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Human road safety signs for parking parents.

Byline: By Robin Turner Western Mail

A campaign to stop parents parking in front of schools creating lethal 'blind spots' for other drivers has been stepped up. The practice by school run parents dropping off or collecting their children has been recognised as a potential killer for years. In the past, hefty fines, extra traffic wardens and even the use of 'name and shame' snapshots have been used to deter persistent offenders. Now a new tactic is being employed in Swansea.

Schools are erecting giant banners outside their gates depicting children lying down on yellow zig zag road markings.

The startling image features the question, 'Would you park on these zig zags? No? Then don't park on ours.'

The banners are the result of photography carried out next to a school in Sandfields, Swansea when traffic was cleared so children could be snapped lying on the warning zig zag signs.

A Swansea Council spokesman said, 'People have been ignoring the no parking zig zags so this is something extra to remind them what they are there for.

'It's very hard to think people could ignore something this big and it will jog the memory of those busy parents who forget how dangerous it is to park in front of schools as children could run out from between parked cars into oncoming traffic.'

Jonathan Atter, head teacher at Gwyrosydd Primary School in Swansea believes the campaign will make motorists think twice. Mr Atter said, 'I hope this important campaign will help raise the issue of inconsiderate parking outside schools. Many parents attempt to park directly outside the school gates and either don't realise the dangers they are causing or simply don't care. 'Occasionally, if the police are present the problem ceases, but once they've gone the problems return.'
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 2, 2007
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