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Hubergroup sets all sheetfed offset printing inks to cobalt-free formulations.

Demand for ecologically optimized products is growing globally. In order to document the achievements in protecting environment and resources, a growing number of print products are nowadays awarded with eco-labels from governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Some eco-labels require a waiver to use certain substances in the production process. Use of cobalt compounds, which promote oxidative drying of printing inks as a catalyst, are generally regarded critically in the award criteria.

Because of this, hubergroup was among the first to develop a cobalt-free siccative system for oxidatively drying sheetfed inks.

These cobalt-free inks have been supplied as an alternative, with characteristics, color distances and printability remaining unchanged. Due to less increase in pile-temperature during the oxidative drying phase, the drying performance has improved with the new siccative system. Rub and carboning properties have thus benefitted. Having been in use for more than three years, every single application has confirmed this success.

It is because of these positive results that the parallel production of both siccative systems is being discontinued, and all sheetfed offset printing inks from huber-group will be available from now on in a cobalt-free formulation only.

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Publication:Ink World
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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