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Redefining traits as 'mental illness'. May 12, 2022 276
Culture and tax culture. Muhammad Faisal Mushtaq Dar Apr 28, 2022 879
A Comprehensive Review of Recent Deep Learning Techniques for Human Activity Recognition. Le, Viet-Tuan; Tran-Trung, Kiet; Hoang, Vinh Truong Apr 20, 2022 12619
Women's empowerment is complex Mfon Ekpo, CEO of The Discovery Centre. Apr 2, 2022 2383
Dear Carol. Weston, Carol Column Apr 1, 2022 2143
It's time to LOVE... LOSING. Depaola, Kara Apr 1, 2022 580
ODE TO AWKWARD. Apr 1, 2022 518
Research on Sports Dance Movement Detection Based on Pose Recognition. Tang, Tang; Hyun-Joo, Min Mar 23, 2022 5166
Unlocking the change in human behaviour for the benefits of our water resources. Ntuli, Mlu Mar 22, 2022 1106
Finding Awe in the Complexity of the Universe. England, Alan Mar 22, 2022 540
Operator Behavior Analysis System for Operation Room Based on Deep Learning. Jia, Junying; Yang, Haibo; Lu, Xin; Li, Mengkun; Li, Yanbo Report Mar 16, 2022 3751
Ethical Leadership: A sine qua non of corporate governance. Mar 11, 2022 1390
A Novel Framework for Arabic Dialect Chatbot Using Machine Learning. Alhassan, Nadrh Abdullah; Saad Albarrak, Abdulaziz; Bhatia, Surbhi; Agarwal, Parul Mar 10, 2022 6682
Effect of F11R Gene Knockdown on Malignant Biological Behaviors of Pancreatic Cancer Cells. Zhang, HaiDi; Zhang, RenDan; Yao, Jiaxin; Hu, XianHua; Pu, Yu; He, Shuai; Yu, Jinchuan Mar 7, 2022 4996
Research on Human Behavior Modeling of Sports Culture Communication in Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Management. Li, Zhihui Mar 1, 2022 5606
We've seen the enemy Think. Feb 22, 2022 574
Brain research centre opens at science park; new facility 'is transformative'. HERALD REPORTER @Plymouth_Live Feb 21, 2022 492
We've seen the enemy. Feb 18, 2022 573
Application of Distributed Probability Model in Sports Based on Deep Learning: Deep Belief Network (DL-DBN) Algorithm for Human Behaviour Analysis. Liu, Tianyang; Zheng, Qizhe; Tian, Ling Feb 18, 2022 4530
Applications of Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II Combined with WKNN Online Matching Algorithm in Building Indoor Optimization Design. Yu, Xiwen; Wang, Shaoxuan; Xiao, Feng Feb 16, 2022 6558
Regressive. Feb 9, 2022 536
Digital Twin-Based Modeling of Complex Systems for Smart Aging. Deng, Yiyi Jan 27, 2022 8690
Research on Management Efficiency and Dynamic Relationship in Intelligent Management of Tourism Engineering Based on Industry 4.0. Hou, Tianchen Jan 22, 2022 5183
The savagery of unguided human behaviour. Durdana Najam Jan 15, 2022 698
Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Modulated by Surface Manganese Chemistry in SLA Titanium Implants. Park, Jin-Woo; Tsutsumi, Yusuke; Park, Eui-Kyun Report Jan 13, 2022 8162
Using a Selective Ensemble Support Vector Machine to Fuse Multimodal Features for Human Action Recognition. Tang, Chao; Tong, Anyang; Zheng, Aihua; Peng, Hua; Li, Wei Jan 10, 2022 8420
Deus ex Technologica. Margonelli, Lisa Jan 1, 2022 1529
Effect of Multisensory Branding on Purchase Intention at Cafes in Pakistan. Asma Rehman, Syed Muhammad Fahim, Muhammad Irshad and Munir Hussain Dec 31, 2021 6150
Extraction of Human Motion Information from Digital Video Based on 3D Poisson Equation. Wang, Yilin; Chang, Baokuan Dec 28, 2021 6377
Addressing issues through vision. Zulfiqar Sheikh Dec 25, 2021 545
Russian Scientists Suggest Teaching AI Creative Writing. Dec 9, 2021 290
A beastly behaviour by human beings. Nighat Leghari Dec 8, 2021 570
EDITORIAL: Repeal of colonial laws welcome. Editorial Dec 3, 2021 252
Human Action Recognition in Smart Cultural Tourism Based on Fusion Techniques of Virtual Reality and SOM Neural Network. Ma, Zaosheng Dec 3, 2021 6572
Diagnosis and Treatment of Gambling Addiction. Okray, Zihniye; Direktor, Cemaliye Dec 1, 2021 5954
Inertial measurement unit based human action recognition for soft-robotic exoskeletons. Report Dec 1, 2021 5950
Redy or not? Dear Carol. Weston, Carol Column Dec 1, 2021 2198
PSA: CHEATING is actually a really BAD IDEA. Dec 1, 2021 1315
THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING (Hint: It's you). Dec 1, 2021 719
Creating Creativity: A Behavior Analytic Approach. Bradley, Jacob L.; Johnson, Douglas A. Report Dec 1, 2021 10537
Sources for the History of Mentality: Latvian Folk Anecdotes of the 19th--Early 20th Centuries. Kuznecova, Tatjana Dec 1, 2021 3302
Human error 'cause of 90pc accidents'. Nov 30, 2021 1172
Malignant social psyche. Ali Hassan Bangwar Nov 6, 2021 662
Smart Eye Acquires iMotions for SEK 400m. Oct 27, 2021 187
Smart Eye Acquires iMotions for SEK 400m. Oct 27, 2021 165
Research on Behavior Monitoring of Elderly Living Alone Based on Wearable Devices and Sensing Technology. Yin, Mulin Oct 15, 2021 5350
Developing an Al That 'Thinks' like Humans. Oct 1, 2021 510
Hope versus Reality: The Efficacy of Using US Military Aid to Improve Human Rights in Egypt. Aftandilian, Gregory L. Sep 22, 2021 4893
Beyond DSM symptoms: Behavioral clues to diagnosing bipolar II disorder. Nasrallah, Henry A. Editorial Sep 1, 2021 1284
Responding Fails to Extinguish During Human-Laboratory Experiments of Resurgence. Saini, Valdeep; Sullivan, William E.; Craig, Andrew R.; DeRosa, Nicole M.; Rimal, Arohan; Derrenback Report Sep 1, 2021 8165
A Critical Study of Self-Actualization in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: A Rogerian Reading. Joodaki, Abdol Hossein; Moradi, Batoul Critical essay Sep 1, 2021 6825
Vulgarity as Springboard for High Art--A Comparative Study of Vladimir Nabokov and Qian Zhongshu's Notions of Vulgarity. Cao, Derong Critical essay Sep 1, 2021 15339
The human touch in forecasting and demand planning. Karelse, Jonathan Sep 1, 2021 3004
Health Apps Must Focus on Immediate Desires (Put Down the Doughnut): Human motivation should be at the heart of digital wellness design. Allen, Leigh; Hovard, Peter; Tedesco, Carmela Sep 1, 2021 535
FROM MEMORIES TO BRAINS BROWN IN THE LAB: We are only beginning to unwrap the mysteries of the human brain. Here's how scientists are doing it, writes HANNAH THOMASY. Thomasy, Hannah Sep 1, 2021 2755
Albert Bandura: December 4, 1925-July 26, 2021. Stewart, Robert A. C.; Krivan, Sarah L. Obituary Sep 1, 2021 703
Human Motion Recognition Based on Multimodal Characteristics of Learning Quality in Football Scene. Gao, Yuzhou; Ma, Guoquan Report Aug 31, 2021 5942
Human rights violation. IMTIAZ ESSA HALEPOTO-Jamshoro Aug 21, 2021 244
Human Movement Recognition in Dancesport Video Images Based on Chaotic System Equations. Sun, Yongtai; Chen, Jingdong Aug 17, 2021 7435
Opinion: Isaac Adongo must stop hawking economic concepts for fame. Aug 13, 2021 1461
Dissecting Conspicuous Consumption Of Tourism. Aug 10, 2021 972
Gunsmithing Business Tips, Part 2: Insights into the persona of gunsmiths. Hollensen, Mark R. Aug 1, 2021 3210
Exploring Factors Associated with Cyclist Injury Severity in Vehicle-Electric Bicycle Crashes Based on a Random Parameter Logit Model. Ye, Fei; Wang, Changshuai; Cheng, Wen; Liu, Haoxue Jul 31, 2021 9922
Analysis of Body Behavior Characteristics after Sports Training Based on Convolution Neural Network. Zhou, Xinliang; Wen, Shantian Jul 21, 2021 5654
Human Behaviour Key To Curb Virus. Jul 9, 2021 935
Sidra Medicine research team establishes animal behaviour pipeline for precision medicine. Jul 1, 2021 511
Beyond the margins of neoliberalism: Biological and Neurological Foundations of Action Research/Mas alla de los margenes del neoliberalismo: Fundamentos biologicos yneurologicos de la investigacion-accion. Gurrutxaga, Igor Ahedo Jul 1, 2021 964
A month long exhibition highlighting damaging impact of human behavior on nature in full swing. Jun 28, 2021 244
A month long exhibition highlighting damaging impact of human behavior on nature in full swing. Jun 28, 2021 244
Works highlight importance of preserving eco-system. Jun 27, 2021 504
Exhibition highlighting damaging impact of human behavior on nature starts. Jun 27, 2021 291
Protect And Respect Nature: Actor Hamal. Jun 24, 2021 195
Modeling Asset Pricing Using Behavioral Variables: Fama-Macbeth Approach. Nasiri, Mohammad; Sarraf, Fatemeh; Nourollahzadeh, Nowrouz; Hamidian, Mohsen; Noorifard, Yadollah Jun 22, 2021 8388
OLD AND NEW DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS: A REASSESSMENT OF OBJECTIVES. Espinosa, Victor I.; Carreiro, Oscar R. Jun 22, 2021 10376
Relational Coherence and Persistent Rule-Following: The Impact of Targeting Coherence in a 'Non-Critical' Component of a Relational Network. Bern, Ragnar; Persdotter, Tone; Harte, Colin; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Jun 1, 2021 9825
Further Analysis of the Response Deprivation Hypothesis: Application of the Disequilibrium Model to Novel Clinical Contexts. Falligant, John M.; Rooker, Griffin W. Report Jun 1, 2021 2999
Decreased Stroke Applications During Pandemic: Collateral Effects of COVID-19/Pandemi Doneminde Azalmis Inme Basvurulari: COVID-19'un Kollateral Etkileri. Altunisik, Erman; Arik, Ali Report Jun 1, 2021 4132
The Influence of Colour on Human Behaviour: A Retrospective. Laing, Gregory; Pernarella, Ilario Jun 1, 2021 3104
The social nature of technology fixes. Hight, Marc; Norbisrath, Ulrich Jun 1, 2021 8471
Analysis of Individual's Activity Space Based on the Cellular Signaling Data. Song, Shaofei; Li, Weifeng; Yu, Qing; Yang, Dongyuan May 24, 2021 5842
The EU's Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty: Pressure on Pakistan. Batool Safdar May 15, 2021 6736
This winter may be rough: Models predict COVID surge. Terry, Ken May 1, 2021 971
Think blue, go green. Naghmana Zafar Apr 22, 2021 634
3D Skeletal Human Action Recognition Using a CNN Fusion Model. Li, Meng; Sun, Qiumei Report Apr 22, 2021 4528
Attitude, social norms, and perceived behavioral control influence the academic integrity-related behavioral intentions of graduate students. Yang, Ting; Wang, Yungui; Deng, Jun; Huang, Chunji Report Apr 1, 2021 5591
CREATING JUST SYSTEMS. Inayatullah, Sohail Apr 1, 2021 805
Evil Institutions: Steven Bartlett's Analysis of Human Evil and its Relevance for Anarchist Alternatives. Martin, Brian Mar 22, 2021 9042
Behavior Momentum Theory and Humans: A Review of the Literature. Trump, Cary E.; Herrod, Jessica L.; Ayres, Kevin M.; Ringdahl, Joel E.; Best, Lauren Report Mar 1, 2021 9091
Putrajaya says opposing US president Biden's global pro-LGBT initiative. Feb 8, 2021 447
Researchers identify mechanisms for social transfer of pain, fear. Daily News Egypt Jan 19, 2021 636
Government has forgotten three clear rules of effective communications. Will Hanmer Lloyd Jan 12, 2021 911
RGB-D Human Action Recognition of Deep Feature Enhancement and Fusion Using Two-Stream ConvNet. Liu, Yun; Ma, Ruidi; Li, Hui; Wang, Chuanxu; Tao, Ye Jan 7, 2021 5728
Wireless Sensor Network-Based Mathematical Modeling for Communication Intelligent Monitoring System. Shen, Ying Jan 1, 2021 6939
3D Skeletal Human Action Recognition Using a CNN Fusion Model. Li, Meng; Sun, Qiumei Report Jan 1, 2021 4528
A Framework for Human Activity Recognition Based on WiFi CSI Signal Enhancement. Yang, Jieming; Liu, Yanming; Liu, Zhiying; Wu, Yun; Li, Tianyang; Yang, Yuehua Jan 1, 2021 9466
Human Falling Recognition Based on Movement Energy Expenditure Feature. Pan, Daohua; Liu, Hongwei Jan 1, 2021 9226
Dance Movement Recognition Technology Based on Multifeature Information Fusion. Liu, Xin; Hu, Jiazhe Jan 1, 2021 6650
Method of Analyzing and Managing Volleyball Action by Using Action Sensor of Mobile Device. Sun, Xu; Zhao, Kai; Jiang, Wei; Jin, Xinlong Jan 1, 2021 8511
Can Robots Get Some Human Rights? A Cross-Disciplinary Discussion. Persaud, Priya; Varde, Aparna S.; Wang, Weitian Jan 1, 2021 7985
Recognition Technology of Athlete's Limb Movement Combined Based on the Integrated Learning Algorithm. Tan, Fei; Xie, Xiaoqing Jan 1, 2021 6379
Human Motion Recognition Based on Multimodal Characteristics of Learning Quality in Football Scene. Gao, Yuzhou; Ma, Guoquan Report Jan 1, 2021 5942
Analysis of Stadium Operation Risk Warning Model Based on Deep Confidence Neural Network Algorithm. Dang, Zijun; Liu, Shunshun; Li, Tong; Gao, Liang Jan 1, 2021 6721
Analysis of Individual's Activity Space Based on the Cellular Signaling Data. Song, Shaofei; Li, Weifeng; Yu, Qing; Yang, Dongyuan Report Jan 1, 2021 5842
Impact of Sports Wearable Testing Equipment Based on Vision Sensors on the Sports Industry. Chen, Longqiang; Yang, Shaoxiong Jan 1, 2021 6719
How Does COVID-19 Speed the Digital Transformation of Business Processes and Customer Experiences? Li, Spencer Report Jan 1, 2021 5004
An Analysis of Learning By Doing (Teaching Pedagogy) and Its Impact On Students' Scores At ELementary Level. Dr. Alia Ayub, Dr. Sadia Suleman Khan and Shabana Akhtar Dec 31, 2020 4777
Role of Connectedness to Nature and Perceived Environmental Responsibility on Green Purchase Behaviour. Jaiswal, Jayshree; Bihari, Seema Dec 1, 2020 9194
A Novel Detection Framework for Detecting Abnormal Human Behavior. Wu, Chengfei; Cheng, Zixuan Nov 30, 2020 6418
Your Poem. Nov 18, 2020 223
Sports And Politics. Nov 18, 2020 1296
Nodash urges entertainers to always create positive content. Nov 8, 2020 462
Content: Nodash counsels Nollywood practitioners. Nov 4, 2020 584
Computing do not change human behaviour, Dr. Zubair Shaikh. Nov 3, 2020 387
Q&A with Vedantam: Revealing biases in human behavior: APHA 2020 opening session speaker. Barna, Mark Interview Nov 1, 2020 441
Nollywood filmmaker charges producers to churn out constructive content. Oct 31, 2020 427
HEALTH CARE SEEKING BEHAVIOR AMONG NEWLY DIAGNOSED HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS CASES IN RAWALPINDI. Mommana Ali Rathore, Zubaida Rashid, Syed Fawad Mashhadi, Muhammad Ali Rathore and Imtenan Sharif Oct 31, 2020 3454
Filmmaker Charges Content Producers To Roll Out Constructive Materials. Oct 30, 2020 631
NOW, next near. Oct 26, 2020 833
Seven new marketing trends that could shape the new era. Oct 18, 2020 827
Human behavior and rail safety. Oct 2, 2020 356
Behaviour adjustment key in fight against COVID -19. Oct 1, 2020 442
'All Ears': A Questionnaire of 1516 Owner Perceptions of the Mental Abilities of Pet Rabbits, Subsequent Resource Provision, and the Effect on Welfare. McMahon, Sarah A.; Wigham, Ellie Oct 1, 2020 9909
The 2020 Five Domains Model: Including Human-Animal Interactions in Assessments of Animal Welfare. Mellor, David J.; Beausoleil, Ngaio J.; Littlewood, Katherine E.; McLean, Andrew N.; McGreevy, Paul Oct 1, 2020 13999
Food Waste motivational factors: The theory of planned behavior and the role of Big-Five personality traits on Malaysians Generation Z. Jamaludin, Hamiza; Mohamed, Bahari; Noorashid, Nor Azizah Oct 1, 2020 7131
Human behavior and rail safety. Sep 30, 2020 356
Human behavior and rail safety Traffic has declined during pandemic, but safety numbers aren't keeping pace in Illinois. Sep 29, 2020 432
A Pattern-Based Software Testing Framework for Exploitability Evaluation of Metadata Corruption Vulnerabilities. Deng, Fenglei; Wang, Jian; Zhang, Bin; Feng, Chao; Jiang, Zhiyuan; Su, Yunfei Sep 27, 2020 16095
Bankruptcy of Leadership. Sep 20, 2020 1502
Lucila S. Perez: A 'model of generosity, an inspiring spiritual parent'. Sep 14, 2020 910
Wildlife in freefall due to human action, says WWF; NATURE ? Charity calls for governments to stop supply chains from destroying forests. EMILY BEAMENT Sep 10, 2020 656
Implementing the age-old principles. Sep 3, 2020 952
No, we can't all just get along: The current trend toward technonationalism feels fairly recent, yet this publication has been returning to the problem in some form or another for almost 90 years. Sep 1, 2020 534
Empirical explorations of strategic reinforcement learning: a case study in the sorting problem. Lin, Ching-Sheng; Jwo, Jung-Sing; Lee, Cheng-Hsiung; Lo, Ya-Ching Case study Sep 1, 2020 5767
Heterogeneity of Dengue Illness in Community-Based Prospective Study, Iquitos, Peru. Elson, William H.; Reiner, Robert C.; Siles, Crystyan; Bazan, Isabel; Vilcarromero, Stalin; Riley-Po Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 6326
Social Distance and Delay Exert Multiple Control over Altruistic Choices. Belisle, Jordan; Paliliunas, Dana; Vangsness, Lisa; Dixon, Mark R.; Stanley, Caleb R. Report Sep 1, 2020 7828
Enhanced Human Action Recognition Using Fusion of Skeletal Joint Dynamics and Structural Features. Muralikrishna, S.N.; Muniyal, Balachandra; Acharya, U. Dinesh; Holla, Raghurama Aug 31, 2020 7456
The lessons of the past need remembering today. Aug 24, 2020 842
The lessons of the past need remembering today: A divided America cannot stand. Frank G. splitt Guest columnist Aug 24, 2020 850
Discrimination among private and public education provisioning. Aug 20, 2020 763
Pandemic behaviour: Why some people don't play by the rules. Aug 15, 2020 519
Crisis has exposed the many flaws in human behaviour. Can we improve? Is humanity doomed to lurch from one crisis to the next because we can't plan for the long term? Here, three experts give their views. Aug 13, 2020 2660
Study questions impact of lockdown behaviour messages during coronavirus pandemic; Report highlighting potential lives lost did not make people more cautious about ending lockdown or to say they would follow guidelines. By, Nina Massey, PA & Brett Gibbons Aug 12, 2020 665
Elite dramaturgy in Nigeria's corruption probes. Aug 3, 2020 1225
Changing Human Behavior to Improve Animal Welfare: A Longitudinal Investigation of Training Laboratory Animal Personnel about Heterospecific Play or "Rat Tickling". LaFollette, Megan R.; Cloutier, Sylvie; Brady, Colleen M.; O'Haire, Marguerite E.; Gaskill, Brianna Aug 1, 2020 10422
"Clingy" Schoolchildren Display Mom Problems. Aug 1, 2020 243
Gelatin Encapsulated Curcumin Nanoparticles Moderate Behavior of Human Primary Gingival Fibroblasts In Vitro. Nguyen, Mai Thi-Hoang; Ly, Khanh Loan; Kieu, Thoai Quoc; Nguyen, Hiep Thi; Huynh, Nam Cong-Nhat Jul 31, 2020 5734
Takeover Quality: Assessing the Effects of Time Budget and Traffic Density with the Help of a Trajectory-Planning Method. Doubek, Fabian; Loosveld, Erik; Happee, Riender; Winter, Joost de Jul 31, 2020 7412
Human Action Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved ResNet and Skeletal Keypoints in Single Image. Lin, Yixue; Chi, Wanda; Sun, Wenxue; Liu, Shicai; Fan, Di Report Jul 31, 2020 5156
Plea for 'no wild camping' zones; ? Councillor wants to protect environment from hm human waste, antisocial behaviour and littering. SUSY MACAULAY Jul 29, 2020 914
Captain vs Corona and conspiracies. Jul 20, 2020 811
Post-COVID-19 thoughts: Sustainable development and Buddhism. Jul 20, 2020 873
Behavioral risk assessment of COVID-19. Jul 13, 2020 396
Understanding the Relationship between Intention and Cat Containment Behaviour: A Case Study of Kitten and Cat Adopters from RSPCA Queensland. McLeod, Lynette J.; Evans, Di; Jones, Bidda; Paterson, Mandy; Zito, Sarah Case study Jul 1, 2020 9179
Proceduralization in Cybersecurity: A Socio-Technical Systems Perspective. Coffey, John W. Jul 1, 2020 6368
Portrayal of the "war on terror" in academic research at universities of Pakistan (review of graduate dissertations in University of Peshawar). Anila Javed and Jamil Ahmad Chitrali Jun 30, 2020 4509
Beliefs and Behaviors of Shrine Visitors of Bibi Pak Daman. Saeed, Amna; Shahed, Sarah Report Jun 30, 2020 5781
A Complexity Analysis of User Interaction with Hotel Robots. Zhong, Lina; Yang, Liyu; Rong, Jia; Li, Xiaonan Jun 30, 2020 9701
Wat a sorry State of affairs; GARY MURPHY Ireland's best golf pundit. GARY MURPHY Jun 24, 2020 488
'Human behaviour key to containing virus as curbs ease'. Jun 16, 2020 517
All lives matter. Aminah Mohsin Jun 15, 2020 743
What new normal? Jun 10, 2020 503
New trends in the pandemic. May 27, 2020 1118
Pandemic's impact on mental wellness a long-term issue. Dr. Theodore Karasik May 19, 2020 854
Enhancing government, enterprise and personal cybersecurity during COVID-19. Adelle Geronimo May 4, 2020 1456
COVID-19 in the era of loneliness: Despite forced social isolation, we need to work to strengthen our patients' social support systems. Sharma, Ram A.; Maheshwari, Subani; Bronsther, Rachel May 1, 2020 1255
Crowing About Fear. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. May 1, 2020 922
The Effect of Different Deep Network Architectures upon CNN-Based Gaze Tracking. Chen, Hui-Hui; Hwang, Bor-Jiunn; Wu, Jung-Shyr; Liu, Po-Ting Report May 1, 2020 7548
A SVTrN-number approach of multi-objective optimisation on the basis of simple ratio analysis based on MCDM method. Ajay, D.; Aldring, J.; Abirami, S.; Martina, D. Jeni Seles May 1, 2020 3755
Post-pandemic may be more enlightened era. Apr 15, 2020 877
Why it's not so off your trolley to panic buy; LECTURER EXPLAINS PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EMPTYING SHELVES. BRANWEN JONES Daily Post Community Reporter Apr 13, 2020 752
Media effects. SHAHZADI HUSSAIN - Karachi. Apr 4, 2020 270
Decoding Brain Patterns for Colored and Grayscale Images using Multivariate Pattern Analysis. Zafar, Raheel; Malik, Muhammad Noman; Hayat, Huma; Malik, Aamir Saeed Apr 1, 2020 7150
Going beyond cognitive approach to behavioral stream in economic sciences: Behavioristic and evolutionary perspectives. Korzeniowska, Dominika; Sulkowski, Lukasz Report Apr 1, 2020 8905
Long-Term Socialization with Humans Affects Human-Directed Behavior in Goats. Mastellone, Vincenzo; Scandurra, Anna; D'Aniello, Biagio; Nawroth, Christian; Saggese, Fiorella; Sil Report Apr 1, 2020 5104
Effects of media. Mar 29, 2020 291
The rationality principle as a universal grammar of economic explanations. Li, Cheng Mar 22, 2020 8393
Mises's Human Action and Its Place in Science and Intellectual Culture. Boettke, Peter J. Mar 22, 2020 3971
Living and Dying in Mountain Landscapes: An Introduction. Beck, Jess; Quinn, Colin P. Mar 22, 2020 10061
'Human behaviour needs to be changed to save environment'. Conference notes Mar 5, 2020 593
Deep Ensemble Learning for Human Action Recognition in Still Images. Yu, Xiangchun; Zhang, Zhe; Wu, Lei; Pang, Wei; Chen, Hechang; Yu, Zhezhou; Li, Bin Mar 1, 2020 10261
Analyzing Age Group and Time of the Day Using Interval Valued Neutrosophic Sets. Broumi, S.; Lathamaheswari, M.; Bakali, A.; Talea, M.; Smarandache, F.; Nagarajan, D.; Asmae, Kaviku Mar 1, 2020 4016
An european perspective on forensic psychiatry. Knieling, Anton; Toma, Gina M.; Dobrin, Irina; Cristofor, Ana Caterina; Iov, Tatiana; Bulgaru-Iliesc Mar 1, 2020 2008
The impact of psychiatric disorders in the evolution of patients with Williams-Beuren Syndrome. Leon-Constantin, Maria-Magdalena; Mastaleru, Alexandra; Abdulan, Irina; Gavril, Radu; Calapod, Patri Report Mar 1, 2020 3227
Madrassah: Islamic institution of education - 16. Feb 28, 2020 916
This is how our behaviour spreads diseases. Feb 16, 2020 607
Discovering the Wildhood of teens. Lisa Salmon Feb 14, 2020 678
Being American. Feb 9, 2020 827
My dating formula for the over 45s; Having used her knowledge of the biology of attraction to find love again herself, 53-year-old Mairi shares her tips with other women. MARIA CROCE Feb 7, 2020 697
Here's what I learned after scoring free access to exclusive 'club lounge' -- Jim Duffy. Travel narrative Jan 31, 2020 1029
Content Moderation is Hard, But There's a New Approach and it's Fueled by Spectrum Labs. Jan 27, 2020 899
Machines will observe human behaviour, UAE security expo reveals. Faisal Masudi, Senior Reporter Jan 19, 2020 684
The difference between triangles and triangulation: Family systems theory for church leaders. Jones, David Lee Jan 13, 2020 2128
Joker: A Study of Human Behavior. Movie review Jan 11, 2020 652
Global Eye Tracking Market Expected to Generate USD 1, 786 Million by 2025 with a CAGR of 26.1%. Jan 10, 2020 1007
Parasitic Infection Affects Human Behaviour. Jan 7, 2020 446
Advertisement Campaigns and Human Behavior. Farooq, Usman; Shabir, Ghulam; Hussain, Sajjad Jan 1, 2020 6913
Investigating and Modulating Physiological and Pathological Brain Oscillations: The Role of Oscillatory Activity in Neural Plasticity. Guerra, Andrea; Feurra, Matteo; Pellegrino, Giovanni; Brittain, John-Stuart Dec 31, 2019 1756
Symbiosis Centre for Behavioral Studies (SCBS) - Behavioral Research in the Digital Era! ANI Dec 9, 2019 819
A Letter from the Editors. Mathur, Aparna; Silva, Jennifer M. Dec 1, 2019 1759
The Price of Pettiness: Bad Behavior in the Workplace and How to Stomp It Out. Book review Dec 1, 2019 124
The Role of Culture in Cross-Cultural Marriage among Minangkabau Women. Dewi, Susi Fitria; Montessori, Maria; Saputra, Randi Ade; Farsalena, Sintia; Fatmariza, Fatmariza; F Report Dec 1, 2019 6981
Multistage Analysis of Abnormal Human Behavior in Complex Scenes. Cai, Lei; Luo, Peien; Zhou, Guangfu Nov 30, 2019 5316
The Eternal Awkwardness Of Elevator Rides. Nov 28, 2019 672
Cultural renaissance: time for recalibration. Dr M Ali Hamza Nov 25, 2019 1122
Lessons From Sodom and Gomorrah. Plotkin, Helen Nov 12, 2019 206
Apple Card's algorithm just the latest example of sexist bias in AI. Giorgia Guantario Nov 12, 2019 1451
An Analysis of Irrigation Organizations in Colombia through the Prism of Collective Action. Molina-Ochoa, Juan Patricio; Gallardo-Cobos, Rosa; Sanchez-Zamora, Pedro Nov 1, 2019 8995
5 Different Brain Types And What You Need To Know. Kristine Arbolario Oct 31, 2019 549
DASA showcases innovations that predict and thwart future threats. Oct 21, 2019 524
Behavioral Capitalism - A Way to Dominion? By Erich von Werner Society. Oct 7, 2019 494
The Reading Quilt: Little Fires Everywhere. Slaughter, Rachel Book review Oct 1, 2019 767
'Rationality' in Collective Escape Behaviour: Identifying Reference Points of Measurement at Micro and Macro Levels. Haghani, Milad; Sarvi, Majid Sep 30, 2019 12271
There's more to music than what you know. ANI Sep 29, 2019 294
The behaviour change industry. Sep 29, 2019 1021
LOSING THE FOREST /for the screens/. Keeling, Paul Sep 22, 2019 1041
Health literacy: An important tool in disease prevention. Sep 11, 2019 1066
Memac Ogilvy seminar explores behavioural science, corporate thinking. Sep 1, 2019 418
Technical Notation as a Tool for Basic Research in Relational Frame Theory. McLoughlin, Shane; Tyndall, Ian; Mulhern, Teresa; Ashcroft, Sam Report Sep 1, 2019 6500
Soft Driving Epicyclical Mechanism for Robotic Finger. Ramirez, Jose; Rubiano, Astrid; Castiblanco, Paola Sep 1, 2019 6783
The shaming of America The shaming of America. Aug 11, 2019 1120
Extensive research on Background Music Market 2019 and detailed analysis of top companies. Aug 10, 2019 1019
Extensive research on Background Music Market 2019 and detailed analysis of top companies. Aug 9, 2019 1034
Most workers would prefer to be replaced by a robot than by another human. Aug 6, 2019 575
What's "like" got to do with it? Karageorge, Eleni X. Aug 1, 2019 485
Effect of Ap-Index of Geomagnetic Activity on S&P 500 Stock Market Return. Peng, Lifang; Li, Ning; Pan, Jingwen Jul 31, 2019 5058
Complex Dynamical Systems in Human Development. Cox, Ralf F.A.; Hartigh, Ruud J.R. Den; Richardson, Michael J.; Yu, Chen; Frank, Till D. Jul 31, 2019 1895
Does age add to bias towards people with disability? Jul 21, 2019 527
Check It Out! "Organs-on-Chips". Jul 20, 2019 303
Mankind is walking on ever thinner ice. Jul 2, 2019 1079
Automation and Autonomy of Big Data-driven Algorithmic Decision-Making. Furnham, Philipp Jul 1, 2019 1907
Volvo tests artificial intelligence in truck safety. Jul 1, 2019 399
Technology and the Virtues, A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting. By Shannon Vallor, Oxford University Press (2018). Lee, Kevin P. Jul 1, 2019 2504
Behaviour change: Is human interaction the nub of the issue? mihi, Nga Jul 1, 2019 1056
A Hierarchical Behavioral Dynamic Approach for Naturally Adaptive Human-Agent Pick-and-Place Interactions. Lamb, Maurice; Nalepka, Patrick; Kallen, Rachel W.; Lorenz, Tamara; Harrison, Steven J.; Minai, Ali Jun 30, 2019 12062
Decoding Dehumanisation. Jun 28, 2019 607
Nigeria: Between Observance Of Morality And Law. Jun 23, 2019 755
Even one pint of beer can make you feel out of control. Jun 22, 2019 474
Volvo Cars deploy in-car cameras and intervention against distraction. Jun 12, 2019 526
User Identification Using Real Environmental Human Computer Interaction Behavior. Wu, Tong; Zheng, Kangfeng; Wu, Chunhua; Wang, Xiujuan Jun 1, 2019 8657
We Need National Meeting To Settle Nigeria's National Identity Now -Obasanjo. May 25, 2019 2026
Yet another environmental alarm bell goes unheard. May 17, 2019 959
Ex-New Zealand PM: Philippines needs to rethink drug policy. May 2, 2019 516
Leveraging Mobile Augmented Reality Devices for Enabling Specific Human Behaviors in Design and Constructability Review. Alsafouri, Suleiman; Ayer, Steven K. Apr 30, 2019 8680
Nonnegative Tensor-Based Linear Dynamical Systems for Recognizing Human Action from 3D Skeletons. Li, Guang; Liu, Kai; Ding, Wenwen; Cheng, Fei; Ding, Chongyang Apr 30, 2019 9651
A New Type of Eye Movement Model Based on Recurrent Neural Networks for Simulating the Gaze Behavior of Human Reading. Wang, Xiaoming; Zhao, Xinbo; Ren, Jinchang Apr 30, 2019 7958
Comedy and dance as national drama festival enters day three. Apr 5, 2019 551
Depression: A changing concept in the age of ketamine. Badre, Nicolas; Lehman, David Apr 1, 2019 1504
"I'll use IT the way I feel like it" - The influence of user emotions on ERP usage. Turedi, Serdar Report Apr 1, 2019 9958
Voluntary Vaccination through Perceiving Epidemic Severity in Social Networks. Shi, Benyun; Liu, Guangliang; Qiu, Hongjun; Chen, Yu-Wang; Peng, Shaoliang Mar 31, 2019 8357
Volvo to deploy in-car cameras against intoxication, distraction. Mar 31, 2019 837
Work and education in the 21st century. Mar 30, 2019 1136
Where aggression comes from. Mar 24, 2019 958
Exploring the Philanthropic Landscape: Introduction. Ealy, Lenore T. Mar 22, 2019 1525
The Ties that Bind Us: Relational Archetypes and Our Projective Identifications. Sullivan, Keesha M. Mar 22, 2019 9946
Greed, Self-interest and the Shaping of Economics. Berg, Ross Book review Mar 22, 2019 1129
Authenticity is key in effective communication: Experts. Mar 20, 2019 434
Here's why people sacrifice their own self-interest for other people. Mar 6, 2019 390
Stray-dog problem is rooted in human behaviour. Mar 5, 2019 164
Nonverbal Communication. Soukup, Paul A. Mar 1, 2019 32605
Unoriginal sin: Evil is remarkably unremarkable. Camille, Alice Mar 1, 2019 1243
The advantage of hardship: It plays a big role in building successful leaders. Campbell, Pubali Chakravorty Mar 1, 2019 729
The fallacy of throwing good money after bad. Feb 5, 2019 783
Google wants the government to make some AI rules. Feb 3, 2019 200
Fostering computational thinking in technology and engineering education: an unplugged hands-on engineering design approach: This article, through the C-Boat lesson model, shows how an engineering design task can promote computational thinking in an engineering design context. Sung, Euisuk Essay Feb 1, 2019 2995
Positive Psychology: The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths. Book review Feb 1, 2019 139
Unlocking the potential of picture books to consider character strengths. Oliver, Trish; Sercombe, Leanne Essay Feb 1, 2019 2031
Hard work always matters. Johnson, Shanna Jan 1, 2019 523
How Organizations Are Using Behavioral Science to Make Better People Decisions. Galli, Lorenzo Jan 1, 2019 2566
The instruments of public policy. A transdisciplinary look/Los instrumentos de politica publica. Una mirada transdisciplinar/Instruments de politique publique. Une vision transdisciplinaire. Vargas, Maria Helena Franco; Restrepo, Daniela Roldan Jan 1, 2019 6632
Middle East in Crisis. Dec 31, 2018 6431
Food Security: Understanding Pakistan's National Security Concerns. Khalid, Iram Dec 31, 2018 4516
Transition Tales / Real stories from regular people about the inevitable changes of life: Chronicles of an Empty Nester. Dutter, Brian Dec 22, 2018 752
Switching Movies. Klosterman, Chuck Brief article Dec 10, 2018 145
Fujitsu and Waseda University Develop Simulation Technology to Rapidly Pinpoint Causes of Congestion. Dec 7, 2018 1544
Concerns voiced at the amount of road deaths. Dec 5, 2018 342
STASH STIGMA. Glassenberg, Abby Dec 1, 2018 1106
SCREENTIME FOR SOCRATES. Brief article Nov 1, 2018 196
How to Become a Stalker of Your Own Mind: If we are relentless and impeccable about stalking ourselves, a result is that we leave the world and other people alone. Robinson, Hal Nov 1, 2018 782
Yay, Failure --Hooray, Mt.staka! Kessenich, Molly Nov 1, 2018 484
Rock Your Failure. Nov 1, 2018 246
Take This, Failure. Nov 1, 2018 299
Ecology of human behavior: contradictions behind the message of environmental crisis/ECOLOGIA DEL COMPORTAMIENTO HUMANO: LAS CONTRADICCIONES TRAS EL MENSAJE DE CRISIS AMBIENTAL/Ecologia do comportamento humano: as contradicoes por tras da mensagem de crise ambiental. Cifuentes-Avila, Fabiola; Diaz-Fuentes, Rolando; Osses-Bustingorry, Sonia Nov 1, 2018 2656
From green, clean to safer Pakistan. Oct 2, 2018 1084
Behavior Management: From Theoretical Implications to Practical Applications, 3rd Edition. Oct 1, 2018 172
New Minimal Turing Test indicates the word 'poop' is a human identifier. Sep 24, 2018 198
Gordon Tullock, Praxeology, and the Qualities of a Natural-Born Misesian. Boettke, Peter J.; Candela, Rosolino A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 8306
Reports Worth Reading. Sep 22, 2018 888

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