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How to make a hand pump.

This hand pump is as simple as a paper clip--and just as ingenious. Just buy the parts, put them together, and start pumping! It took us about 20 minutes to put one together--and it cost less than $25.

The exploded view at right shows the (from top) hose adaptor; pipe adaptor; pipe (the short section here is for demonstration: it must be long enough to reach the water level in your well); another adaptor; and the foot valve.

Not shown is the guide sleeve (which increases efficiency, and keeps the pump away from the regular plumbing and wiring in the well), and the hooks and cord that enable you to leave this pump in the well, ready to use in an emergency.

Diagram description:

A. 5/8 or larger ID garden hose

B. 3/4 NPT to garden hose adapter

C. Open eye hook, washers, nuts

D. Well cap

E. 1/8" nylon hanging cord

F. 3/4" PVC schedule 40 to 3/4 NPT adapter

G. 1/2" carriage bolts, washers, nuts

H. 1-1/2" ID PVC schedule 40 collar

I. Ground level

J. Electric power pump wiring

K. 3/4" ID PVC sched. 40 pipe collar

L. 3/4" ID PVC sched. 40 pipe section

M. Electric power pump feed line

N. Water table

O. 1-1/2" ID PVC sched. 40 pipe

P. 1/2" holes in 1-1/2" PVC pipe sleeve

Q. 1/8" diam. weep hole

R. 3/4" foot valve

S. 1-1/2" PVC shed. 40 pipe cap

T. Metal well casing

Notes: The weep hole is drilled above the foot valve, but a good distance below the frost line. When the pumping stops, the water slowly drains out to prevent freezing.


Disinfect all pump parts before placing them in the well. Disinfect your hands before using the pump.

This pump was designed by Keith Hendricks, who lives in "northwestern Ohio." He has distributed thousands of copies of the plans at survival expos (and the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair).

U.S. water trivia

* The United States uses 79.6 billion gallons per day of fresh groundwater for public supply, private supply, Irrigation, livestock, manufacturing, mining, thermoelectric power, and other purposes.

* California pumps 10.7 billion gallons per day of groundwater for all purposes, a third more as much than the second-ranked slate Texas (8.02 bgd).

* More than 15.9 million water wells for all purposes serve the United

States. Source: March 2012

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