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Hudson River Assn. prepares initiatives.

Throughout the past year, the Hudson River Property Owners and Conservators Association (HRPOCA) has developed a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging development along New Jersey's Hudson River Waterfront in an economically feasible manner consistent with public benefit and economic sensibility.

In the upcoming year, the Association plans to build upon groundwork set in 1999, implementing initiatives which will ensure both growth on New Jersey's "Gold Coast" and the completion of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

One of the more significant events to occur during the past year was the creation of a private-public partnership between Hudson County and the Association, with the former ultimately overseeing all aspects of the Walkway - e.g., financing, design and maintenance.

It is the partnership's goal to develop a Special Improvement District (SID) which would facilitate the release of public funds to build and maintain the entire route of the Walkway project. The Association would then be responsible to develop guidelines for the SID to ensure the walkway's construction is consistent, and develop the appropriate assessments for the county-wide district which would oversee the Walkway's expenses.

Throughout 1999, we have also supported Hudson County's application for a federal grant entitled "Hudson River Waterfront Walkway Implementation Plan." If approved, the application for federal funding would make a completed Waterfront Walkway a reality within our lifetimes. To show our support, HRPOCA became a matching partner for that grant last year, and the Association will assist the county with other grant applications during 2000.

In addition to these initiatives, the Association will offer our support to several other efforts aimed at improving New Jersey's Hudson River waterfront. These include becoming a participant in Jersey City's "Wayfinding Signage Program," designed to show visitors and residents that the area is safe, organized and helpful by directing them to tourist areas and other recreational and business destinations.

The Association will also continue to pursue a Special Waterfront Permit for the area along the Hudson River. Originally proposed last June, the permit will focus on residential development from Bayonne to the George Washington Bridge, allowing the nine municipalities located along the river to have a special waterfront permit review process that would work on a local level.

The creation of such a permit would streamline the approval process for developers along the riverfront by focusing on criteria and conditions unique to the locale, such as upland development and sites over existing piers.

As we begin our fourth year of existence, we believe it remains crucial that an organization such as ours create a unified plan for the redevelopment of long-dormant properties along the Hudson River. By advocating high design standards for development, preservation of the Hudson-Raritan estuary, strengthening the region's mass transit system and consistency in waterfront access, HRPOCA has ensured a high standard of life is maintained for both the residents and visitors of NJ's Hudson River waterfront.
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Author:Barry, Joseph
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Date:Feb 9, 2000
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