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Hsl-41 launches "seahawk university".

The NAS North Island, Calif.- based Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Light (HSL) 41 Seahawks have designed a program to help bring college education to Sailors.

"For many Sailors, taking the first step toward a college education is the most difficult," commented NCC Kenda L. Robison, the Seahawks' Command Career Counselor and Education Service Officer. At her request, Navy College accessed the squadron ASVAB scores, SMART transcripts, and educational histories to help identify service members who were close to completing college degrees. On 13 July the squadron hosted an education fair that included representatives from local colleges and universities, financial counseling, and help with tuition assistance and registration forms.

College courses benefiting the largest number of Sailors are offered at the newly christened "Seahawk University." Instructors from a local university visit the squadron and teach two or three days a week. During the year the syllabus progresses from introductory to more advanced classes.

The classes are having a twofold affect. "Since the command has demonstrated an interest in its members, I have noticed a real boost to command morale and camaraderie," said AW2 Shane Terrel, who was among the first to enroll. "I'm meeting people in my squadron I never had a chance to talk with before. I have even received phone calls from other squadrons asking if there are positions open in my shop. They want to transfer to HSL-41 so they can attend college."

Anyone wishing more information on Navy educational opportunities should contact their Navy College office.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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