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How to... Dye your own retro towels; It's hard to believe you can make these with ordinary household bleach and a cookie cutter...


A towel (washed and ironed) Plastic sheeting Thick household bleach Glass bowl Rubber gloves Cookie cutters in your chosen shape and size Heavy-duty masking tape

1 Protect yourself and your work surfaces - remember bleach strips colour from all fabrics it touches!

Lay the towel in a landscape position on a

2 protected flat surface, and tape the towel to the surface along its sides.

3 Put on the rubber gloves and pour bleach into the bowl to a depth of 1cm. Place the bowl near your towel and put the cookie cutter into the bleach.

4 Lift out the cookie cutter and hold it above the bowl for five seconds to allow any excess bleach to drain off. Starting at the bottom left of the towel, place the cutter into position and press onto the towel as firmly as if you were cutting out a cookie.

5 Remove the cutter then dip it back into the bleach and repeat until the towel is covered.

6 You will notice the bleach develops over time - the longer you leave it, the paler the bleached areas will go. Wait until the the bleach has done its work, then hand wash with a mild detergent before hanging it out to dry.

Practise printing on flannel first, so you get the hang of how drippy the bleach is and what colour the towel will turn when bleached.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 24, 2016
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