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Hull visit gives Duchess plenty food for thought; BRIAN McIVER'S PICK OF THE DAY DAYTIME MOVIES.


The Duchess in Hull

ITV, 9.00pm

AS one of the most controversial Royals, Sarah Ferguson has done an incredible job in improving her public image since divorce from Prince Andrew, and she takes centre stage tonight in a new documentary.

Having been a spokesperson for Weight Watchers for 10 years, the Duchess returns to the UK to tackle what she sees as an impending obesity problem in this country.

The cameras follow the Duchess as she leaves her New York base and moves into a B&B next to a Hull council estate, one of the poorest in the country. As she becomes acquainted with life there, she gets to know the Sargerson family, to whom she offers an insight into her experiences and motivations.

Pushing Daisies

ITV2, 9.00pm

THIS has been one of the delights of the spring TV schedule and will hopefully be entertaining us into the summer and beyond.

The series follows pie-maker Ned, who has the ability to bring people back from the dead with one touch. The catch is that if he touches them again they die again.

He uses his gift to team up with a PI for money making - Ned wakes up murder victims, finds out who did it, then puts them back to sleep.

If this sounds a bit macabre, then fear not, it's the sweetest and most silly show in years, and is making a star of Brookside's own Anna Friel. Tonight, they investigate when a dog breeder with four wives dies mysteriously.

Coronation Street

ITV, 7.30pm

IT'S all go at the Websters' as Sally excitedly plans the decor for their new home, but Kevin urges caution and reminds her that the house is not theirs yet.

And it seems Kevin could have a point as Claire tells Ashley she thinks their house has been undervalued and announces she is going to ask the Websters for more cash.

Class of '62

BBC Two, 9.00pm

A TOUCHING portrayal of British life, this documentary from filmmaker Marilyn Gaunt tracks the lives of six of her school friends.

All born in 1946, these Yorkshire women have lived, laughed and cried their way through the Sixties to the 21st Century.

Marilyn started filming her friends in 1983 at a reunion she had organised for her class.

In the first film they were pushing 40, and Marilyn returned to make a second film in 1995, as they approached their fifties. Now, as they all turn 60, she catches up with her old friends one last time.

Reverend Death

Channel 4, 10.00pm

SIX years ago journalist Jon Ronson began filming a chilling documentary.

The Reverend George Exoo is a seemingly jolly Unitarian minister from Beckley, West Virginia, who has drifted into helping nonterminally ill people commit suicide.

George claims he has helped more than 100 people kill themselves and explains how he can't wait for his own death.

The Enforcer

Channel 4, 12.45pm

HUMPHREY Bogart is on moody and magnificent form here, playing a crusading DA determined to smash an organised crime ring - but Mob boss Everett Sloane is equally determined to stop tongues wagging, and begins picking off crucial witnesses to a gangland murder to ensure he evades justice. Nail-biting drama, with the terrific cast also featuring Zero Mostel, Ted de Corsia and Roy Roberts.

The Sign of Four

Five, 3.10pm

A GOVERNESS asks Baker Street sleuth Sherlock Holmes to find out who has been sending her priceless gifts each year - and the detective's investigations soon lead him to uncover a nefarious plot. Adaptation of Conan Doyle's mystery, starring Matt Frewer in the lead role and Kenneth Welsh as Dr Watson. With Sophie Lorain and Marcel Jeannin.


ANNA FRIEL: ITV2, 9.00pm; SALLY WHITTAKER: ITV, 7.30pm; BOGART: Channel 4, 12.45pm
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