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How to pick a gyno.

Unless you're an exhibitionist, the thought of getting naked in front of a complete stranger can be terrifying. But we've all got to do it sometime with a gynecologist. However, finding a good one that you are comfortable with can be as hard as finding butch maternity clothes.


1. Ask your close friends. Not only can they recommend a good gynecologist, they can also warn you about a few you'll want to avoid.

2. Search the Internet. Sites like and have lists of gay-friendly doctors organized by location and specialty.

3. Contact your local LGBT community center and ask for a recommendation. Gay-friendly doctors often advertise in gay newspapers or community center newsletters.

Once you choose a gyno, request an interview before you disrobe. This is the time to disclose your orientation, medical history and sexual concerns. Follow your gut instinct, and remember: You can always walk out. Confidentiality is a right, even if you are underage. If you have any questions about confidentiality policies, ask them up front. Although some doctors don't allow family members in the exam room, it's always OK to request that a nurse be present during the exam. The key to a successful gynecological visit is communication. The more honest you are with your gynecologist, the better your healthcare will be.

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