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Hughes Software Systems Announces World's First Implementation of MEGACO/H.248 Based Easy-to-integrate Voice Over Internet Solutions.

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Easy Integration With Existing Telephony Networks Made Possible

With Media Gateway Controller and Media Gateway Frameworks for

Building Voice Over Internet Protocol Products

Hughes Software Systems (HSS), a leading global provider of communications software products, today announced the launch of its suite of MEGACO-based products.

HSS is a leading supplier of Voice over IP products for equipment manufacturers, helping them cut time-to-market significantly. The customers benefit from an extensive range of products which allow them to build solutions for the converged networks, offering services like pre-paid, click-to-dial, Virtual Private Network, and Interactive Voice Response.

A wide range of MEGACO/H.248 based products are being delivered such as: Media Gateway Controller Framework, Media Gateway Framework, and MEGACO protocol stack. The products provide pre-integrated PSTN interfaces like SS7, R2/R1 to provide connectivity to existing telephony networks.

The Media gateway control protocol (MEGACO) provides a means to manage media gateways that convert the user traffic between telephony and packet networks. And unlike earlier attempts at defining this interface, the MEGACO standard may become more widely accepted across the Data (IETF) and Telephony (ITU-T) worlds and better defined to handle enhanced services. It enables multimedia applications, IVR support, conferencing solutions, wiretap, speech-to-text conversion and many others.

MEGACO Stack and Framework products from HSS will enable OEMs to rapidly deploy VoIP solutions that make quality and reliable IP telephony and services a viable reality. This will accelerate conventional telephony and Web convergence. The products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of a carrier class solution by being fault-tolerant, scalable, stackable, robust and ensuring five-nine reliability. These will help networks to pass on the benefits of reduced connectivity charges and yet assure high Quality of Service (QoS) over packet-based public and private networks.

With the launch of MEGACO-based frameworks, HSS is uniquely positioned to meet the requirements of OEMs who will be able to source complete software solutions from one company along with the requisite protocol stacks. With these pre-integrated solutions, HSS is helping its customers achieve faster time-to-revenue while allowing sufficient flexibility to make appropriate modifications to suit the needs of their customers.

"At Hughes, we are fully focused on cutting down time-to-revenue for our customers. We are launching these products to cut down 6-9 months of development time for them and have made investments in developing new technologies based on SIP, MEGACO, MGCP ahead of time," says Manoranjan Mohapatra, COO, HSS. "The customers are looking at us to provide solutions which incorporate a mix of technologies to bridge the old with the new networks, and at Hughes, we are uniquely positioned to service these needs through a vast expertise in telephony, data and converged networks."

Hughes Software Systems

Hughes Software Systems is an ISO 9001 and SEI CMM Level 4 company. HSS is focused on providing communications software products and services in the areas of voice and data networking, satellite communications, wireless and internet/e-commerce domains. The company has built expertise in intelligent networks, VOIP, protocol stacks, network management and OSS, networking solutions and the Internet. With over 1000 professionals, HSS has a wide range of engineering skills in the area of software engineering, object oriented design, distributed computing, protocols, embedded software development, high performance drivers and DSP firmware. HSS is headquartered in India and can be found on the Internet at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 8, 2000
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