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Hubert H. Humphrey Award ($500).

Presented each year in recognition of notable public service by a political scientist.

Award committee: Matthew Holden, Jr., University of Virginia, chair; Robert Gallucci, Georgetown University; and Kathryn Sikkink, University of Minnesota.

Recipient: John Ruggie, Columbia University

Citation: The Humphrey Award is given annually for notable public service by a political scientist. The committee was particularly motivated to recognize Hubert Humphrey, in whose honor this award is named, began as a political scientist, who moved to the world of practice, and always kept a relationship to the community of political science, The committee also determined that no realm of public service could be more compelling than service on the global scale, and no realm more compatible with the tradition of Hubert Humphrey than an interest in the international realm.

The chosen honoree is John Ruggie, formerly was the Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs At Columbia University, formerly Acting Director of Research at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research., currently Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, on leave as the Burgess Professor of Political Science at Colombia University. Ruggie eminently meets the test.

We need but refer to Ruggie 's eminent attainment as a scholar and general theorist of international relations. We need but mention his six books (at last count) and his range of penetrating articles, often anticipating by a long time what other scholars will later develop, on a a wide range of topics, including political economy and international institutions.

We here commend Ruggie in the world of practice. As Assistant Secretary General, Ruggie has been engaged with a wide variety of United Nations' policy and administrative issues. These include his role in an independent review of UN operations in Rwanda, the questions of the United Nations role in Kosovo, the United Nations' financial issues, the United Nations and global commerce, and the issues of the United Nations Millenium Summit. These engagements reveal a capacity displayed by few scholars, and provide the material--we may hope--for the deeping and enrichment of the intellectual community as well. We are pleased to recognize and congratulate a a colleague who remains actively engaged with the scholarship of political science and who actively displays the competence of political science in the changing worlds of power. John Ruggie is a rare example, worthy of emulation, of individual who is simultaneously an outstanding scholar and deeply committed to and involved in policy making, and thus a worthy exa mple of the scholar into practice in the tradition of Hubert Humphrey.

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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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