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Human rights, cultural, and scientific aspects of abstinence-only policies and programs.

Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 2008;5(3), John S Santelli and Leslie M Kantor (guest editors)

This special edition of the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy, is on the impact of abstinence-only programmes and policies, which have received up to $1.5 billion in US federal funding. It shows that most abstinence programmes did not delay initiation of sex, and only three of nine had any significant positive effects on sexual behaviour, compared with two-thirds of comprehensive programmes which include condom and contraceptive information. Abstinence-only programmes violate the human rights of young people and provide inaccurate information on condom effectiveness. States in the USA are abandoning abstinence-only education because they feel it is ineffective and inaccurate.

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Publication:Reproductive Health Matters
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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