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Huber, Raymond (text) Brian Lovelock (illus.): Flight of the Honey Bee.

[dagger][dagger] HUBER, Raymond (text) Brian Lovelock (illus.) Flight of the Honey Bee Walker, 2013 30pp $27.95 ISBN 9781921529665 SCIS 1620578


Scout is a honeybee who must locate flowers to collect pollen and nectar for food before the approaching winter. We follow Scout on her journey as she has to avoid the perils of an attacking hungry blackbird, a storm of hailstones and an aggressive wasp. She completes her dangerous mission and, after she does her dance to indicate to the others where the flowers are located, they fly off to gather the food that will allow the hive to survive the coming cold.

This is a brightly coloured picture book with double page spreads throughout. The mainly watercolour illustrations with added acrylic ink and pencil are detailed and bold with many close-up images of the bees that give character and vibrancy to the tale. They complement the text which is simple and age appropriate yet manages to convey a sense of drama. It is presented in a clear, bold font with each event forming a separate paragraph. Every page opening also contains at least one interesting fact about bees which relates directly to the events depicted. Huber's love of his subject has been evident in his earlier works about bees. This latest text will instruct younger readers about the importance of bees to the ecosystem. It is bright and engaging, suitable for primary children.

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Author:Nolan, John
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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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