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Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, the Music & Media Center, and the Hogan Jazz Archive.

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, the Music & Media Center, and the Hogan Jazz Archive are pleased to announce several recently digitized music collections now available in the Tulane University Digital Library. The Tulane University Digital Library serves as a portal to digital images of a selection of the many primary resources available in special collections across the Tulane campus. The Music & Media Center currently sponsors two collections in the Digital Library: the Guiseppe Ferrata Score Collection and the Tulane University Band Historical Collection. The Hogan Jazz Archive is the originating source for two additional collections including The Louisiana Sheet Music collection and the Ralston Crawford Collection of Jazz Photography.

Born in 1865, Guiseppe Ferrata emmigrated to the United States in 1892. He began his career as an academic music teacher and composer traveling throughout the Northeast before settling in New Orleans where he became the first professor of piano and composition of the Tulane University Music Department (formerly the Sophie Newcomb College). During his lifetime he won several awards for his compositions, including the Music Teachers' National Association Competition (1897), the Sonzogna Opera Competition of Milan (1903), and the Arts Society of Pittsburgh Competition (1908). Though largely forgotten today, his works enjoyed wide currency during his lifetime and were frequently performed in homes and on the stage. Ferrata's work crosses the boundary separating popular music and art music. His time as one of Liszt's last students is clearly evident in many of his serious piano works and some of his liturgical works, but his familiarity with popular light songs is also clearly demonstrated. The Guiseppe Ferrata Score Collection now available for viewing online contains images of thirty works published between 1901 and 1920.

The Tulane University Band Historical Collection provides streaming audio access to recordings cut between 1956 and 1981. The works represented are either original compositions or arrangements of popular band music by two Tulane University Band directors, John Morrissey and Ted Demuth. Several of the earlier LPs in the collection were cut in the rehearsal room and are the only known extant recordings of the band and the given arrangements. Although primarily of local interest, these recordings, which also include school fight songs and the occasional student-composed song, provide unique insight into university cultural life over a twenty-five-year period.

The Louisiana Sheet Music collection covers 100 years of sheet-music publishing in Louisiana, 1838-1938. Collection highlights include sheet music composed by significant local composers including Basile Bares, Eugene Chassaignac, Edouard Dejan, and Louis Moreau Gottschalk, among many others. Stylistic coverage of the collection is fully representative of the musical diversity of New Orleans and the surrounding Louisianan region, ranging from popular and vernacular music, Creole songs, nineteenth-century dance music, Confederate anthems, Mexican and Cuban danzas and danzon, ragtime, blues, and jazz. It should be noted that the selection presented in this online collection is just a small but representative sampling of a much larger sheet music collection housed at the Hogan Jazz Archive. For more information about the archive and its collections, visit

Ralston Crawford first visited New Orleans in 1938, taking photographs of parades, second lines, bars, clubs, and musicians originally as source material for his artwork. When he returned in 1949 as a visiting artist at Louisiana State University, Crawford began to document New Orleans musical culture with his camera. This shift in the function of his camera also marked a significant shift in Crawford's artistic approach to photography. It is estimated that Crawford had printed almost 10,000 photographs of New Orleans by the end of his life. The images included in the Ralston Crawford Collection of Jazz Photography includes 741 of what Crawford identified as his best New Orleans images.

These four collections and many more may now be found online in the Tulane University Digital Library at


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