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How we walk..!

IT was many years ago, than an old priest stopped me and said, 'I would love to meet your dad!' 'He's in America! Why?' I asked laughing, 'I hope you don't want to complain to him about me?' He smiled, 'No Bob, I've seen the way you and your brother walk, and I'm sure you both must have got your gait from him!'

I thought about my dad and the way he walked, then I looked at a glass door and watched myself as I walked towards it, I wondered whether I walked like my dad, or whether my dad walked like me! Walked like me? Now I was curious. How do I walk? Since I'm doing the walking, I don't notice how I look to others. Maybe I could watch myself amble around to get an idea.

That said, how we walk down a street and how we walk through life are very different things. Perhaps I can't help how I walk down a street, but I want to be intentional about how I walk through life. Through life, I want to walk gently. I want to treat all of life - the earth and its people - with reverence. I want to remove my shoes in the presence of holy ground. As much as possible, I want to walk in peace.

I want to walk lightly, even joyfully, through whatever days I am given. I want to laugh easily. I want to step carefully in and out of people's lives and relationships. I don't want to tread any heavier than necessary. And throughout life, I think I would like to walk with more humility and less anger, more love and less fear. I want to walk confidently, but without arrogance. I want to walk in deep appreciation. I want to be genuinely thankful for life's extravagant, yet simple, gifts - a star-splattered night sky or a hot drink on an ice-cold day.

And as I walk along with others, I would like to be firm with my steps, but be considerate to match mine with those who walk with me. I wouldn't like to step on other's toes or to make people uncomfortable! If life is a journey, then how I make that journey is important. How I walk through life. But still I wonder how I look when I walk down a street: Do I walk like my dad! I still wonder..!

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 13, 2018
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