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Articles from Human Factors (March 22, 2005)

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A reply to Bennett and Fritz's critique of Marino and Mahan. Marino, Christopher J.; Mahan, Robert P.; Dunwoody, Philip T. 1632
A tool to assess the comfort of wearable computers. Knight, James F.; Baber, Chris 7118
Automation in future air traffic management: effects of decision aid reliability on controller performance and mental workload. Metzger, Ulla; Parasuraman, Raja 9471
Children using cellular phones: the effects of shortcomings in user interface design. Bay, Susanne; Ziefle, Martina 6082
Configural displays can improve nutrition-related decisions: an application of the proximity compatibility principle. Marino, Christopher J.; Mahan, Robert P. 5583
Design and evaluation of a prototype rear obstacle detection and driver warning system. Llaneras, Robert E.; Green, Charles A.; Kiefer, Raymond J.; Chundrlik, William J., Jr.; Altan, Osman 9329
Designing effective human-automation-plant interfaces: a control-theoretic perspective. Jamieson, Greg A.; Vicente, Kim J. 13816
Effects of automation of information-processing functions on teamwork. Wright, Melanie C.; Kaber, David B. 9270
Interacting with notebook input devices: an analysis of motor performance and users' expertise. Sutter, Christine; Ziefle, Martina 10869
Interruption management: the use of attention-directing tactile cues. Hopp, Pamela J.; Smith, C.A.P.; Clegg, Benjamin A.; Heggestad, Eric D. 6294
Objects and mappings: incompatible principles of display design--a critique of Marino and Mahan. Bennett, Kevin B.; Fritz, H. Ira 3488
Task workload and cognitive abilities in dynamic decision making. Gonzalez, Cleotilde 5560
The impact of hearing protection on sound localization and orienting behavior. Simpson, Brian D.; Bolia, Robert S.; McKinley, Richard L.; Brungart, Douglas S. 5520
The impact of visual layout factors on performance in Web pages: a cross-language study. Parush, Avi; Shwarts, Yonit; Shtub, Avy; Chandra, M. Jeya 7670
Thumb force and muscle loads are influenced by the design of a mechanical pipette and by pipetting tasks. Asundi, Krishna R.; Bach, Joel M.; Rempel, David M. 4761
Warrants for prescription: analytically and empirically based approaches to improving decision making. Lipshitz, Raanan; Cohen, Marvin S. 13125

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