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Hubble's prospects brighten.

UNDER ITS NEW CHIEF, Michael D. Griffin (July issue, page 24), NASA has resumed preparations for a possible shuttle flight to service the Hubble Space Telescope. Although a decision won't be made until after two successful post-Columbia shuttle missions to the International Space Station, the observatory's prospects look better now than at any time since Griffin's predecessor, Sean O'Keefe, abruptly canceled Hubble servicing in January 2004 (S&T: April 2004, page 24).

At an April 29th NASA press conference, Griffin said that a robotic servicing mission, once offered as a less risky alternative to a shuttle flight (August 2004, page 28), is no longer under consideration. Robotic servicing "is just not feasible within the time and the money that we have to allow for it," he explained.

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Title Annotation:National Aeronautics and Space Administration appoints Michael D. Griffin
Author:Fienberg, Richard Tresch
Publication:Sky & Telescope
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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