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Interdisciplinary Studies. Sep 22, 2018 2593
Strategic Human Resource Management Function and HR Staffing: A Case Study of Telecom Sector. Idrees, Rana Nadir; Waqas, Muhammad; Naqvi, Imran Haider; Imran, Asma; Anjum, Zafar-Uz-Zaman Business case study Jul 1, 2018 5856
How do MNC R&D laboratory roles affect employee international assignments? Sapouna, Panagiota; Manolopoulos, Dimitris; Dimitratos, Pavlos Abstract Sep 1, 2016 10191
The place of International Human Resource Management in International Business. Welch, Denice; Bjorkman, Ingmar May 1, 2015 9290
Globalization and talent strategies. Creelman, David Sep 1, 2014 2397
Understanding international labor and employment policy: a primer for multinational employer operating in a global economy (Japan). Higashizawa, Noriko; Hirai, Michael T. Jul 1, 2014 3870
Review of literature on expatriate compensation and its implication for offshore workforce. Nazir, Tahira; Shah, Syed Fida Hussain; Zaman, Khalid Report Jul 1, 2014 5668
Institutional perspectives in HRM and MNC research: a review of key concepts. Najeeb, Ali Oct 1, 2013 8022
Can Global Supply Chains Be Accountable? Davis, Jerry May 16, 2013 1433
Moderating effect of Hofstede's cultural values on the locus of control/job performance relationship of managers in USA, Mexico, South Korea and Hong Kong. Leach-Lopez, Maria A. Abstract Mar 22, 2013 6854
Access to tacit knowledge by executive retention in crossborder acquisitions. Child, John; Duarte, Roberto Gonzalez; Tanure, Betania; Rodrigues, Suzana B. Report Jul 1, 2012 12387
An assessment of e-training effectiveness in multinational companies in Malaysia. Ramayah, Thurasamy; Ahmad, Noor Hazlina; Hong, Tan Say Report Apr 1, 2012 6748
Managing talent for competitive advantage: perspective from Gulf Cooperation Council nationals. Gernal, Liza M.; Sergio, Rommel P.; Rawahi, Saud Mohammed Hamed Al- Report Jan 1, 2012 3523
Employee satisfaction with welfare policies in German and Japanese companies operating in Bangkok, Thailand. Napompech, Kulkanya Report Sep 22, 2011 4983
Where are the jobs? For many companies, overseas. Gogoi, Pallavi Jan 4, 2011 197
International HR strategy in Brazilian technology multinationals. Muritiba, Patricia Morilha; Muritiba, Sergio Nunes; Campanario, Milton; de Albuquerque, Lindolfo Gal Report Oct 1, 2010 10270
Organizational commitment of Indian managers in multinational companies. Awasthy, Richa; Gupta, Rajen K. Jan 1, 2010 5314
Internationalizing business model for reinventing the company's fortunes. Salwan, Prashant Jul 1, 2009 5128
Heterarchies: human nature transformed? Kleiner, Art Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 680
Strategic human resource management practices: barriers and implications. Othman, Abang Ekhsan Abang Report Jan 1, 2009 8775
Subsidiary role and skilled labour effects in small developed countries. Gammelgaard, Jens; McDonald, Frank; Tuselmann, Heinz; Dorrenbacher, Christoph; Stephan, Andreas Jan 1, 2009 7283
Managing human rights and human resources: the dual responsibility of global corporations. Palthe, Jennifer Report Jun 22, 2008 4764
Current remuneration practices in the multinational companies in Malaysia: a case study analysis. Wan, Hooi Lai Case study Jun 1, 2008 15467
International performance appraisal: policies, practices and processes in Australian subsidiaries of healthcare MNCs. Maley, Jane; Kramar, Robin Report Dec 1, 2007 9510
Knowledge transfer in multinational corporations. Minbaeva, Dana B. Report Oct 1, 2007 11470
Roles of subsidiary managers in multinational corporations: the effect of dual organizational identification. Vora, Davina; Kostova, Tatiana; Roth, Kendall Report Oct 1, 2007 10968
The Penrose effect: "excess" expatriates in multinational enterprises. Goerzen, Anthony; Beamish, Paul W. Mar 1, 2007 7440
International: Dr Michael Dickmann explains the importance of international assignments--and L&D's role in enhancing that value. Dickmann, Michael Jan 1, 2007 719
The influence of organizational diversity orientation and leader attitude on diversity activities. Buttner, E. Holly; Lowe, Kevin B.; Billings-Harris, Lenora Sep 22, 2006 5748
Creating an environment for global diversity: global diversity in the workplace is not just a human resources issue, but a business strategy that embraces many elements. Here's how 10 multinationals are successfully managing the process. Vallario, Cynthia Waller Apr 1, 2006 1929
Management control systems in a global economy. Lere, John C.; Portz, Kris Sep 1, 2005 2169
Bleak future: multinationals have a moral duty to their workers abroad--no matter what their lawyers say. Epstein, Jack Jul 1, 2004 733
Issues in global human resources. (Global Perspectives). Janush, Erwin Jul 1, 2003 616
Multicultural workgroups. (Editorial). Wolf, Joachim; Macharzina, Klaus Jan 1, 2002 1404
The Management of Expatriates: Messages from Europe? Scullion, Hugh; Brewster, Chris Dec 22, 2001 9051
Of Bears, Bumble-Bees, and Spiders: The Role of Expatriates in Controlling Foreign Subsidiaries. Harzing, Anne-Wil Dec 22, 2001 5711
Retaining Repatriates: The Role of Organizational Support Practices. Lazarova, Mila; Caligiuri, Paula Dec 22, 2001 5092
The Impact of Globalization On HRM: The Case of South Korea. Bae, Johngseok; Rowley, Chris Dec 22, 2001 11376
Country-of-Origin Effects, Host-Country Effects, and the Management of HR in Multinationals: German Companies in Britain and Spain. Anthony Ferner; Javier Quintanilla; Matthias Z. Varul Jun 22, 2001 9261
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES FOR GLOBAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. McWilliams, Abagail; Van Fleet, David D.; Wright, Patrick M. Abstract Mar 22, 2001 9016
Why Are Women Left at Home: Are They Unwilling To Go On International Assignments? Stroh, Linda K.; Varma, Arup; Valy-Durbin, Stacey J. Sep 22, 2000 6183
Global EPL. MORRIS, BARBARA A. Jan 1, 2000 2064
Think global, hire local. Hsieh, Tsun-yan; Lavoie, Johanne; P. Samek, Robert A. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 3083
Are you taking your expatriate talent seriously? Hsieh, Tsun-yan; Lavoie, Johanne; Samek, Robert A. P. Jun 22, 1999 3923
Managing localization of human resources in the PRC: a practical model. Wong, Chi-Sum; Law, Kenneth S. Mar 22, 1999 5949
Effects of coping strategies on sociocultural and psychological adjustment of western expatriate managers in the PRC. Selmer, Jan Mar 22, 1999 4069
Can we send her there? Maximizing the success of Western women on global assignments. Caligiuri, Paula; Cascio, Wayne F. Dec 22, 1998 9349
Increasing global competitiveness through effective people management. Stoh, Linda K.; Caligiuri, Paula M. Mar 22, 1998 6952
When groups consist of multiple nationalities: towards a new understanding f the implications. Hambrick, Donald C.; Davison, Sue Canney; Snell, Scott A.; Snow, Charles C. Mar 22, 1998 9555
Can you go home again? An analysis of the repatriation of corporate managers and spouses. Hammer, Mitchell R.; Hart, William; Rogan, Randall Jan 1, 1998 7346
Competition and change: mapping the Indian HRM recipe against world-wide patterns. Sparrow, Paul R.; Budhwar, Pawan S. Sep 22, 1997 8202
Towards effective management of expatriate spouses. Punnett, Betty Jane Sep 22, 1997 6220
Skills for successful international assignments to, from and within Asia and the Pacific: implications for preparation, support and training. Fontaine, Gary Jul 1, 1997 9602
Human resource management in cross-cultural contexts: emic practices versus etic philosophies. Teagarden, Mary B.; Von Glinow, Mary Ann Jan 1, 1997 4885
Strategic international human resource management: an Asia-Pacific perspective. De Cieri, Helen; Dowling, Peter J. Jan 1, 1997 8767
International human resource management strategies in multinational corporations: theoretical assumptions and empirical evidence from German firms. Festing, Marion Jan 1, 1997 7855
Culture and control: the tale of East-West joint ventures. Cyr, Dianne J. Jan 1, 1997 7471
From "Starworks" to networks and heterarchies? Theoretical rationale and empirical evidence of HRM organization in large multinational corporations. Wolf, Joachim Jan 1, 1997 8980
Corporate expatriate HRM policies, internationalization, and performance in the world's largest MNCs. Peterson, Richard B.; Sargent, John; Napier, Nancy K.; Shim, Won S. Jul 1, 1996 6047
The ideology of competitiveness. Rinehart, James Oct 1, 1995 3211
Encouraging entrepreneurial activity in multinational corporations. Birkinshaw, Julian May 1, 1995 4790
The effect of multinational institutions on strike activity in Canada. Budd, John W. Apr 1, 1994 8557
An integrative framework of strategic international human resource management. Schuler, Randall S.; Dowling, Peter J.; De Cieri, Helen Jun 22, 1993 17641
Communicating with employees - a global strategy. Johnson, Tom Nov 1, 1990 559
Teambuilding: a manager's construction guide. Burdett, John Dec 22, 1989 1996

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