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How will station create wealth? Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

WITH unemployment at a 17-year high, anything which might create new jobs is to be welcomed. But I fail to understand how the proposed redevelopment of Cardiff Bus Station into a new "central business district" is going to achieve this.

The name implies the creation of premises for economic powerhouses such as commercial banks, etc.

However, the council's plan is to simply buy up existing shops and offices in order to build new ones.

This at a time when the city already has a surfeit of empty shops and offices. Part of this surfeit is down to the equally hyped St David's Centre.

We were told that this lightless and soulless corridor which now dominates the city centre was also going to create an economic miracle for the city.

I suspect the only people to benefit from this new scheme will be the speculators in the construction industry, and the council executives who will once more seek to justify their expenses with yet another white elephant for our once historic capital.

* Julie Davies Riverside, Cardiff
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 13, 2011
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