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How to make a clean break just like Naomi; Following the supermodel's holiday hygiene routine can spare you misery abroad, writes Jenny Morrison.

Byline: Jenny Morrison

SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell has gone viral with the germbusting ritual she goes through every time she boards a plane.

A video she posted on her Being Naomi YouTube feed shows her pulling a pair of latex gloves out of her designer bag, then using her Dettol anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down "anything that you put your hands on" - including her tray table, window, armrests and TV remote.

She then covers the seat in her business class booth with a replacement cover, and once she is finally happy puts a mask over her face which she keeps on for the duration of her flight to prevent her from inhaling other passengers' "coughs and sneezes".

She tells her viewers: "I do not care what people think of me. It's my health and it makes me feel better."

But is her jet-setting cleaning ritual really that crazy? No one likes to get ill on holiday. Here, we've put together some holiday hygiene tips to you stop you getting sick.

WASH THOSE HANDS The easiest way to prevent the spread of bugs is by washing your hands properly. Get into the habit of carrying a bottle of antibacterial gel in your holiday handbag or jacket pocket.

BE PREPARED Boost your immune system before you go on holiday to help ward off any potential illnesses. Scientists say that as we relax on holiday our bodies stop producing as many stress hormones, which can help fight off bugs. So get plenty of sleep before you travel and if you always get ill on holiday consider taking an immune boosting supplement the week before you go.

AIRPORT AWARENESS Airport security is there for everyone's safety but researchers at the University of Nottingham have found that the plastic trays we put our valuables in can be a big growth area for germs. Don't touch your mouth or face after loading your belongings into one of the trays - and always wash your hands or use antibacterial hand gel afterwards.

PICK YOUR SEAT Scientists say the worst seat for picking up germs from other passengers on a busy flight is the aisle seat. The window seat is safest place to travel when it comes to avoiding bugs, with the middle seat next best.

PLANE SENSE Follow in Naomi's footsteps and use antibacterial wipes to wipe down your seat, tray table, seat belt buckle, in-flight screen and anything else you will be touching in your seat area.

Research suggests that 80 per cent of travellers who sit beside, in front of, or even behind someone who is ill on a plane are likely to get ill too.

Germs can linger after a passenger has left a flight too, so take no chances.

And don't forget to take your wipes with you when you go to the aeroplane loo.

Studies have found the worst place for germs on a plane is the flush button on the toilet.

LUGGAGE LURGY Our suitcases and bags get dragged along floors, thrown into the baggage areas of taxis, lie on luggage carousels, get lifted and carried by numerous baggage handlers, not to mention being strapped into luggage holds or overhead lockers.

Always be mindful that your bags are not clean - and never place them on a surface where you will be eating or preparing food.

HOTEL ROOM HYGIENE Even the cleanest looking hotel room can have hidden horrors when it comes to hygiene.

Wipe down the TV remote control before use, or even consider placing it in an unused plastic bag you might have picked up for any liquids in your hand luggage when you were going through airport security.

If the room offers complimentary slippers or you have packed your own, then use them to avoid any fungal bugs that can be picked up from walking barefoot on your hotel carpet.

POOL PERILS If your swimming pool doesn't look clean - complain to hotel staff and don't use it. Wear flip-flops to avoid picking up verrucas.

TUMMY TROUBLE The most common cause of tummy trouble on holiday is ice. The ice that you are given in bars and restaurants abroad is often made from tap water, so it may be best to avoid it all together, as freezing doesn't kill most bugs.

Be wary of buffet-style food as it may have been sitting in the sun or exposed to flies for a few hours.

Order hot, freshly cooked meals in restaurants as cooking at high temperatures will kill harmful bacteria.

Ice cream, mayonnaise, shellfish, salads, chicken and cold or reheated rice can be particularly hazardous.

If preparing meals and snacks for yourself, wash salad and fruit in bottled water.

MONEY WORRIES A study by and London Metropolitan University found 19 different types of bacteria on notes and coins.


GERM WARFARE The pool, plane seat and plastic security trtays pose a risk so bring plenty of wipes

TRAVEL TIPS Naomi talks fans through her pre-flight routine
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