewis and Ian McHarg. Book review Jun 1, 2019 109
A Review of Aircraft-Subsistence Harvester Conflict in Arctic Alaska. Stinchcomb, Taylor R.; Brinkman, Todd J.; Fritz, Stacey A. Report Jun 1, 2019 13875
We have a responsibility to undo the harm we've done the world. May 27, 2019 774
Why wildlife is critical for human existence. May 22, 2019 602
UN report: Save species from extinction. May 20, 2019 1802
Could A Million Species Go Extinct? May 7, 2019 760
On the eve of destruction. May 5, 2019 145
UN study: Earth's vital systems at crisis point. May 5, 2019 205
Study says Earth's vital systems at crisis point. May 5, 2019 205
One MILLION species of animal at risk of extinction thanks to human activity; A new study reveals how killing off animals and plants can threaten humanity's own future as the food chain and eco-systems collapse. May 5, 2019 523
Global efforts needed to save coral reefs: Study. May 3, 2019 513
Loss of biodiversity. Apr 25, 2019 338
Time to make logistics `green'. Apr 12, 2019 875
FEELING THE HEAT. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 125
How the logistics industry helps to safeguard the environment. Mar 28, 2019 855
HUMECATHON: First annual HumEcathon strengthens College's interdisciplinary approach. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2019 621
EXTENSIVE DEDICATION: Dr. Cynthia Cuffie '74 elected Cornell Trustee. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2019 284
Doris lecture charts mental disorders across life span, celebrates Eckenrode career. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2019 427
HONORS: Professors and students receive awards for their passion, impact and legacy. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2019 776
Alan D. Mathios Research and Service Grant Recipients. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2019 496
Kappa Omicron Nu and Human Ecology Alumni Association advising awards announced. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2019 431
Planet may not be fragile, but life is. Mar 17, 2019 475
Planet may not be fragile, but life is. Mar 17, 2019 242
The EC Opened Three Criminal Proceedings Against Bulgaria in the Field of the Environment. Mar 7, 2019 391
Lost in Landscape: NATURE AND DISPLACEMENT INISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS Juxtaposing the human suffering and brutal bureaucracy of a Christmas Island detention centre with the perpetual cycles of the surrounding environment, Gabrielle Brady's film is an unusually poetic documentary representation of Australia's refugee policies. As ANDERS FURZE finds, it is a work that is as evocative as it is intimate. Furze, Anders Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 2438
District of humanity. Jan 31, 2019 1363
Wenqi and Wende Ecological and Ethical Voice In Writing and Communication from a Comparative Rhetoric Lens. Zhao, Yebing Essay Jan 1, 2019 7472
ANTHROPOGENIC CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE INTENSITY OF THE 2017 UNITED STATES NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS DROUGHT: Anthropogenic forcing made the occurrence of observed 20/7 northern Great Plains drought intensity up to 1.5 times more likely through aridification due to long-term increases in evapotranspiration over precipitation. Hoell, Andrew; Perlwitz, Judith; Dewes, Candida; Wolter, Klaus; Rangwala, Imtiaz; Quan, Xiao-Wei; Ei Report Jan 1, 2019 2833
ATTRIBUTION OF THE 2017 NORTHERN HIGH PLAINS DROUGHT. Wang, Hailan; Schubert, Siegfried D.; Koster, Randal D.; Chang, Yehui Report Jan 1, 2019 2754
THE EXTREMELY WET MARCH OF 2017 IN PERU: While extreme rainfall of March 2017 in Peru was favored by the anomalously warm ocean, human influence is also estimated to make such events at least 1.5 times more likely. Christidis, Nikolaos; Betts, Richard A.; Stott, Peter A. Report Jan 1, 2019 2899
DECEMBER 2016: LINKING THE LOWEST ARCTIC SEA-ICE EXTENT ON RECORD WITH THE LOWEST EUROPEAN PRECIPITATION EVENT ON RECORD: Our study suggests that record-breaking low precipitation over parts of western Europe during December 2016 may have been favored by an unprecedented reduction of Arctic sea ice, likely driven by anthropogenic climate change. Navarro, Juan C. Acosta; Ortega, Pablo; Garcia-Serrano, Javier; Guemas, Virginie; Tourigny, Etienne; Report Jan 1, 2019 2675
THE EXCEPTIONAL SUMMER HEAT WAVE IN SOUTHERN EUROPE 2017. Kew, Sarah F.; Philip, Sjoukje Y.; van Oldenborgh, Geert Jan; Otto, Friederike E.L.; Vautard, Robert Report Jan 1, 2019 2983
ANTHROPOGENIC CONTRIBUTION TO THE 2017 EARLIEST SUMMER ONSET IN SOUTH KOREA: Large-ensemble RCM and GCM simulations suggest a significant anthropogenic contribution to the observed warmest May and earliest summer onset in South Korea, increasing the risk of its occurrence by 2-3 times. Min, Seung-Ki; Kim, Yeon-Hee; Park, In-Hong; Lee, Donghyun; Sparrow, Sarah; Wallom, David; Stone, Da Report Jan 1, 2019 2850
ANTHROPOGENIC INFLUENCE ON THE HEAVIEST JUNE PRECIPITATION IN SOUTHEASTERN CHINA SINCE 1961: Anthropogenic influence has increased the chance of an extreme heavy precipitation event like that in June 2017 in southeastern China by about twofold, from a 0.6% probability to a 1.2% probability. Sun, Ying; Dong, Siyan; Zhang, Xuebin; Stott, Peter; Hu, Ting Report Jan 1, 2019 2680
ATTRIBUTION OF THE PERSISTENT SPRING-SUMMER HOT AND DRY EXTREMES OVER NORTHEAST CHINA IN 2017: Anthropogenic climate change has increased the risk of 2017 northeast China persistent spring-summer hot and dry extremes by 5%-55% and 37%-113% respectively. Wang, Shanshan; Yuan, Xing; Wu, Renguang Report Jan 1, 2019 2713
ANTHROPOGENIC WARMING HAS SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED THE LIKELIHOOD OF JULY 2017-LIKE HEAT WAVES OVER CENTRAL EASTERN CHINA: Heat waves in central eastern China like the record-breaking July 2017 event were rare in natural worlds but have now become approximately 1-in-5-yr events due to anthropogenic forcings. Chen, Yang; Chen, Wei; Su, Qin; Luo, Feifei; Sparrow, Sarah; Tian, Fangxing; Dong, Buwen; Tett, Simo Report Jan 1, 2019 2858
THE ROLE OF NATURAL VARIABILITY AND ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE IN THE 2017/18 TASMAN SEA MARINE HEATWAVE. Perkins-Kirkpatrick, S.E.; King, A.D.; Cougnon, E.A.; Grose, M.R.; Oliver, E.C.J.; Holbrook, N.J.; L Report Jan 1, 2019 3250
People Want to Know About People: Environment journalism fails when we forget about people. Kings, Sipho Personal account Jan 1, 2019 897
Geothermal energy: The sustainable energy solution. Dec 10, 2018 578
Christ: Oikos of the Cosmos: Panentheism. Sahinidou, Ioanna Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2018 5892
THE HARLEM HEAT PROJECT: A Unique Media-Community Collaboration to Study Indoor Heat Waves: A consortium of media partners, a community action group, and academic scientists studied the impact of indoor residential heat waves in the New York neighborhood of Harlem. Vant-Hull, Brian; Ramamurthy, Prathap; Havlik, Brooke; Jusino, Carlos; Corbin-Mark, Cecil; Schuerman Report Dec 1, 2018 10475
Reflections on Hurricane Florence ... Human Nature ... and the Ulysses Pact. Dec 1, 2018 1482
ANALISE DAS PRECIPITACOES EM TRECHO DO MEDIO CURSO DA BACIA HIDROGRAFICA DO RIO POTI (PIAUI), A PARTIR DO INDICE DE ANOMALIA DE CHUVA (IAC). Fontenele Cerqueira, Karoliny; de Amorim dos Santos, Francilio; Saboia Aquino, Claudia Maria Dec 1, 2018 5352
Ecology of human behavior: contradictions behind the message of environmental crisis/ECOLOGIA DEL COMPORTAMIENTO HUMANO: LAS CONTRADICCIONES TRAS EL MENSAJE DE CRISIS AMBIENTAL/Ecologia do comportamento humano: as contradicoes por tras da mensagem de crise ambiental. Cifuentes-Avila, Fabiola; Diaz-Fuentes, Rolando; Osses-Bustingorry, Sonia Nov 1, 2018 2656
AUC Spearheads New Institute of Global Health, Human Ecology in Egypt. Oct 15, 2018 654
THE ROAR INSIDE ME. Williams, Terry Tempest Essay Sep 22, 2018 1125
Geological Sciences. Sep 22, 2018 4080
MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN. Dunifon, Rachel Sep 22, 2018 415
Extension interns share experiences with NY communities. Anderson, R.J. Sep 22, 2018 554
Three win SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence. Hall, Sheri Sep 22, 2018 438
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. Sep 22, 2018 597
Recent Alumni Award: Nava R. Silton '02. Sep 22, 2018 482
The Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award: Sandra Fluke '03. Sep 22, 2018 463
DESIGN GIFT: Julie Salles Schaffer '89 lets D+EA students flex creative muscles. Hall, Olivia Sep 22, 2018 464
GIVING BACK: Jeremy Herz '98 Annual Scholarship. Barrett, E.C. Sep 22, 2018 441
VITAL CONNECTIONS: Lou Bergholz '94 aims to help young people thrive. Hall, Sheri Sep 22, 2018 457
MVR RENOVATIONS: Sustainability by the Numbers. D'Angelo, Stephen Sep 22, 2018 318
Mamiferos medianos y grandes asociados al bosque tropical seco del centro de Mexico. Perez-Solano, Luz Adriana; Gonzalez, Matilde; Lopez-Tello, Eva; Mandujano, Salvador Sep 1, 2018 6669
Bringing the Mountain to the Prophet: Marshall McLuhan's Mythology in the Anthropocene. Stephens, Niall P. Report Aug 1, 2018 8622
Down to Earth: The Emerging Field of Planetary Health. Seltenrich, Nate Jul 1, 2018 4568
Exposure of Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnificens) and Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster) to Metals and Selenium in Rio de Janeiro State (Brazil) Coastal Waters. Padilha, Janeide de Assis; da Cunha, Larissa Schmauder Teixeira; de Castro, Rayane Moreira; Malm, Ol Report Jun 1, 2018 4484
Zinc, Copper and Iron in Consumed Fish from Tapajos River Basin, PA, Brazil. Lino, Adan Santos; Kasper, Daniele; da Silva, Ana L. Almeida; Teixeira, Beatriz da Silva; Thomaz, Jo Report Jun 1, 2018 4173
Current State of Contamination by Persistent Organic Pollutants and Trace Elements on Piabanha River Basin--Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. de Mello, Flavia Vasconcelos; de Carvalho, Gabriel Oliveira; de Holanda, Tatiane Barbara; Lino, Adan Report Jun 1, 2018 4676
Uber Wissensintegration im humanokologischen Kontext: Bericht von der Jahrestagung 2018 der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Humanokologie. Tretter, Felix; Simon, Karl-Heinz Report May 1, 2018 1299
Theoretical Convergences and Divergences of the Environmental Sociology regarding the Analysis of the Brazilian Environmental Policy/ CONVERGENCIAS E DIVERGENCIAS TEORICAS DA SOCIOLOGIA AMBIENTAL PARA ANALISE DE POLITICA AMBIENTAL BRASILEIRA. de Campos, Erika Paixao; Siena, Osmar Apr 1, 2018 7784
Accidental Environmentalists: The Adherence of Brazilian Political Parties to the Green Liberalism/Ambientalistas acidentais: a adesao dos partidos politicos brasileiros ao liberalismo verde/Ambientalistas accidentales: la adhesion de los partidos politicos brasilenos al liberalismo verde. de Barros, Antonio Teixeira Apr 1, 2018 10915
A Novel Method for the Development of Environmental Public Health Indicators and Benchmark Dose Estimation Using a Health-Based End Point for Chlorpyrifos. Zurlinden, Todd J.; Reisfeld, Brad Report Apr 1, 2018 10296
Reframing Tacit Human-Nature Relations: An Inquiry into Process Philosophy and the Philosophy of Michael Polanyi. Kaaronen, Roope Oskari Report Apr 1, 2018 9437
Reconceptualizing Infrastructure in the Anthropocene: The growing impact of human activities on all the Earth's systems requires a concomitant change in the way we design and manage the built environment. Allenby, Brad; Chester, Mikhail Essay Mar 22, 2018 3874
MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN. Mathios, Alan Mar 22, 2018 340
STUDENT SIMULATION: CIPA Hosts 'Pandemic' Policy Competition. Lennox, Lisa Jervey Mar 22, 2018 667
LASTING LEGACY: Professorship of Alan Mathios comes to fruition. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2018 476
SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPION: Marianne Arcangeli recognized as first Staff Sustainability Champion. Doolittle, Nancy Brief article Mar 22, 2018 278
IMPACTING NEW YORK STATE: Grant to unite Cornell, partners in fight against opioids. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2018 537
The Sixth Extinction: The Place of D. H. Lawrence's "Snake" and "Mountain Lion" in the Poetry of Speciocide. Pearson, Patrick Critical essay Mar 22, 2018 8278
Memory, Imagination, and the Renovating Power of Trees. Stafford, Fiona Essay Mar 22, 2018 9430
AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Ary Bobrow '99 leverages holistic view to strive for global change. D'Angelo, Stephen Interview Mar 22, 2018 635
TRAINING FUTURE DIETITIANS: Debra Wein '90 helps educate the next leaders in wellness. D'Angelo, Stephen Interview Mar 22, 2018 572
RESEARCH TO FRUITION: Joseph C. Cappelleri Ph.D. '91 credits Cornell, CHE for framework for meaningful life. Barrett, E.C. Interview Mar 22, 2018 814
HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENTS: Jeffery Neo, Ph.D. '20 wins Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award. Barrett, E.C. Mar 22, 2018 481
LET'S MEDITATE: Mental health takes center stage through new program. Hall, Olivia Mar 22, 2018 332
MVR UPDATE. Jaros, Amanda K. Mar 22, 2018 360
The 8 million species we live with but don't know. Mar 6, 2018 1318
3. CMIP5 MODEL-BASED ASSESSMENT OF ANTHROPOGENIC INFLUENCE ON RECORD GLOBAL WARMTH DURING 2016. Knutson, Thomas R.; Kam, Jonghun; Zeng, Fanrong; Wittenberg, Andrew T. Report Jan 1, 2018 2459
7. CMIP5 MODEL-BASED ASSESSMENT OF ANTHROPOGENIC INFLUENCE ON HIGHLY ANOMALOUS ARCTIC WARMTH DURING NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: According to CMIP5 simulations, the highly anomalous Arctic warmth during November-December 2016, as estimated in five observed datasets, most likely would not have been possible without anthropogenic forcing. Kam, Jonghun; Knutson, Thomas R.; Zeng, Fanrong; Wittenberg, Andrew T. Report Jan 1, 2018 2450
9. ANTHROPOGENIC AND NATURAL INFLUENCES ON RECORD 2016 MARINE HEAT WAVES: Two of the longest and most intense marine heat waves in 2016 were up to fifty times more likely due to anthropogenic climate change. Oliver, Eric C.J.; Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Sarah E.; Holbrook, Neil J.; Bindoff, Nathaniel L. Report Jan 1, 2018 2495
17. ANTHROPOGENIC INTENSIFICATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN FLASH DROUGHTS AS EXEMPLIFIED BY THE 2015/16 SEASON: Flash drought over southern Africa was tripled during the last 60 years mainly due to anthropogenic climate change, and it was intensified during 2015116 in the midst of heat waves. Yuan, Xing; Wang, Linying; Wood, Eric F. Report Jan 1, 2018 2734
23. HUMAN INFLUENCE ON THE RECORD-BREAKING COLD EVENT IN JANUARY OF 2016 IN EASTERN CHINA: Anthropogenic influences are estimated to have reduced the likelihood of an extreme cold event in midwinter with the intensity equal to or stronger than the record of 2016 in eastern China by about two-thirds. Qian, Cheng; Wang, Jun; Dong, Siyan; Yin, Hong; Burke, Claire; Ciavarella, Andrew; Dong, Buwen; Frey Report Jan 1, 2018 2647
24. ANTHROPOGENIC INFLUENCE ON THE EASTERN CHINA 2016 SUPER COLD SURGE: Human influence decreased the probability of a cold surge occurrence in China. Sun, Ying; Hu, Ting; Zhang, Xuebin; Wan, Hui; Stott, Peter; Lu, Chunhui Report Jan 1, 2018 2896
29. SEVERE FROSTS IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA IN SEPTEMBER 2016: Human influence may have enhanced the circulation pattern that drives cold outbreaks and frost risk over southwest Western Australia in September 2016, but larger thermodynamic changes may have still made these events less likely. Grose, Michael R.; Black, Mitchell; Risbey, James S.; Uhe, Peter; Hope, Pandora K.; Haustein, Karste Report Jan 1, 2018 2911
30. FUTURE CHALLENGES IN EVENT ATTRIBUTION METHODOLOGIES. Stott, Peter A.; Christidis, Nikos; Herring, Stephanie C.; Hoell, Andrew; Kossin, James P.; Schreck, Report Jan 1, 2018 1491
Decadal Changes in the Edible Supply of Seafood and Methylmercury Exposure in the United States. Sunderland, Elsie M.; Li, Miling; Bullard, Kurt Report Jan 1, 2018 5116
The effects of trekking activities on physical soil properties in the Bolu-Aladag fir forests/Bolu-Aladag goknar ormanlarinda doga yuruyusu faaliyetlerinin bazi fiziksel toprak ozelliklerine etkisi. Duyar, Ahmet; Kinis, Seyfettin Report Jan 1, 2018 3904
HuAc: Human Activity Recognition Using Crowdsourced WiFi Signals and Skeleton Data. Guo, Linlin; Wang, Lei; Liu, Jialin; Zhou, Wei; Lu, Bingxian Jan 1, 2018 9134
UPLB, Searca host intl meet on human ecology. Dec 10, 2017 513
The Tragedy of the Commodity: Oceans, Fisheries and Aquaculture. Niazi, Tarique Book review Dec 1, 2017 2421
Green Planet Films Adds Human Ecology Films to Distribution Content. Nov 22, 2017 155
Green Planet Films Adds Human Ecology Films to Distribution Content. Nov 22, 2017 157
Jordan PM highlights 'human touch' at Knowledge Summit. Nov 21, 2017 410
Zhibo, Existential Territory, Inter-Media-Mundia: A Guattarian Analysis. Bradley, Joff P.N. Oct 1, 2017 9157
"Out of the Shadow": Wilderness Therapy in The Source of All Things and Wild. Chang, Kathryn Yalan Oct 1, 2017 8247
Toward Multiple Conceptions of the Human--Nature Relationship: The "Human--Nature Unity" Frame in a Chinese Village. Chen, Sibo Essay Oct 1, 2017 8761
ANTI-CATASTROPHIC TIME. Colebrook, Claire ess Sep 22, 2017 9432
MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN. Mathios, Alan Sep 22, 2017 405
Shepley receives Changemaker Award for health care design impact. D'Angelo, Stephen Sep 22, 2017 412
GLOBAL EXPERIENCE: Human Ecology students participate in new women's leadership program. Hall, Sheri Sep 22, 2017 700
ENDURING LEGACY: A retrospective on the tenure of Dean Alan Mathios. D'Angelo, Stephen Cover story Sep 22, 2017 1607
THE VISUAL BRAIN: New research could help grow awareness, legitimacy of debilitating syndrome. D'Angelo, Stephen Sep 22, 2017 1460
HEAA PRESIDENT'S CORNER. White, Reginald H. Sep 22, 2017 491
YOUNG ALUMNI COUNCIL TURNS FIVE. D'Angelo, Stephen Sep 22, 2017 578
ALUMNI GIFT MARKS MILESTONE. D'Angelo, Stephen Sep 22, 2017 437
HEAA ALUMNI AWARDS. Sep 22, 2017 1250
MVR BUILDING: Redesign and Renovation. Jaros, Amanda K. Sep 22, 2017 513
Ecologia trofica y reproductiva de Hemibrycon sierraensis (Characiformes: Characidae), pez endemico del rio Gaira, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Ibarra-Trujillo, Eduardo J.; Garcia-Alzate, Carlos A. Sep 1, 2017 7243
New rodent population models may inform human health risk assessment and identification of genetic susceptibility to environmental exposures. Harrill, Alison H.; McAllister, Kimberly A. Report Aug 1, 2017 13059
Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet: Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene. Book review Aug 1, 2017 158
Nature contact and human health: a research agenda. Frumkin, Howard; Bratman, Gregory N.; Breslow, Sara Jo; Cochran, Bobby; Kahn, Peter H., Jr.; Lawler, Report Jul 1, 2017 22174
Life finds a way. Rusby, Erin Banks Jun 22, 2017 701
Human-nature relationships and linkages to environmental behaviour. Braito, Michael Thomas; Bock, Kerstin; Flint, Courtney; Muhar, Andreas; Muhar, Susanne; Penker, Mari Essay Jun 1, 2017 9031
Stepping back. Riggs, David E. May 24, 2017 807
Building the future of environmental public health tracking: proceedings and recommendations of an expert panel workshop. Fox, Mary A.; Baksh, Sheriza; Lam, Juleen; Resnick, Beth May 24, 2017 4254
The Green Ocean Amazon experiment (GoAmazon2014/5) observes pollution affecting gases, aerosols, clouds, and rainfall over the rain forest: the susceptibility of air quality, weather, terrestrial ecosystems, and climate to human activities was investigated in a tropical environment. May 1, 2017 10178
Foreword. Depelteau, Francois May 1, 2017 988
The growing case for geoengineering. Temple, James May 1, 2017 2636
What is killing lake Victoria? Serumaga, Kalundi May 1, 2017 766
Rising Scholar: Flint Water Crisis: Impacts on Human-Environmental Interactions and Reflections for Future Solutions. Shen, Julia Essay Apr 1, 2017 4729
"The world will go on living": resistance to Eurocentric epistemology in Linda Hogan's power. Altindis, Huseyin Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 8215
MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN. Mathios, Alan; Rebecca, Q.; Dean, James C. Morgan Mar 22, 2017 347
Engaged LEARNING: Human Ecology faculty receive grants for research and curriculum development. Hall, Olivia M. Mar 22, 2017 746
Growing LEADERSHIP: CHE's Urban Semester Program turns 25. Hall, Olivia M. Mar 22, 2017 570
Leaner and GREENER: CHE's Ambassadors lead sustainability at Cornell. D'Angelo, Stephen Mar 22, 2017 624
MULTI-DISCIPLINARY IMPACT: Faculty shines in cross-college, cross-campus collaboration. Hall, Sheri; Hankie, Wendy; Segelken, H. Roger Mar 22, 2017 3858
Human Ecology's "Polyform": A new sculpture embodies the mission of the College. Negrea, Sherrie Mar 22, 2017 783
HEAA President's CORNER. White, Reginald H. Mar 22, 2017 623
Capital Ideas. Hall, Sheri Brief article Mar 22, 2017 168
FUNDING Collaboration. Hall, Sheri Brief article Mar 22, 2017 294
Analyzing the existence and relation of optimistic bias and first-person perception for an impersonal environmental change. Rogers, Rebecca M.; Wallner, Cornelia; Goodwin, Bernhard; Heitland, Werner; Weisser, Wolfgang W.; Br Report Mar 1, 2017 8983
Sustainability is at Risk! Jan 31, 2017 849
Feeding extinction. Jan 1, 2017 432
Humans have altered the climate faster than natural forces. Knight, Nika Jan 1, 2017 589
Responses of Streamflow to Climate Change and Human Activities in a River Basin, Northeast China. Zhang, Hanwen; Xu, Wei; Xu, Xintong; Lu, Baohong Report Jan 1, 2017 6086
Detecting the Early Genetic Effects of Habitat Degradation in Small Size Remnant Populations of Machilus thunbergii Sieb. et Zucc. Watanabe, Shuntaro; Kaneko, Yuko; Maesako, Yuri; Noma, Naohiko Jan 1, 2017 5241
What does religion have to say about ecology? A new appraisal of Naturalism. Beyers, Jaco Essay Dec 22, 2016 9796
Cumulative effects of environmental change on culturally significant ecosystems in the inuvialuit settlement region. Tyson, William; Lantz, Trevor C.; Ban, Natalie C. Report Dec 1, 2016 9957
Dieta del zorro gris pampeano (Lycalopex gymnocercus) en la provincia de Buenos Aires. Canel, Delfina; Scioscia, Nathalia P.; Denegri, Guillermo M.; Kittlein, Marcelo Dec 1, 2016 6785
Aspen Global Change Institute: 25 years of interdisciplinary global change science. Meehl, Gerald A.; Moss, Richard Organization overview Nov 1, 2016 6405
The impact of individual anthropogenic emissions sectors on the global burden of human mortality due to ambient air pollution. Silva, Raquel A.; Adelman, Zachariah; Fry, Meridith M.; West, J. Jason Report Nov 1, 2016 7548
Wildlife populations plunge almost 60 per cent since 1970. Oct 27, 2016 487
Entrevista a Tim Ingold (Jueves 14 de Abril de 2016). Simonetti, Cristian; Santo, Diana Espirito Oct 1, 2016 11564
How to get out of the multiple crisis? Contours of a critical theory of social-ecological transformation. Brand, Ulrich Essay Oct 1, 2016 9742
MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN. Mathios, Alan; Q., Rebecca; Morgan Dean, James C. Sep 22, 2016 368
Summer Scholars: CHE undergraduates pursue research, outreach over break. Alicea, Tyler; Anderson, R.J. Sep 22, 2016 637
Fashion Forward: FSAD hosts innovator Helen Storey as first designer-in-residence. Aloi, Daniel Sep 22, 2016 544
GREENING BIG RED: Sustainability movement takes root at CHE. Negrea, Sherrie Sep 22, 2016 1647
Making Connections: Uber's David DyTang drives young alumni engagement. Wallace, Diane Lebo Sep 22, 2016 575
Rising STAR: Miss New York Camille Sims fights for social justice. Boscia, Ted Sep 22, 2016 572
First in CLASS: Four alumni honored with Human Ecology awards. Alicea, Tyler Sep 22, 2016 526
Ripe for RESEARCH. Boscia, Ted Sep 22, 2016 169
WFH:): how to avoid loneliness and stay smiling when you work from home. Onderko, Patty Jul 27, 2016 508
Ecological implications from spatial patterns in human-caused brown bear mortality. Steyaert, Sam M.J.G.; Zedrosser, Andreas; Elfstrom, Marcus; Ordiz, Andres; Leclerc, Martin; Frank, S Report Jul 1, 2016 7826
Finding time for our parks. de Graaf, John Jun 22, 2016 2797
Reclaiming wonder. Cilek, Nina Lohman Jun 22, 2016 747
Building community through conservation. Shuck, Lynnea Jun 17, 2016 654
Our outdoors heritage. Mapp, Rue Jun 17, 2016 766
Legarda calls for increased efforts toward marine conservation. Jun 7, 2016 546
Study of anthropogenic change (Hemerobia) the basin of River Mourao--PR/Estudo da alteracao antropica (Hemerobia) da bacia hidrografica do Rio Mourao--PR. Mezzomo, Maristela Moresco; Gasparini, Gessica Silva Apr 1, 2016 4332
Haul-out patterns and effects of vessel disturbance on harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) on glacial ice in Tracy Arm, Alaska. Mathews, Elizabeth A.; Jemison, Lauri A.; Pendleton, Grey W.; Blejwas, Karen M.; Hood, Kevin E.; Rau Report Apr 1, 2016 11536
Human Ecology: How Nature and Culture Shape Our World: Frederick Steiner. Book review Apr 1, 2016 157
Message from the dean. Mathias, Alan Mar 22, 2016 542
Problem solvers: Human Ecology, engineering researchers tackle human challenges. Segelken, H. Roger Mar 22, 2016 2101
The giving spree: Donor generosity fuels a record-breaking campaign. Boscia, Ted Mar 22, 2016 2777
Side by side: Undergrad and faculty collaborations lead to new discoveries. Berkowitz, Kenny Mar 22, 2016 2526
A decade of difference. Mar 22, 2016 139
Committed to Cornell. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 144
Uncommon commons. Boscia, Ted Brief article Mar 22, 2016 252
Earthbound: ReLearning to live in a finite world. Timmerman, Peter Mar 22, 2016 2947
12 questions to .../12 fragen an ... Sachs, Wolfgang Mar 1, 2016 1457
God's greenhouse: eco-evangelicals, rhetoric, and the public sphere. Lowry, Elizabeth Essay Mar 1, 2016 4485
Withdrawing from atmosphere: an ontology of air partitioning and affective engineering. Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Andreas Essay Feb 1, 2016 10371
Quantification of Climate Changes and Human Activities That Impact Runoff in the Taihu Lake Basin, China. Peng, Dingzhi; Qiu, Linghua; Fang, Jing; Zhang, Zhongyuan Report Jan 1, 2016 3888
Contact with nature may boost sleep quality. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 163
Concerning our failure to appreciate the weather. Miesler, Peter Nov 1, 2015 1362
How do implicit materialism and postmaterialism affect proenvironmental behavior? Zhou, Kexin; Ye, Lijuan; Geng, Liuna; Xu, Qiaoxin Report Oct 1, 2015 4341
An inventory of tree species diversity in and around gold-mined areas in a montane village in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. Mugot, Dennis A.; Ascano, Cordulo P., II; Albutra, Queenilyn B.; Ansigbat, Vicenta V.; Paz, Sherryl Report Oct 1, 2015 3596
Ancient history online. Sep 24, 2015 110
Connecting people to forests. Steen, Scott Sep 22, 2015 751
The nexus of climate change, land use, and conflict: complex human-environment interactions in Northern Africa. Link, P. Michael; Brucher, Tim; Claussen, Martin; Link, Jasmin S.A.; Scheffran, Jurgen Report Sep 1, 2015 2227
Purifying contaminated water with crab shells. Aug 27, 2015 544
The many paths to self-reliant living homesteaders of the year: living off-grid, raising heritage livestock, growing stunning gardens, and packing their pantries are just some of the activities that make these modern homesteaders absolute standouts. Kongs, Jennifer Aug 1, 2015 2650
Effects of ocean recreational users on coastal bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Santa Monica Bay, California. Fandel, Amber D.; Bearzi, Maddalena; Cook, Taylor C. Report Aug 1, 2015 5927
TOTAL ANNUAL RAINFALL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS IN PAKISTAN USING METHODS OF L-MOMENTS AND TL-MOMENT. Ahmad, Ishfaq; Abbas, Aamar; Aslam, Muhammad; Ahmed, Iftikhar Report Jun 30, 2015 4277
Miami Developers "Go Green" on Multi-Million Dollar Sustainability Condo in West Palm Beach. Jun 26, 2015 436
Pope Calls For "Action Now" To Save Planet, Stem Warming, Help Poor. Reprint Jun 18, 2015 1143
Going the way of the dodo: de-extinction, dualisms, and reframing conservation. Camacho, Alejandro E. Jun 1, 2015 6352
Going the way of the dodo: de-extinction, dualisms, and reframing conservation. Camacho, Alejandro E. Jun 1, 2015 21467
Inuit traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), subsistence hunting and adaptation to climate change in the Canadian Arctic. Pearce, Tristan; Ford, James; Willox, Ashlee Cunsolo; Smit, Barry Case study Jun 1, 2015 9831
Climate Science Continued. Morton, Donald C. Jun 1, 2015 1854
Response to Donald Morton. Ackerman, Thomas P. Jun 1, 2015 3922
Vegetation patterns associated with abiotic factors and human impacts at the Capitol Reef Field Station. Covert, Megan C.; Holt, Emily A.; Van Buren, Renee Report Jun 1, 2015 9220
Raising children to cope with climate change? Eichler, Margrit May 1, 2015 3788
Ice core reveals early South American pollution. May 1, 2015 370
An alternative view of nature's otherness in E. Kotze's short story 'Halfkrone vir die Nagmaal'/'n Alternatiewe beskouing van die natuur se andersheid in E. Kotze se kortverhaal 'Halfkrone vir die Nagmaal'. Meyer, Susan Mar 22, 2015 6929
Desert ethics, myths of nature and novel form in the narratives of Ibrahim al-Koni. Moolla, F.F. Mar 22, 2015 10589
Can Cities Change Earth's Evolution? Brief article Mar 9, 2015 237
EAD urge community to help save endangered dugongs. Mar 4, 2015 529
Quantifying emerging local anthropogenic emissions in the Arctic region: the ACCESS Aircraft campaign experiment. Roiger, A.; Thomas, J.-L.; Schlager, H.; Law, K.S.; Kim, J.; Schafler, A.; Weinzierl, B.; Dahlkotter Report Mar 1, 2015 10676
The influence of social-culture of Banten towards the changes of Banten Great Mosque complex. Darmayanti, Tessa E.K.A.; Bahauddin, Azizi Report Mar 1, 2015 1932
Hush, humans: we're trying to survive here: prey and predators have their issues with noisy humankind. Milius, Susan Feb 21, 2015 3346
Touched nature. Schwagerl, Christian Feb 1, 2015 834
Are consumers of luxury natural products concerned about environmental issues? Jansri, Wilawan; Marimuthu, Malliga Report Feb 1, 2015 1943
Time to hit the panic button: time is running out to prevent a climate catastrophe. Berger, John J. Essay Jan 1, 2015 1906
Rock-a-bye: the humble treehouse as a cradle of empathy and understanding for the forest. Shipley, Julia Jan 1, 2015 949
Religious leadership and environmental concerns. A mining project case study. Butiu, Calina Ana; Pascaru, Mihai Report Dec 22, 2014 6111
Evaluation level underground water in Buin Basin (Isfahan province). Entezari, Mojgan; Baratian, Ali; Ramedan, Maasomeh Report Dec 15, 2014 2934
And then there were none ... Dec 14, 2014 504
The sixth extinction? Many scientists agree that we're headed for another mass extinction like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Kolbert, Elizabeth Cover story Dec 8, 2014 2792
A world Citizen movement that has lost touch with reality: reflections on the report climate protection as a world citizen/Eine weltburgerbewegung ohne realitatsbezug: Zum WBGU-Sondergutachten Klimaschutz als Weltburgerbewegung. Brunnengraber, Achim Dec 1, 2014 1887
The critical target audience: communicating water conservation behaviors to critical thinking styles. Gorham, Laura M.; Lamm, Alexa J.; Rumble, Joy N. Report Dec 1, 2014 6571
How forests foster human health--present state of research-based knowledge (in the field of forests and human health)/Comment les forets contribuent a la sante des etres humains: etat actuel de la connaissance basee sur la recherche (dans le domaine des forets et de la sante humaine)/Como fomentan los bosques la salud humana-- estado actual del conocimiento basado en la investigacion (en el ambito de los bosques y la salud humana). Meyer, K.; Burger-Arndt, R. Report Dec 1, 2014 20073
Analysis of agricultural information system members' environmental attitudes: the case of central district of Boyer-Ahmad county, Iran. Nooripoor, Mehdi; Arpanahi, Sanaz; Sharifi, Zeinab Case study Dec 1, 2014 5354
Book excerpt. Excerpt Dec 1, 2014 1050
Geoengineering or planet hacking? Srokosz, Meric A. Essay Dec 1, 2014 5725
Reconciliation ecology: a new paradigm for advancing creation care. Warners, David; Ryskamp, Michael; Van Dragt, Randall Essay Dec 1, 2014 9712
Climate science and the dilemma for Christians. Morton, Donald C. Essay Dec 1, 2014 3774
Christian action in the face of climate change. Ackerman, Thomas P. Essay Dec 1, 2014 4036
Effect of porosity and hydraulic conductivity coefficient on contamination penetration depth in soils. Pousti, Shahrouz; Vafaeyan, Mahmmod; Hajiannia, Alborz Report Nov 1, 2014 1407
Environmental destructive effects of Persian Gulf War. Emarati, Abedin Darabi; Afrasyabi, Saber; Khazai, Ahad Report Nov 1, 2014 1833
Environmental protection at international and civil war "Armed Hostile". Afrasyabi, Saber; Khazai, Ahad; Safaii, Mojtaba Report Nov 1, 2014 2649
Geographies of Man: Environmental Influence from Antiquity to the Enlightenment. Miglietti, Sara; Morgan, John; Taylor, Rebecca Nov 1, 2014 1318
Urban ecosystems found. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 245
12 questions to .../12 fragen an ... Schor, Juliet B. Oct 1, 2014 1602
On a mission. Boscia, Ted Cover story Sep 22, 2014 2330
Wilderness in the Anthropocene. Mark, Jason Sep 22, 2014 2163
Human activities pose threat to big cats of Terai. Sep 19, 2014 294
Murder 'comes naturally' to chimpanzees, study finds. Sep 19, 2014 157

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