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LOVE, CONTRACTUALLY: How to protect an unconventional family in the age of Trump. Pasulka, Nicole May 1, 2018 900
Performing IUI Simultaneously with hCG Administration Does Not Compromise Pregnancy Rate: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Vichinsartvichai, Patsama; Traipak, Khanitta; Manolertthewan, Chirawattana Report Jan 1, 2018 3704
Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation with Intrauterine Insemination Is More Successful After r-hCG Administration Than Spontaneous LH Surge. Taerk, Evan; Hughes, Edward; Greenberg, Cassandra; Neal, Michael; Amin, Shilpa; Faghih, Mehrnoosh; K Report Jul 1, 2017 4246
Semen. Van Kley, Emily Poem Jun 22, 2017 210
A constitutional critique on the regulations relating to artificial fertilisation of persons. Jordaan, D.W. Report Jun 1, 2017 2340
Strange (and incompatible) bedfellows: the relationship between the National Health Act and the regulations relating to artificial fertilisation of persons, and its impact on individuals engaged in assisted reproduction. van Niekerk, C. Report Jun 1, 2017 3763
Study shows no benefit with brief immobilization after IUI. Worcester, Sharon Aug 1, 2016 448
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Fertilization Rate Does Not Depend on the Proportion of Round-headed Sperm, Small-acrosomal Sperm, or Morphologically Normal Sperm in Patients with Partial Globozoospermia. Jiang, Ling-Ying; Yang, Ling-Yun; Tong, Xiao-Mei; Zhu, Hai-Yan; Xue, Ya-Mei; Xu, Wen-Zhi; Yang, Yang Report Dec 1, 2015 3732
Accurate diagnosis as a prognostic factor in intrauterine insemination treatment of infertile Saudi patients. Isa, Ahmed Mostafa; Abu-Rafea, Basim; Alasiri, Saleh Ahmed; Mutawa, Johara Al-; Binsaleh, Saleh; Sai Report Oct 1, 2014 3574
Starter kit: baby-making just got intimate. Tallon-Hicks, Yana Apr 1, 2013 571
Who's your daddy? Defining paternity rights in the context of free, private sperm donation. Gill, Lauren Apr 1, 2013 14405
Comparing the rights of adoptees and donor-conceived offspring in states granting access to original birth certificates and adoption records: an equal protection analysis. Sharp, Brittney N. Mar 22, 2013 11264
Legal issues relating to the use of surrogate mothers in the practice of assisted conception. Slabbert, M. Nothling Report Jun 1, 2012 6088
Why we must make a stronger commitment to lesbian family health: "equitable treatment" recommended by ACOG does not eliminate health-care disparities between families headed by heterosexual parents and those headed by same-sex parents. O'Hanlan, Katherine A. Nov 1, 2009 3709
Regulating sperm donation: why requiring exposed donation is not the answer. Pi, Vanessa L. Aug 1, 2009 11476
Staying with IVF may be best for low responders. Worcester, Sharon Report Jan 1, 2009 339
Intrauterine insemination: how many cycles to achieve pregnancy? Report Nov 1, 2008 250
To be continued: a look at posthumous reproduction as it relates to today's military. Doucettperry, Maria May 1, 2008 16528
Safe conception for HIV discordant couples through sperm-washing: experience and perceptions of patients in Milan, Italy. Sunderam, Saswati; Hollander, Lital; Macaluso, Maurizio; Vucetich, Alessandra; Jamieson, Denise J.; May 1, 2008 5645
Parents' thoughts on children from donor insemination knowing their genetic origins, Sweden. May 1, 2008 375
Labor of love: is society ready for this pregnant husband? Beatie, Thomas Apr 8, 2008 733
The colour of loss. Ruth, Elizabeth Essay Jan 1, 2008 4707
Unexplained infertility may not warrant treatment. Schneider, Mary Ellen Dec 15, 2006 413
Families created by gamete donation have healthy relationships. Brief article May 1, 2006 131
Resemblance talk difficult for parents of children conceived with donor gametes, United States. Brief article May 1, 2006 201
"Onan's transgression": the continuing legal battle over prisoners' procreation rights. Breault, Adam M. Sep 22, 2002 15244
Ninth Circuit bars inmate's plan to father a child. Scarlett, Thomas Aug 1, 2002 417
Procreation and the prisoner: does the right to procreate survive incarceration and do legitimate penological interests justify restrictions on the exercise of the right. Guidice, Richard, Jr. Aug 1, 2002 28108
Right to procreate survives incarceration, Ninth Circuit rules. Reichert, Jennifer L. Dec 1, 2001 878
Intercontinental Banking. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 174
IUI in Spontaneous Cycles Proves More Cost Effective. WANG, JENNIFER M. Apr 1, 2000 305
A Request for ICSI. Blacksher, Erika; Yeast, John; Waxse, David J. Mar 1, 2000 2519
Consent to sperm retrieval and insemination after death or persistent vegetative state. Strong, Carson Jun 22, 1999 14253
NATION. KANTZ, MATT Brief Article Feb 5, 1999 1064
Attorney's girlfriend to get frozen sperm. Brienza, Julie Brief Article Nov 1, 1995 351
The Golem, Zevi Ashkenazi, and reproductive biology. Sherwin, Byron L. Jun 22, 1995 5052
Searching for reversible male contraception. Feb 1, 1995 463
Babies for sale: market ethics and the new reproductive technologies. Hirschman, Elizabeth C. Dec 22, 1991 12827
HIV-1 infection and artificial insemination with processed semen. Apr 20, 1990 1210
Live sperm, dead bodies. Nolan, Kathleen; Rothman, Cappy Miles; Ross, Judith Wilson Jan 1, 1990 643

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