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here are no hills, just a slower pace. That's what my running partner told me last week when I was feeling overwhelmed with the hills on our run.

TWe run three times a week, anything between four and 10k and I don't like running! In order to continue running at this frequency and distance I had to shift the way I think about running. So, I run because I like the outcomes of running; I feel trimmer and fitter, which for me is a great thing.

I don't know that I will ever say that I like running, but by reframing how I think about it I am able to maintain this important habit for health and wellbeing.

Last week, I celebrated five years in business, and for the last five years I have been supporting people, and their organisations to grow strong, by reframing their thinking and supporting the creation of positive workplace habits and behaviours.

Coaching has been one of the most powerful approaches that I have used in my work.

According to the number of hours (and paying clients) that I have coached, I could classify myself as a Master Coach.

But actually, I see the skill of coaching as a mountain with no top - the climb continues with every new client and I truly enjoy the climb.

My job is to enable individuals to find their purpose within an organisation or role, draw out their strengths and put them to good use, enabling them to achieve their aspirations.

Since launching five years ago, I have worked with over 60 organisations, helping them to start strong, grow strong and stay strong.

I've worked with local and national SME's, larger organisations like UPS and Leeds City Council and have coached clients in the USA and Dubai. I work with organisations that truly believe that people are their most important asset and invest in learning to grow strong.

Someone recently asked me why they should consider business coaching, what they can expect and what benefits it can bring? There are too many to mention right here, but below I focus on a technique I often use during a coaching conversation when supporting a person to achieve their goal: Cognitive Reframing.

Reframing is a method we all use subconsciously in our day to day routine, "look on the bright side" and "better the devil you know" are a couple of examples of this in action, although not always applied to tangible shifts in attitude and behaviour.

In a coaching conversation, reframing can be used consciously to overcome barriers to "success". It can help us to see ourselves, situations and others differently when working towards a goal.

In a business coaching conversation, you are most likely to be focusing on a future that you would like to create and yet you wouldn't believe all the barriers that crop up along the way to creating that future, either self-imposed, imagined or through situations that arise.

Working with your coach to reframe can begin to shift unhelpful beliefs, find ways through tricky situations and be the first step in coming unstuck when things get sticky!

That said coaching isn't always about resolving the challenging, heavy stuff, coaching can be used to amplify, to think bigger and create more impact.

Questioning is at the core of coaching.

When coaching is used as a method to find a way forward, the idea is that the person being coached has all the answers within and therefore it only takes a question, or a series of questions, to unlock the answers being searched for.

As a business owner, sometimes all we need is space and someone to listen, someone who will ask the questions no else has asked.

This is what one client had to say about working with me. "The value I get from Natasha is measured on many levels. First of all, Natasha is straight talking and asks me the questions that no one else will.

Often challenging, always supportive. Natasha helps me imagine greater. I have ideas for my business and when I share them with Natasha she will often expand them to double or quadruple what I imagine in terms of impact."

In short, coaching helps you to reassess your response to certain situations and moves you closer to achieving your goals or the state of being you wish to enjoy.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 9, 2019
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