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How to plant a post: an easier way to make a fence.

For years I have followed a practice of firmly lodging treated posts in the ground without mixing and pouring wet concrete. I used to go through the trouble of mixing wet concrete, then trying to get it down the hole alongside the post - tamping and poking repeatedly. It's a messy job, time consuming, and I disliked it more than digging the hole.

It can be easy. Plant your treated post in the hole, brace it, and then spill in about half a bag of dry cement mix. It will slide down easily by itself. If the ground is moist, your job is done except for filling the remaining space with earth. The moisture in the soil will moisten the mix. If the soil is very dry, I spill about one-third of a pail of water around the post, then tamp in soil on top. No mixing involved and you can immediately remove the braces.

Does it work? This past summer I decided to move a post. After digging down to the concrete in 15 minutes, I then spent all afternoon with head, shoulder and arms in the hole chipping the concrete to pieces with a chisel. That pole was planted four years ago and it took days before my shoulders and back stopped hurting.
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Author:Piehota, Don
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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