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Hoyt Helix.

Hoyt is famous for building high-performance hunting and target bows that can withstand tons of abuse and still keep on keeping on. The new Helix, loaded with innovative and iconic features, continues that proud tradition.

Torture-Tested Tec

Hoyt outfits the Helix with a version of the company's Tec Lite riser, which is highlighted by a vibration-channeling strut that gives Hoyt bows instant brand recognition. The company subjects all its riser designs to an incredible 1,500 dry fires and 1 million cycle tests!

The Helix has been designed with more of its overall weight forward of the grip to maintain balance throughout the draw and shooting cycles. This results in less movement, reducing kick and improving consistency and accuracy. The Perfect Balance stabilizer mounting system works to equalize weight distribution by placing the stabilizer mount on the opposite side of the centerline from accessories such as quivers, sights, arrow rests, etc. You can see Hoyt's patent-pending Offset Riser design, which creates a stiffer platform via a wider stance, if you look head-on at the Helix's riser above the sight window. There, you'll notice a flare/shift in the back of the riser as compared to the front.

Hoyt focused a great deal on the Helix's grip, as it is critical to shooter performance and experience. Years of shooter input and engineering research resulted in the X-Act onepiece molded-polymer grip, which was fine-tuned in width, shape and angle to produce a hybrid hunting/ target design. Consistent and proper hand placement are joined with comfort and a neutral wrist position for enhanced performance.

3-D Power

Hoyt's Helix is powered by the ZT Hyper Pro Cam & Vi eccentric system, advertised as generating speeds of up to 342 fps IBO. A patent-pending split-cable system, which balances the load side to side, is coupled with a 3-D shift engineered into the bottom cam with a curved groove in the module that moves the cable closer to the bow's centerline near the end of the draw cycle. This is advertised to reduce lateral nock travel and torque, allowing for Hoyt's Roller Guard cable-management system.

Two base cams, each with a rotating module, cover the entire drawlength range of 2414-28 inches, in half-inch increments. No bow press is required to adjust the module within the range of the base cam. In addition to the standard 85 percent letoff, Hoyt offers an 80 percent option.

Wide-Stance Stability

The Helix features Hoyt's Hybrid Split limbs, which employ the company's patented Split Limb Technology for optimized lateral and torsional stability while eliminating problematic limb bolts and V-grooves. Each of the four multi-layered limbs are precisely matched based on deflection values and are laminated, pressed and machined without ever cutting through critical stress fibers. This, plus their Uniform Stress Distribution design, allows the limbs to withstand Hoyt's brutal 1,500 dryfire test at 80 pounds and a 30-inch draw length, which produces more than 104 foot-pounds of kinetic energy! Limbs are available in peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds.

Hoyt's 2019 limb-pocket system features its Offset Weight Distribution Technology, which employs an asymmetrical, wider bottom pocket and limb spread/stance than the top pocket to keep the vertical center of mass at the grip for better balance.

Shockingly Silent

The Helix's string is tamed with the Hole Shot system that features expanding and contracting elastomer modules, and the Stealth Shot string stop that has been upgraded with a new elastomeric damping material. A Silent Shelf Pad quiets the impact of arrows and rests on the newly contoured shelf, while two new Shock Pods, each with four weighted nodes, are placed on the riser near the bottom pocket. Limb Shocks wedged between the split limbs, and the parallel position of the limbs at full draw, fight shock and vibration.


The Helix produced minimal report at the shot, with only a very light bump in the handle and slight low-level vibration (a Hoyt stabilizer eliminated the latter). I'm a fan of the X-Act grip, finding it comfortable and functional. The Helix is steady at full draw and remains mostly still, with the top falling slowly away after the shot. If I were to change anything, I'd reduce the mass weight.


Manufacturer: Hoyt Archery, 801-363-2990; hoytcom

Model: Helix

Riser: Aluminum, reflex, weight-forward design

Grip: X-Act, molded polymer, one piece

Limbs: Hybrid Split, parallel

Draw Weights: 40,50,60,65,70 and 80 pounds peak

Cam System: ZT Hyper Pro Cam & 1/2

Letoff: 80 or 85 percent (82 percent as tested)

Draw Lengths: 24 1/2-30 inches, in half-inch increments; rotating module

String: FUSE, BCYX99,56.88 inches

Cables: FUSE BCY X99,33.63 inches (Control), 32 inches (Buss)

Brace Height: 6 inches

Axle-lo-Axle Length: 30 1/2 inches

Weight: 4.3 pounds (as advertised); 4.45 pounds (as tested)

Finish: Realtree Edge, plus many more options

Advertised IBO Speed: 342 fps

Suggested Retail Price: $1,199

Comments: A well-built bow that scores good marks across the board.

             ARROW      KINETIC      DYNAMIC
             SPEE       ENERGY      EFFICIENCY

375-GRAIN   300 fps      74.96        82.75%
ARROW                 foot-pounds

425-GRAIN   285 fps      76.67        84.64%
ARROW                 foot-pounds

Editor's Note: All of our Technical Bow Tests are conducted
using the same standardized procedures and professionally
calibrated testing equipment. Bows are tested with a draw
length of 29 inches and a draw weight of 65 pounds unless
otherwise noted.

Caption: Hoyt's 2019 Helix is compact, measuring a maneuverable 30 'h inches between the axles. Those axles support Hoyt's popular ZT Hyper Pro Cam & V2, which is advertised to zip arrows downrange at speeds of up to 342 fps IBO. Hoyt's X-Act grip works with its Perfect Balance stabilizer system and a riser designed with Weight-Forward and Offset technology to give archers enhanced control and improved accuracy. A simplified roller system manages the cables, while the parallel position of the Hybrid Split Limbs and a variety of vibration-dampening accessories work to tame the shot.
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