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How to spa like an expert.

While the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., may be highly acclaimed for its golf and tennis courts, in other circles it is just as regarded for its world-class spa facility.

Advertised as The Spa at PGA National Resort, the 15,000 sq. ft. facility includes six outdoor pools, a hair salon and during peak season employs up to 120 people.

You may or may not be attending the B.E./Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge this Labor Day weekend, but you may want to get the spa treatment on your own. To fully enjoy yourself at any full-service spa, here are some simple but important reminders:

* Plan ahead. Spa directors recommend making an appointment at least two weeks prior to arrival. This is especially important when planning to visit during a holiday weekend, as many spas expect to accommodate a high volume of patrons during three- and four-day weekends.

* Arrive early. This will give you time to complete any paperwork and check into a locker room.

* Be instructive. It helps if you have some idea what services you'll require before attending. Since services range from basic facials to elaborate body treatments, the more direction given the therapists, the more enjoyable your stay is likely to be.

* Ask questions. Some of the services offered, such as CranioSacral Therapy, can sound intimidating to the uninitiated. So if you don't know--ask.

* Live a little. You can get a plain facial any day of the week. So what if you've never had a Seaweed Body Polish or a Moor Mud Wrap before? Take a deep breath and jump right in.

* One last thing: Prepare to be heavily pampered.

Nancy Soccorso, spa director at the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, says the goal of the spa staff is to make every visit a memorable experience.

"If we're dealing with someone on a first visit, then we generally guide most of our clients through here by the hand from the moment they walk in," she says.

Upon arrival, an attendant or therapist will begin designing a service series based on the body and tissue type, health history and individual goals. "Then we'd ask them about their purpose for coming to the spa," Soccorso explains. "Do they want to be pamered, or just to de-stress and relax? Everyone gets a personalized package depending on their needs."

Among the new services offered by The Spa at PGA National Resort this year are:

* The Krauter Bath, a concentrated herbal bath with oils derived from various botanical sources proven to have natural health benefits.

* The Therapeutic After Bath Massage, a treatment designed for after a thermal mineral bath to massage After Bath Cream and Detox Oil into the body.

* The Moor Mud Kur, a half-day package that includes a Moor Mud Wrap, Hungarian Kur Bath, and Thermal Mineral Bath.

Other facilities include the "Waters of the World," a collection of six outdoor mineral pools, plus separate men's and women's steam, sauna and whirlpool lounges.

"Two of the pools two are salineated with salts we import from Dead Sea and other from France," said Soccorso. "They have a healing quality in them known to de-stress and relax muscles. We have a workout pool, a hot and cold plunge, also a roman tub with cascading falls. There isn't another spa in the country that has these; it's our signature."

Soccorso also said great pains are taken in preparing a wide variety of foods served at the Spa. "People are always amazed and surprised by the cuisine here. In the nineties, it's no longer necessary to only eat dried toast. grapefruit and cottage cheese. We're geared more toward low-fat, high-carbohydrate meals, so we serve everything from fish to soups to pizza. There's an extensive menu even if you are conscientious about your weight.

"We have one of the most extensive menus of spa services in the country," said Soccorso. "We bring a Mediterranean flair to an atmosphere where you can relax and be pampered. It's a healthy escape."
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