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Human rights don't just apply to thugs.

A few weeks ago my daughter, a random victim, experienced the most terrifying incident. She was driving up Budaiya Road at about 7.30pm during Ramadan only to face one of the usual disrupting, illegal and irritating road blocks on a main public road. She chose to ignore it and drove around it only to be suddenly confronted by around 20 masked and armed thugs. A Molotov was first hurled at her car. Of course she stopped the car and got out for fear of being burned alive. Needless to say she was by this time in a hysterical state. The thugs then proceeded to obliterate her car. First smashing all the windows with spear-like iron rods. Breeze blocks were repeatedly dropped on the body of the car to dent it, nail guns to puncture every tyre and maximum damage caused. Then the big decision... do they attack and beat her up or not? Half the gang wanted to attack her but there were a few that didn't want to do this as she is female and from the same "Shia" sect? She was told to call the police on her mobile (before they stole it) so they could lure the police in and then attack them. Sadly the police did not respond for an agonising 45 minutes, which seemed more like hours to my surrounded and terrified daughter.

Needless to say she was screaming at her assailants who were taking photos of the incident with their latest "high tech" cameras and mobiles probably to post their cowardliness online.

While this ordeal was taking place there was an audience of other civilians in cars on the opposite side of the road watching in disbelief and unable to help for fear of getting involved and injured although she was screaming out for help.

When the police finally came she was blanketed in a thick cloud of tear gas and she climbed back into the car, not that it was much protection. Eventually rescued after what seemed an age, shaken and hysterical, she spent another three hours in the police station recounting the horrifying event.

I can only be thankful she is still alive although utterly traumatised. How much longer are we going to have to face these unacceptable acts of terrorism before yet another life has been taken? When will the outside world and the UN finally come to their senses and admit that these individuals are not "peaceful protesters" as mentioned on the BBC outside 10 Downing Street by the so-called Middle East expert Miss Caroline Hawley? These acts of terrorism must come to an end. The law must be enforced and these terrorist taken off our streets and dealt with and yes, given harsh sentences.

Human rights only seem to apply to terrorist and convicts nowadays and are considerably one-sided. Law-abiding citizens of Bahrain and the police don't appear to have any rights to defend themselves. Something has to change before it's too late.

A concerned parent

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Sep 15, 2012
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