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Painstaking study of 'Little Foot' fossil sheds light on human origins. Mar 2, 2021 426
Exhibition opened in Taiwan to mark Human Rights Day. Dec 5, 2020 475
The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship Between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution. Murn, Charles Book review Nov 1, 2020 1475
Carmel Fossils Show Prehistoric Humans Migrated to Israel during Ice Age. Jun 23, 2020 796
What is more disruptive with AI: Its dark potentials or our (anti-Intellectual) Ignorance? Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic Mar 31, 2020 1117
Required Modifications for the Transhuman. Vermeersch, Paul Poem Mar 22, 2020 172
Study highlights evolutionary link to gorillas; RESEARCH. Mar 13, 2020 217
Social sciences key to meeting today's global challenges. Sara Al-Mulla Mar 3, 2020 1015
"Jane" and "Petey" reveal mystery of how big T. rex grew. Mohammed El-Said Jan 2, 2020 817
Scientists Claim Alcohol Saved Humans' Ancestors From Extinction. Inigo Monzon Dec 9, 2019 373
Study Claims Ancient Supernova Helped Evolution Of Human Bipedalism. Inigo Monzon Oct 25, 2019 368
Unforgiving Rule of Thumb. Oct 12, 2019 1368
Odisha: Durga Puja pandal showcases Ellora caves. ANI Oct 7, 2019 297
Dental Exam. Bailey, Shara Sep 22, 2019 1598
Traditions of Bulgaria weaved on Merino wool. Sep 4, 2019 667
Introducing High School Students to Scientifically Faithful Views of Genesis 1-3. Strand, Mark A. Essay Sep 1, 2019 3415
Skull find in Ethiopia yields new clues on how humans evolved. Aug 29, 2019 618
Researchers find fossilised skull of early human. Aug 29, 2019 330
3,800,000-year-old skull a 'game-changer' in evolution. Aug 29, 2019 468
Skull find in Ethiopia yields new clues on how humans evolved. Aug 28, 2019 647
Tiny 20-million-year-old skull sheds new light on evolution of human brain; New study shows the internal structures of primate brains may not have grown proportionately larger as brain size evolved. Aug 22, 2019 529
Evolution Could Explain Why Staying Slim Is So Tough. Jul 16, 2019 571
Ancient DNA: Dark Centers of Chromosomes. Jun 28, 2019 768
In Response to the Review of My Book. Janssen, Luke J. Jun 1, 2019 790
Humans cooked, ate starchy plant tubers 120,000 years ago: Study. Report May 19, 2019 446
Understanding Monotony Of Natural Agency And Human Evolution As Diaspora Discourse. May 2, 2019 821
Chronic, Stromal Foreign Body of Presumed Human Origin, following Corneal Abrasion. Soon, Alexander K.; Mather, Rookaya Apr 30, 2019 988
Colonising space. Apr 29, 2019 372
Chinese scientists create monkeys with human brain genes. Apr 13, 2019 510
Homo luzonensis. Apr 12, 2019 763
Cagayan cave 'host to new human species'. Apr 12, 2019 800
Archaeologists want better protection for cave where new human species found. Apr 11, 2019 822
To doubters: The evidence needed to declare a new human species from a Philippines site. Apr 11, 2019 1250
New human species identified from Philippines. Apr 11, 2019 528
Scientist Says UFOs Contain Time-Traveling Humans. Apr 4, 2019 397
Stone Age Migrants Transform DNA! Mar 28, 2019 589
Research shows humans tamed Sri Lankan jungle 45,000 years ago. Feb 20, 2019 585
Taste for fat behind human evolution: Study. Feb 8, 2019 367
The evolution of Human Nature: Improving the workplace like no other business enterprise. Oct 17, 2018 895
Humans 4 Million Years Ago: Similarities. Jun 26, 2018 515
How ecological, social factors impact human brain size evolution. May 22, 2018 316
Turning Points Kostas Kampourakis. Book review Apr 1, 2018 103
Thinking beyond. Mar 17, 2018 1331
Determination of Sex Based on the Morphometric Evaluation of the Proximal Tibia/Determinacion del Sexo Basada en la Evaluacion Morfometrica de la Tibia Proximal. dos Santos, Elizabete Regina Silva Lucena; de Albuquerque, Pedro Paulo Feitosa; de Albuquerque, Pris Mar 1, 2018 2506
Earliest humans could talk - and sailed the seas, claims professor. Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph Group Limited, London 2018 Feb 20, 2018 508
The Oldest Human Fossil Found. Feb 2, 2018 627
Stone Tools Raise Question Of When Exactly Humans Left Africa. Feb 1, 2018 421
Scientists Teach Killer Whale To Talk. Jan 31, 2018 415
Why Some Meats May Be Causing Cancer. Dec 16, 2017 653
Human Evolution: 10 Little-Known Facts. Dec 9, 2017 584
Homo Sapiens Migrated From Africa 60,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought. Dec 8, 2017 614
How Smart Were Prehistoric Humans? Their Knives Tell Scientists A Lot. Dec 6, 2017 380
Paleontology Discovery Could Rewrite Human History. Oct 22, 2017 555
What would Teilhard say? Evolve or be annihilated. Delio, Ilia Column Sep 22, 2017 1066
Intelligent Life In The Universe Might Already Be Extinct. Aug 12, 2017 677
Neanderthal DNA Reveals Human Evolution Timeline. Chronology Aug 8, 2017 558
Human Evolution May Have Been Random Chance. Aug 5, 2017 520
These Fossils Might Change Our History Of Human Evolution. Jun 8, 2017 594
Moroccan fossils shake up understanding of human origins. Jun 8, 2017 619
Fossil Skeleton Shows Human Evolution Of Running. May 23, 2017 428
Human Evolution Began In A Grassy Landscape. May 16, 2017 639
Humans lived in Africa with human-like species 300,000 years ago. May 9, 2017 607
Evolution's error: how human nature went awry. Grigg, Richard May 1, 2017 2156
DNA In Fish And Chips Teaches Us About Human Evolution. Apr 26, 2017 335
Hobbit Bones Reveal Human Evolution. Apr 22, 2017 341
Can Chimps Live As Long As Humans? Mar 22, 2017 317
Skull Evolution Linked To Bipedalism In Humans. Mar 18, 2017 366
NOT SINCE BABEL. Carpenter, Edmund Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2017 2645
Caesarean Births "Affecting Human Evolution". Brief article Dec 7, 2016 216
Science & religion in the rough: why human evolution and the multitude of extrasolar planets complicate the idea that we are special. Diamond, Jared Nov 1, 2016 3405
The hybrid factor: the physical effects of interbreeding among animals may offer clues to Neandertals' genetic mark on humans. Bower, Bruce Oct 15, 2016 3126
Significant impact of the Rh blood group and gender on influenza infection in Estonia/Rh veregruppide ja soo moju gripi levikule Eestis. Kardi, Liina; Nutt, Anu; Suurvali, Jaanus; Siimut, Siim Erik; Podersoo, Diivi; Saar, Tiiu; Tiivel, T Report Sep 1, 2016 5166
Adapting To Smoke-Filled Caves Gave Humans Edge Over Neanderthals. Aug 5, 2016 461
Viruses: A Major Driver of Human Evolution. Jul 16, 2016 799
Hobbit history gets new beginning: fossils of potential ancestor fuel debate over Homo floresiensis. Bower, Bruce Jul 9, 2016 746
The golden spike of tranquility base: a modest proposal: the Anthropocene began with the lunar landings. Grinspoon, David Jul 1, 2016 540
HUMAN EVOLUTION: THE UNSOLVED MYSTERY. Yaseen, Aamir Jun 19, 2016 1723
Climate shift altered primate evolution: fossil finds may explain why humans arose in Africa, not Asia. Bower, Bruce Jun 11, 2016 636
Aussie researchers shed light on human evolution. Jun 10, 2016 284
Hobbits died out earlier than thought: disappearance coincided with Homo sapiens' arrival in region. Bower, Bruce Apr 30, 2016 793
Raw meat, tools drove facial evolution: advantages of slicing food led to H. erectus' small teeth, jaws. Bower, Bruce Apr 2, 2016 452
Singing: some do it for passion, all do it for evolution. Monti, Elisa; Aiello, Rita; Carroll, Linda Mar 1, 2016 3118
A proposed model for the evolutionary creation of human beings: From the image of God to the origin of sin. Wilcox, David L. Essay Mar 1, 2016 17302
The Illusion of Us: The Suppression and Evolution of Human Consciousness. Feb 24, 2016 171
Gene tweak led to human big toe: decrease in GDF6 protein helped enable upright walking. Saey, Tina Hesman Feb 6, 2016 585
Star turn. Jan 1, 2016 4206
Pastor takes Teilhard on tour. DeConto, Jesse James Dec 18, 2015 1402
Could They Be Our Ancestors? Sep 18, 2015 551
Ancestral humans had more DNA: genetic cuts and copies show evolutionary kinships. Saey, Tina Hesman Sep 5, 2015 672
Influenza a viruses of human origin in Swine, Brazil. Nelson, Martha I.; Schaefer, Rejane; Gava, Danielle; Cantao, Mauricio Egidio; Ciacci-Zanella, Janice Aug 1, 2015 6981
Is cosmic consciousness the next stage of human evolution? Apr 28, 2015 889
Fossil linked to origin of human genus: classification of 2.8-million-year-old jaw sparks controversy. Bower, Bruce Apr 4, 2015 523
Reading the Stones: there is more than one way to tell the story of hominid evolution via ancient tools. Bower, Bruce Apr 4, 2015 3892
Fossil jaw sheds light on a point in human evolution. Ritter, Malcolm Mar 5, 2015 650
From the editor. Kiesling, Stephen Editorial Jan 1, 2015 427
Oldest known human DNA analyzed: genome narrows down time of mating with Neandertals. Bower, Bruce Nov 29, 2014 574
Everyday Evolution. Oct 31, 2014 942
Democracy and the evolution of human rights. Oct 20, 2014 651
Genetic insights for human origins in africa and for later neanderthal contact. Wilcox, David L. Report Sep 1, 2014 10521
Understanding the beginning in light of the end: eschatological reflections on making theological sense of evolution. Franklin, Patrick Report Sep 1, 2014 14189
Supply of canine madness serum of both animal origin and human origin in two lots. Aug 4, 2014 126
Belief with no fear of questions: science challenges us to show that our catholic faith is supremely meaningful. Crosby, Michael H. Aug 1, 2014 1696
Neandertals evolved in fits and starts: fossil treasure trove shows nuances in hominid family tree. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jul 26, 2014 578
To reclaim Teilhard, church needs to take him more seriously. Gibson, David Jul 18, 2014 743
Scientists rewrite human evolution timeline. Chronology Jul 4, 2014 328
In U.S., 42% Believe Creationist View of Human Origins; Americans' views related to religiousness, age, education. Jun 2, 2014 1015
Does dinosaur skeleton confirm Bible story? Brief article Jun 1, 2014 221
You've got to "hand" it to Homo Erectus. Jun 1, 2014 429
Row arises over Homo erectus height: doubt over whether Turkana Boy could have hit modern stature. Bower, Bruce May 31, 2014 530
Microbes help understand evolution of human language. Apr 24, 2014 282
Human noses can sniff 1 trillion odors: smell may have played an underappreciated role in evolution. Bower, Bruce Apr 19, 2014 633
Neandertal hot spots highlighted in modern humans' DNA: Stone Age people's mating with now-extinct species had both genetic pros and cons. Bower, Bruce Mar 8, 2014 636
'Human evolution likely led to rise of religion'. Jan 20, 2014 260
Human Evolution Government and Governance. Dec 31, 2013 1263
Oldest hominid DNA muddles family tree: evolutionary questions emerge about links between European, Asian forerunners to humans. Bower, Bruce Dec 28, 2013 620
4 New discoveries reshape debate over human ancestry: relationships among early hominids disputed. Bower, Bruce Dec 28, 2013 658
The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution. Wayman, Erin Book review Nov 30, 2013 316
How ability to sense bitterness proved advantageous to human evolution. Nov 12, 2013 378
Georgia shows off skull thought to rewrite human evolution. Oct 19, 2013 589
Unique skull sheds new light on human evolution. Oct 18, 2013 363
1.8M-year-old skull suggests simpler human evolution. Boronstein, Seth Oct 18, 2013 317
THE WORLD'S OLDEST FACE; Fish from 419million years ago may give clues to how humans evolved. Sep 28, 2013 333
Cranial Anatomy Linked to Two-Legged Walking. Sep 28, 2013 465
The world's oldest face.. 419m yrs ago; And the second oldest... Sep 28, 2013 287
Artificial photosynthesis. Sep 25, 2013 1390
The times they are a-changing indeed; GREEN SCENE Lynne Allbutt Conference notes Aug 31, 2013 1161
How about humans? Gelling, Cristy Brief article Aug 24, 2013 163
Notorious bones: South African finds enter fray over origins of the human genus. Bower, Bruce Aug 10, 2013 2737
Cholera spurs human evolution: in Bangladesh, genetic variations might protect people. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Jul 27, 2013 228
Genetic 'switches' do play big role in human evolution. Jun 20, 2013 493
Oldest Primate Fossil Skeleton Found: Archicebus Achilles Could Shine Light On Human Evolution. Jun 5, 2013 732
World's Oldest Primate Fossil in China Sheds Light on Human Evolution. Jun 5, 2013 393
11.9mn-year-old ape fossil provides insights into human evolution. May 2, 2013 362
Human evolution influences gambling decisions. Mar 19, 2013 223
Fossil suggests Eastern Europe was an important pathway in human evolution. Feb 10, 2013 620
Wrist bones said to distinguish hobbits from humans. Bower, Bruce Brief article Feb 9, 2013 132
Doubt cast over long-held theories of human evolution. Feb 1, 2013 485
Theory: survival of the fistest: hand evolved partly for combat, researchers claim. Wayman, Erin Jan 26, 2013 381
Kissing, and missing, human cousins: DNA paints a contested picture of Stone Age interbreeding. Bower, Bruce Dec 29, 2012 692
Grey-mouse lemur's 'voice recognition' sheds light on human evolution. Dec 1, 2012 498
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): an ancient nutrient for the modern human brain. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 243
Good tidings in Turkana: in Kenya's far north-western county of Turkana, celebrated worldwide for its prehistoric human origins findings, the backwater town of Lodwar, set in dry, sandy and intensely humid semi-desert, is steeped in memories of Kenya's independence struggle. But the discovery of oil in the county is set to change it for good. Wanjohi Kabukuru reports why. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Nov 1, 2012 1114
Early humans were not alone. le Roux, Mariette Sep 22, 2012 549
DNA hints at African cousin: profiles suggest existence of now-extinct human relative. Saey, Tina Hesman Sep 8, 2012 428
'Benign' malaria key player of human evolution in Asia-Pacific. Sep 5, 2012 501
Tangled roots: mingling among Stone Age peoples muddies humans' evolutionary story. Bower, Bruce Aug 25, 2012 3037
Thinking and choosing depend on different brain parts. Aug 22, 2012 490
Early human ancestors had 'varied diets'. Aug 9, 2012 475
500m-yr-old 'mistake' led to discovery of humans. Jul 25, 2012 553
Skeleton of early human ancestor discovered in rock. Jul 13, 2012 641
The threads that bind: an archaeologist's search for human origins in the deep past becomes surprisingly personal. Storck, Peter L. Jun 22, 2012 3193
Monkey Lip Smacks Provide New Insights into Evolution of Human Speech. Jun 6, 2012 456
46 pc of Americans reject evolution in favour of creationism. Jun 6, 2012 341
Out of Asia, Into Africa: New Fossil Discovery Highlights Key Step In Primate Evolution. Jun 4, 2012 514
Association of the index (2nd) and ring (4th) digit ratios with some physical attributes in Ebira Ethnic Group of Nigeria. Ibegbu, Augustine Oseloka; Danjuma, Zubair Chegede; Hamman, Wilson Oliver; Umana, Uduak Emmanuel; Ik Jun 1, 2012 4022
In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins; Highly religious Americans most likely to believe in creationism. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 1, 2012 1004
Monkey lip smacks shed light on evolution of human speech. Jun 1, 2012 454
Caring guys and choosy girls led to modern monogamous family life. May 29, 2012 355
Animal Planet's 'Mermaids: The Body Found' Attempts To Answer Question: Are Mermaids Real? May 29, 2012 359
'Mermaids' may have actually been 'sea apes'. May 24, 2012 269
Neandertal DNA still a mystery. Phillip, Gene Letter to the editor May 19, 2012 118
Great Rift Valley formation reassessed. Rustad, Harley Brief article May 1, 2012 216
Left-handed minority in general population explained. Apr 26, 2012 550
Ancient oddballs in Indonesia. Quill, Elizabeth Apr 7, 2012 366
Endosymbiotic actinidic archaea and viroids--a model for abiogenesis and viral, prokaryote, eukaryotic, primate and human evolution. Ravikumar, Kurup A.; Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Report Mar 31, 2012 4767
1st gorilla genome map sheds light on human evolution. Mar 10, 2012 615
A short review of the chronology for human evolution. Leonard, William H. Editorial Mar 1, 2012 647
Valentine's Day kisses continue odd human tradition. Feb 14, 2012 751
To be human. Allchin, Douglas Feb 1, 2012 4028
Use human examples to teach evolution. Pobiner, Briana L. Guest editorial Feb 1, 2012 2254
How we got here: evolutionary changes in skull shape in humans & their ancestors. Price, Rebecca M. Report Feb 1, 2012 2717
Becoming human: could newly discovered fossils belong to a long-lost human ancestor? Crane, Cody Cover story Jan 23, 2012 1662
Ape's Tooth Found in Bulgaria Causes Rethink of Human Evolution*. Jan 12, 2012 507
... and then God created evolution: evolution does not imply that there is no God. Frost, Ron Jan 1, 2012 1477
Epigenetica: definicion, bases moleculares e implicaciones en la salud y en la evolucion humana. Garcia Robles, Reggie; Ayala Ramirez, Paola Andrea; Perdomo Velasquez, Sandra Paola Jan 1, 2012 6009
Genes & cells. Dec 31, 2011 587
Bookshelf. Brief article Dec 31, 2011 171
'Yeti's finger' from Nepalese temple of human origin. Dec 28, 2011 219
Editor quits in Rihanna racism row; MEDIA. Dec 22, 2011 158
Starving orangutans may tell tale of evolution of human teeth. Dec 14, 2011 523
Climate change actually boosts human evolution. Nov 21, 2011 348
Delving into 'big history': faculty at California college collaborate to help freshmen place humans within the universe story. Abercrombie, Sharon Nov 11, 2011 1324
Why cooking is so important. Nov 8, 2011 283
The Swerve. Book review Nov 1, 2011 111
World's largest human fossil cast collection opens for public. Oct 23, 2011 248
Shape of our bottoms explained; Documentary. Oct 17, 2011 155
Gamification: A human revolution. Oct 15, 2011 944
100,000-year-old ochre toolkit discovered at Blombos Cave in South Africa. Oct 14, 2011 325
Climatic fluctuations drove key events in human evolution. Sep 21, 2011 491
Archaic humans in Africa interbred with anatomically modern humans. Sep 8, 2011 348
Prehistoric skull unearthed in Nice. Sep 1, 2011 183
Prehistoric skull unearthed in Nice. Aug 28, 2011 183
Water's edge ancestors: human evolution's tide may have turned on lake and sea shores. Bower, Bruce Aug 13, 2011 2472
Climate change had a hand in human evolution, finds study. Aug 6, 2011 308
From deep time: discoveries about human origins reveal the surprising hope that is life. Heffern, Rich Aug 5, 2011 904
Open 'savanna' grasslands accompanied human evolution 6m-yrs-ago. Aug 4, 2011 296
'Humankind's mental tide turned between 164,000 and 120,000 yrs ago'. Aug 1, 2011 459
Volume of modern humans infiltrating Europe behind end of Neanderthals. Jul 29, 2011 257
Grandparents 'played key role in evolution of human race'. Jul 27, 2011 266
Grandparents 'played key role in evolution of human race'. Jul 25, 2011 266
Evolution: the nature of human origins is less important than the origins of human nature. Gibson, Robert Jul 1, 2011 647
The Strange Place of Faith. La Cerra, Peggy Jul 1, 2011 780
Modern humans never shared habitats with Homo erectus. Jun 30, 2011 322
William Shakespeare to be dug up to prove if he smoked weed? Jun 24, 2011 397
'World's oldest child' holds key to evolutionary period. Jun 17, 2011 222
Debate anew on long-dead bones: ancient species may have initiated rise of Homo genus. Bower, Bruce May 7, 2011 322
Defining humans by what's lacking: DNA lost to evolution created some traits in the naked ape. Saey, Tina Hesman Apr 9, 2011 430
Humans could outrun Neandertals: homo sapiens' heels more suited to long-distance trotting. Bower, Bruce Brief article Mar 12, 2011 250
Bookshelf. Book review Mar 12, 2011 120
Telepresence Gathers No Moss, BrightCom Moves Communication Forward with Video and Data Conferencing. Mar 2, 2011 786
Servicing technology is getting a work out: servicing technology is handling a heavy workload in the current demanding default environment. Here are some quick ways to evaluate if your platform is up to today's challenges. Graham, Susan Mar 1, 2011 2546
How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization. Book review Mar 1, 2011 107
Identification of putative new Escherichia coli flagellar antigens from human origin using serology, PCR-RFLP and DNA sequencing methods. Tiba, Monique Ribeiro; de Moura, Claudia; Carazzolle, Marcelo Falsarella; Leite, Domingos da Silva Mar 1, 2011 4544
The Stretches of Rise and Fall. Feb 28, 2011 1050
Major selective sweeps did not drive human evolution, says study. Feb 19, 2011 419
Experts suggest ancient fossils 'not human ancestors but extinct cousins'. Feb 18, 2011 442
Ancient teeth found in Israeli cave raise questions about humans' origin. Feb 10, 2011 313
Planetary Transformation. Book review Feb 1, 2011 110
Americans split over creationism, poll finds. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 138
"Six million years ago, what set our ancestors on the path from ape to human?". Dougherty, Michael Feb 1, 2011 733
Teeth, tools found in Israeli cave shed new light on human origin. Jan 28, 2011 357
Remains discovered in Morocco show continuous human evolution since at least 1 mln years, Coppens. Jan 18, 2011 174
Remains discovered in Morocco show continuous human evolution since at least one million years, Yves Coppens says. Jan 17, 2011 174
Genes reveal mysterious group of hominids as Neandertal relatives: DNA analysis suggests interbreeding with modern humans. Sanders, Laura Jan 15, 2011 737
LYING MMR DOC SET OUT TO SCARE MUMS; Jabs claim was fraud. Jan 6, 2011 301
Creationism's evolving strategy: five years after a landmark court ruling against 'intelligent design,' evolution opponents are still on the prowl. Bathija, Sandhya Jan 1, 2011 1810
Louisiana textbook body approves use of sound science books. Jan 1, 2011 549
Thriving rodent population in prehistoric Africa could shed light on human evolution. Dec 22, 2010 411
How the brain enables good leadership. Lawrence, Paul R. Dec 1, 2010 557
Scientists make second critical advance in muscular dystrophy research. Oct 29, 2010 301
Oz fossil discovery offers clues on human evolution. Sep 23, 2010 401
Cloning the Neanderthals. Sep 22, 2010 456
Crows' major energy intake comes from tool-derived food. Sep 18, 2010 478
Evolution is fact not a theory; Your shout. Sep 8, 2010 206
JAUNT BACK TO 70s; REWIND Proof telly isn't as good as it was: The Tomorrow People. Aug 28, 2010 329
How the neck helped evolution of human brain. Aug 17, 2010 266
Songs from the stone age. Bower, Bruce Aug 14, 2010 337
How the neck helped evolution of human brain. Jul 29, 2010 266
WHY MEN GO APE; Stress genes are linked to our jungle ancestors. Jun 29, 2010 204
Neanderthal, Homo sapiens split 500,000yrs older than believed. Jun 24, 2010 353
Science. Girmay, Aracelis Poem Jun 22, 2010 141
Paleo cuisine: could early experiments over the brazier have fuelled human evolution? Chatto, James Jun 22, 2010 534
Experts debate hominid habitat: discoverers dispute claim that Ardi roamed savannas. Bower, Bruce Jun 19, 2010 418
Why humans have no fur. Jun 12, 2010 430
Stone tools reveal ancient human diet. Jun 4, 2010 305
Aquatic diet of early humans behind evolution of brain. Jun 2, 2010 283
New species found of early man. Jun 1, 2010 308
Monkey version of HIV older than previously believed. May 22, 2010 505
Proteins key for normal-sized brains found. May 15, 2010 309
Thumbs-up on precision grip. Bower, Bruce Brief article May 8, 2010 229
Way beyond Darwin: evolution of human consciousness and the future of interpretation. Kohl, Jon May 1, 2010 1787
Not lost anymore: 'Missing Link' found. Apr 12, 2010 198
Not lost anymore: 'Missing Link' found. Apr 11, 2010 198
Is 2-million-year-old African fossil the missing link in human evolution? Apr 11, 2010 551
Not lost anymore: 'Missing Link' found. Apr 10, 2010 198
Not lost anymore: 'Missing Link' found. Apr 9, 2010 198
Climate change may have driven human evolution. Mar 26, 2010 454
X-woman holds key to human origins. Mar 25, 2010 190
Caring, active dads may have helped early humans to have more kids. Mar 19, 2010 177
Students who understand Earth's geological age are more likely to accept human evolution. Mar 12, 2010 423
Human evolution: winners and losers selected. Krause, Kenneth W. Book review Mar 1, 2010 2026
We are taming ourselves. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Feb 17, 2010 145
Archaeological 'time machine' might answer key questions in human evolution. Feb 12, 2010 230
Presence of ancient molecules in animals hints at early origin of tissues. Feb 2, 2010 447
Were australopithecines ape--human intermediates or just apes? a test of both hypotheses using the "Lucy" skeleton. Senter, Phil Report Feb 1, 2010 2789
30,000-year-old teeth of ancient child shed new light on human evolution. Jan 9, 2010 415
Ardi puts new spin on hominid evolution. Brief article Jan 2, 2010 188
'Ardi' and human sexual evolution. Warren, Patricia Nell Essay Jan 1, 2010 2226
Meditation on the Smallest Bone in the Body. Stewart-Nunez, Christine Poem Dec 22, 2009 278
Assessing evidences for the evolution of a human cognitive platform for "soulish behaviors". Stearley, Ralph F. Report Sep 1, 2009 15390
In the beginning: the Genesis of the art of singing. Miller, Richard Essay Sep 1, 2009 3768
Enhancing humans, controlling evolution. Campbell, Courtney S. Jul 1, 2009 1712
The AS80. Winwood, David Poem Mar 22, 2009 152
Team decodes Neandertal DNA: genome draft may reveal secrets of human evolution. Saey, Tina Hesman Mar 14, 2009 1168
Jumping genes provide diversity; DNA elements shape human genomes in unexpected ways. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Mar 14, 2009 220
Mogoltacin enhances vicristine cytotoxicity in human transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) cell line. Rassouli, Behnam F.; Matin, M.M.; Iranshahi, M.; Bahrami, A.R.; Neshati, V.; Mollazadeh, S.; Neshati Report Mar 1, 2009 4743
Change we can believe in: "race" and continuing selection in the human genome. Krause, Kenneth W. Jan 1, 2009 2104
Modern man in potential: human evolution as viewed from a new perspective. Lieber, Michael M. Report Sep 22, 2008 1175
The technology of story and human survival as a species(?). Liepe-Levinsonn, Katherine Essay Jul 1, 2008 5553
An evolutionary paradigm for literary study. Carroll, Joseph Jun 22, 2008 15206
Human evolution: how random process fulfils divine purpose. Finlay, Graeme Essay Jun 1, 2008 9175
Optimistic evolutionists: the progressive science and religion of Joseph LeConte, Henry Ward Beecher, and Lyman Abbott. Kalthoff, Mark A. Essay Jun 1, 2008 9327
What are the chances of turning Neanderthal? Brief article Jun 1, 2008 227
Explaining fortifications in Indo-Pacific prehistory. Field, Julie S. Report Apr 1, 2008 8946
International year of Planet Earth 1. Non-renewable resources, sustainable development, and human evolution--short story or opening chapter? Richards, Jeremy P. Report Mar 1, 2008 6616
Unfinished business: evolution offers an explanation of original sin. Domning, Daryl P. Essay Sep 28, 2007 1541
Early humans, Adam, and inspiration. Rust, Peter Critical essay Sep 1, 2007 9988
The collateral impact of Darwinism. Timko, Michael Mar 1, 2007 3372
2007, Journal of Human Evolutuion: The 'human revolution' in lowland tropical Southeast Asia: the antiquity and behavior of anatomically modern humans at Niah Cave (Sarawak, Borneo). Barker, G.; Barton, H.; Bird, M.; Daly, P.; Datan, I.; Dykes, A.; Farr, L.; Gilbertson, D.; Harrisso Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 459
In the beginning: the genesis of the art of singing. Miller, Richard Jan 1, 2007 3849
Monkeying around with hominid evolution. Hanoka, Yaacov Essay Jan 1, 2007 3334
A bias for social information in human cultural transmission. Mesoudi, Alex; Whiten, Andrew; Dunbar, Robin Aug 1, 2006 8094
Hybrid-driven evolution: genomes show complexity of human-chimp split. Bower, B. May 20, 2006 573
Seeing government purpose through the objective observer's eyes: the evolution-intelligent design debates. Bowman, Kristi L. Mar 22, 2006 30068
Earth's wobbles drove human evolution. Edwards, Chris Brief article Jan 1, 2006 315
DNA clues to our kind: regulatory gene linked to human evolution. Bower, B. Nov 26, 2005 501

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