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How to... ...Do Valentine's Day alone or with your single friends Olivia Goldhill seeks out the best places to go and things to do for unattached lonely hearts.

Target shooting If you've recently ended a relationship, this could be the perfect way to vent frustrations over a dastardly ex. Plus there's nothing less romantic than guns, so you won't have to worry about smooching couples. Cardiff Rifle Club lets first time shooters pay PS5 before they shell out for full membership and all the firearms are free to use.

Spa by night Perhaps you'd prefer a more peaceful, incense-scented way to relax. A spa is the ultimate indulgence so stop looking for an excuse and treat yourself.

The Vale Resort in Hensol offers 11 different massage and body treatments, and if you're not keen on lotions, enjoy the sauna and give Hopi Ear Candling (PS35) a try.

Speed dating If you don't want to be single this time next year, check out speed dating. In today's fast-past age, there's no time to devote an entire evening to just one date, so check out a whole group of potential mates in one go.

Mocka Lounge, Mill Lane, Cardiff, is hosting a "slow dating" event on February 25 for 20 and 30 somethings to meet 15-20 people for four minutes each.

Martial arts Whether you fancy taekwon-do or kick-boxing, martial arts are an energetic and enjoyable way to keep fit and who needs a man when you can stand up for yourself? Cardiff Martial Arts Club has taekwon-do from 6.30pm-7.30pm on Thursday at Channel View Leisure Centre followed by a kick-boxing class at 7.30pm. And they're giving all new members two free weeks of classes, so now is the perfect time to get fighting fit.

Have a ladies' night Don't let the name put you off. If you don't see why smug couples should force you indoors, you could go somewhere you're guaranteed they won't be. Fat Cat bar, Cardiff, hosts a ladies' night every Thursday from 6pm so you won't be lost in a sea of pink heart balloons.

Go quad biking This the muddiest, messiest way to have fun and at the end of it you can wash that man right out of your hair. Rev your engines at Taff Valley in Pontypridd where one hour costs PS25. They also have archery and laser shooting. Much more fun than a two-for-one pizza.

An energetic night in Exercise produces endorphins, so by inviting your friends round for a fitness DVD session you're not only getting yourself in shape for when Mr Right does decide to make an appearance, you're also going to be in a better mood as a result.

A great girly one is Five Step Fat Attack with Claire Richards from Steps. It's been around a while - you can pick up a used copy on Amazon for as little as PS3 - and you'll be so busy singing along to the songs in the background that you'll almost forget you're exercising. Well, almost!

Laugh away the pain They say laughter is the best medicine, so why not put the theory to the test and see if it can cure a broken heart.

The Glee Club in Cardiff Bay presents The Best In Live Stand-Up Comedy with Gavin Webster, Sean Percival and Michael Fabbri - this is one trio that's bound to put a smile on your face.

Doors open at 7pm on Thursday and tickets are PS9.50.

Dance 'til you drop With Alejandra Velasco. She's a professional flamenco dancer and teacher who runs classes at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff every Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm-7pm for improvers and 7-8pm for intermediate.

Nothing like learning a new skill to lift your mood - oh, and a swishy skirt and pair of castanets!
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Date:Feb 12, 2013
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