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How to survive without a salary - learning how to live the conserver lifestyle.

How to Survive Without a Salary - Learning How to Live The Conserver Lifestyle by Charles Long (Warwick Publishing, 24 Mercer St., Toronto ON M5V 1H3, 1996)

This is voluntary simplicity for the masses, and as such would make a good gift for a friend or relative who needs or wants to wean off buying what advertisers dictate. In a simple, down-to-earth fashion, with little philosophizing, this book discusses how to avoid consumer traps, budget effectively, analyze your true needs, make a casual income (as opposed to a salaried one), utilize secondhand buying, find alternatives to buying, and save on taxes on insurance. It's a useful, basic guide to getting along with less and making do with what you have.

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Publication:Natural Life
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1996
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