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How to use the Processing Handbook & Buyers' Guide.

The Plastics Technology Handbook and Buyers Guide is a comprehensive tool for locating suppliers of primary machinery, materials (thermoplastics and thermosets), auxiliary and secondary equipment, controls, chemicals and additives, and a variety of specialized services. As a plastics processor, you will find the product descriptions and specifications that are compiled inside indispensible for pinpointing just the right machinery line and resin grade for your needs. Make your job easier and save time by keeping this reference volume handy on your desk all year long.

What products are available that meet my needs?

Check Out: Product-Line Reviews

Product-line reviews for equipment and additives are arranged by category: Injection and other molding/forming-Section A; Extrusion and compounding systems--Section B; Tooling--Section C; Temperature/pressure control--Section D; Auxiliary and secondary equipment--Section E; and Additives--Section F. Detailed specifications for selected primary processing machinery can be found on our web site,

Check Out: Materials Specifications

Detailed specifications are given for materials (thermoplastics-p. G-3, thermosets-p. G-254). Resin properties are presented in tabular format for easy reference and quick comparison.

Who sells what I'm looking for?

Check Out: Classified Directory

Suppliers are categorized by the type(s) of products they sell in the Classified Directory beginning on p. H-1. Companies advertising in the Handbook appear in boldface type; refer to the Advertisers' Index on p. 1-74 to locate an ad.

How do I contact a supplier for more information?

Check Out: Alphabetical Directory

Find company addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and web sites in the Alphabetical Directory beginning on p. I-1 and in advertisements that appear throughout the Handbook. Refer to the Advertisers' Index on p. 1-74 to locate an ad.

Want specifications on individual machines for molding and forming? Looking for more complete data on the materials briefly characterized in the Handbook? Want an even faster way of finding just the resin or compound you are looking for? All of these can be found free of charge at PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY'S World Wide Web site. Plus, you'll find materials pricing information, late-breaking plastics news, and a searchable archive of Plastics Technology articles.
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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