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How would you tackle the bullies?; BULLYING quiz for children:.

1 You are walking to school and a gang of older bullies demands your money, skateboard, trainers etc.

Do you:

A Fight them?

B Shout and run away?

C Give them the money?

2 You are on the school playground and someone accidentally trips you.

Do you:

A Hit the person hard?

B Give them the chance to apologise?

C Sit down and cry?

3 You are in the school toilet and an older student comes in, punches you and then tells you not to do anything or "you'll get worse". You know who the person is and you have never done anything to them.

Do you:

A Wait until they leave and tell a teacher?

B Get in a fight?

C Accept what happened and don't tell?

4 You are walking in the lunch room and someone yells out a negative comment at you.

Do you?

A Ignore it?

B Yell back?

C Tell?

5 A gang of bullies gets you alone and starts beating you.

Do you?

A Do nothing - just take it?

B Fight back?

C Shout to attract attention?

D Watch for your chance to run away?

6 You see someone being bullied.

Do you?

A Ignore it, walk by and be thankful it isn't you?

B Stop the bully?

C Get help?

7 Your friend's dad died recently and some kids are saying and making hurtful comments about it.

Do you:

A Come to his defence and tell them to stop it?

B Ignore it and it will stop eventually?

C Let the teacher know?

8 Someone you know is being bullied because they are fat (spotty, small, wear glasses, are handicapped, have red hair, don't like football etc...).

Do you:

A Stand up for them?

B Join in?

C Let adults know what is happening?

9 An adult is bullying you.

Do you:

A Say nothing?

B Tell another adult you trust?

C Get some kids together and tell the adult to stop?

10 A bully has threatened your little brother. He has begged you not to tell your parents.

Do you:

A Tell him to handle it?

B Confront the bully?

C Tell your parents?

Quiz courtesy of KIDSCAPE.


1 C - Give them the money (or other possession). Your safety is more important than money.

2 B - Give the person a chance. If it was an accident, then he or she should say sorry.

3 A - You didn't deserve to be punched and the bully was wrong to do it. If you don't tell, the bully will just keep on beating up other kids.

4 A or C - You can either ignore it (if it is the first time and that's all that happens) or tell if it really bothers you.

5 C&D - You must decide but C and D together could work very well. It would be quite difficult to fight a whole gang of bullies and you might be hurt badly if you did.

6 C - Ignoring the bullying is cowardly and unfair to the victim. You can try to stop it, if you can do so without getting hurt. Perhaps getting other children to help stop it would work. At the very least, yell to the victim that you are getting help an d get a teacher or adult to intervene.

7 A - Come to his defence and tell the kids that their comments aren't funny. Also let the teacher know so they can talk about death and address the fears of the kids about their own parents dying. This is probably why the kids are making comments in the first place.

8 A - They can't help what they are and no-one deserves to be bullied because they are different. Stand up for them and tell your parents and teacher what is happening.

9 B - This is very difficult for children. Best to get another adult to help.

10 C - Your brother cannot handle it or he wouldn't have told you. If you confront the bully, the bully might get a gang together against you. Talk to your brother and see if he'll come with you to tell your parents so they can help.
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Date:Sep 6, 1998
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