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Human Body: A Visual Guide.

HUMAN BODY: A Visual Guide


Aristotle thought that the brain was just a mass that helped "cool" the spirit. By the time a person reaches age 75, he or she will have taken more than half a million breaths. Science writer McMillan presents these and other facts in this unusual reference guide to human anatomy. Defining groups of body systems by their basic functions, each section is full of vivid illustrations and photographs. A section called "Control and Communication" describes the nervous system, detailing how neurons coordinate to relay information, and explains how speech is produced and the sex hormones create differences between men and women. Another details how all the sensory organs work. In addition to covering anatomy, the book explains the latest developments in research against various diseases and conditions. A "Factfile" summarizes the major body systems and common medical problems and includes a time line of milestones in understanding the human body. Firefly, 2006, 304 p., color images, hardcover, $29.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 2, 2006
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