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Hugo Rose is into breaking U.S. barriers.

"People believe that there is no quality production outside of the U.S., and that is totally wrong," said Hugo Rose, President of Televix. "It's a totally outdated concept."

Televix is a television oriented company that distributes American, European and Canadian product to Latin America, and Latin American product to the rest of the world, with the notable exception of the English-speaking market in the U.S.

"There is a barrier that all of the stations have here (in the U.S.)," said Rose. "Not only against Spanish-language product, but also French and Italian. I'm sure people will be hooked to their TV sets once they see the shows - it's just a matter of breaking barriers."

Breaking barriers is something that Rose has experience with. The 28-year-old founded Televix four years ago, which makes it one of the youngest of the emerging forces in Latin American distribution, with one of the largest libraries. Televix represents over 400 titles, up from 100 in 1990, and has offices in most of the territories it represents, including Panama, Lima, Bogota, and Guatemala. Among the list of independent producers Televix represents are Saul Zaentz, Zoetrope, Dino De Laurentis Communications, Vision International, and Moonstone Entertainment.

Rose's,plan to break into the U.S. English-speaking market begins with Televix entering the U.S. domestic market after NATPE, with the sale of two feature film libraries - a total of 35 films - dubbed in Spanish.

Another new direction for Televix is their association with Cineaccion, a Chilean commercial production company headed by Rodrigo Basuari, the 1992 recipient of the Clio Award and the Golden Lion, the Cannes Film Festival's highest commercial award.

"We are going to represent them to American companies as an alternative to American commercial production," Rose said. "Production costs in Chile are a small percentage of what they are in the U.S., and clearly Rodrigo Basauri is a world-class producer of commercials.
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Title Annotation:A World of Hispanic TV
Publication:Video Age International
Article Type:Company Profile
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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