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How to hone in on the best angle of attack.

Byline: JONATHAN LUPTON Head teaching professional at Close House Golf Academy 01661 852953

LAST week I discussed the desired angle of approach to create the required launch angle and spin rate on your drives.

The angle at which the club approaches the ball just before impact is a key factor in its flight and the consistency of your strike.

This week I would like to talk about the angle of attack when hitting long irons and fairway woods.

While the driver is the lowest lofted club used with a full swing, we do have the advantage of using a tee-peg to help to get the shot airborne.

The toughest club to hit with consistency is the three-iron or four-iron, which has led to the manufacturers designing hybrid clubs to make the process much easier. Whether you have long irons or hybrids in your golf bag, by better understanding the correct angle of approach required for the shot - and by improving your ball position - you may well notice an improvement in consistency.

Players normally have the ball either too far back in the stance - leading to the ball flying too low - or too far forward, which causes you to hit the ground before the ball or even top the shot.

The ideal ball position for your 3 iron or 4 iron - or your hybrid - is around two inches inside your front heel.

This should help to create a level angle of attack with the club striking the ball at the low point of the arc.

To practice the correct swing, push a tee-peg low into the ground and place it two inches inside your left heel. The top of the tee-peg should be no higher than five millimetres above the ground.

Now make practice shots without the ball, trying to clip the top of the tee-peg without moving it out of its position.

Hopefully, by better understanding the point where your club meets the ground you will improve the chances of hitting the lowest lofted clubs from the ground without a tee-peg.

To sum up, when you play full shots the ball moves progressively further forward in your stance as the loft on your club reduces.

If you are using short irons, place the ball in the centre of your stance. For mid irons, one ball forward of centre.

For your long irons or hybrids, aim at two balls forward of centre - which will be around two inches inside your left heel.

And for driver, to recap on last week's advice, just inside your left heel.

If you have any questions regarding ball positions or any other aspect of this fascinating sport of ours - or if you would like to book a lesson at the Close House Golf Academy - I would be delighted to hear from you.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 15, 2014
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