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How to harvest popcorn ... and where to buy seeds.

How to harvest popcorn . . . and where to buy seeds

It's easy to grow popcorn--and if youplant seeds now (see page 114), you'll be rewarded with your own ready-to-pop kernels at summer's end. For fun, try growing several different varieties; at the end of the season, you can have a popcorn party and decide which you like best.

Let pollen from different multicoloredvarieties mingle, and you won't know what colorful mix of kernels awaits until you pull back the husks at harvest time.

If you can't find popcorn seeds at yournursery, the following mail-order firms offer several different varieties.

Le Marche Seeds International, Box 190,Dixon, Calif. 95620; (916) 678-9244; catalog $2.

Park Seed Co., Greenwood, S.C. 29647;(803) 223-7333; catalog free.

Stokes Seeds Inc., Box 548, Buffalo, N.Y.14240; (416) 688-4300; catalog free.

Vermont Bean Seel Co., Garden Lane, FairHaven, Vt. 05743; (802) 265-4212; free.

Photo: Harvest popcorn when husks wither; ifweather stays warm and clear, it is best to let stalks dry, too, before harvest. Hang ears in protected spot until dry (one to four weeks)

Photo: Kernels should push right off the cobwith no effort when corn is dry enough. If they resist, dry a little longer. Blow away chaff with hair dryer
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