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How to use the CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM, to accompany The Floral Artist's Guide: A Reference to Gut Flowers and Foliages, follows the same format as the book with 507 full-color images divided into two easy-to-browse sections. From the opening screen, you can search the Flowers and Fruits section or choose from numerous foliages and dried materials for your display or arrangement.

Once you've chosen your preferred section, specific options allow you to refine your search by simply clicking from a pull-down menu for the genus, family, species, and even the Common name of the plant. If the name escapes you, or you're matching a particular color scheme, additional features allow you to search for flowers based on color, texture, size, and even longevity! A built-in audio feature allows you to hear the pronunciation of the genus name in Latin. And, information on commercial availability and design applications help you make the proper choices to increase sales and exceed customer expectations.

This handy resource can be used to both test and enhance your product knowledge. Have at-your-fingertips all the specifics you need to know to create stunningly beautiful arrangements on-the-spot for your customers. We provide the resources; the creativity is up to you.

Pat Diehl Scace, AIFD, AAF

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Author:Scace, Pat Diehl
Publication:The Floral Artist's Guide, A Reference to Cut Flowers and Foliage
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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