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Huge mantra spreads blessings.

KYZYL, Tuva -- The world's largest Buddhist mantra, "written" with stones placed on one side of Dogee Mountain just outside the capital of this small Central Asian nation, was blessed Sept. 13 by Buddhist monks of Gyudmed Tibetan monastery and Tuvan monks.

Monks and volunteers had arranged thousands of pounds of stones painted white to spell out "Om mani padme hum," a holy chant attributed to Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism. The letters were each about 20 meters tall and stretched some 120 meters in length.

Monk Tupten Shakia explained the significance of the mantra to Tuva-Online: "Everyone who can see, hear or read this holy mantra gets blessings ... and the wind, which touches the stones making the mantra on Dogee, will carry the blessings further as a gift to all the life forms on its way."
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Title Annotation:WORLD BRIEFS; Om mani padme hum, a mantra written with stones in Dogee Mountain
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Date:Sep 29, 2006
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