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How to stop illegal drug sales.

WASHINGTON -- Congressional efforts to eliminate "rogue" Internet prescription suppliers should not interfere with legitimate pharmacy web sites, says the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

In comments filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee, NACDS says "the most effective way to guard against these rogue Internet sites is to enact narrowly tailored solutions that focus resources on shutting down these illegal suppliers."

The association warns against "broad policies that sweep up legitimate, state-licensed pharmacies into a federal regulatory scheme that could potentially limit consumer access" to legal pharmacies.

Federal legislation to curb rogue sites should be based, according to NACDS, on three important criteria: careful definitions, steering clear of redundant mandates and the avoidance of additional certification requirements for legitimate sites.

Broad regulations of retail pharmacies with any web-based prescription ordering or sales component--such as simply ordering refills--would unnecessarily affect legitimate brick and mortar pharmacies, says NACDS.

Some congressional proposals would require Internet pharmacies to disclose certain information about licenses, pharmacists and other aspects of the business. Such a requirement would be duplicative and burdensome for a legitimate pharmacy since this information is already required by state boards of pharmacy, the association adds.

"Illegal Internet operations that threaten our drug supply and patient safety must be closed down," says NACDS president and chief executive officer Steve Anderson. "However, that must not be done in a way that jeopardizes the consumer's access to prescription medications through legitimate law-abiding community pharmacies."

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Date:Jun 4, 2007
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