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How to get unusual JSLIST sizes.

If you're a soldier who has slightly unusual measurements---maybe you're quite tall and slender--you may have trouble finding JSLIST (joint service lightweight integrated suit technology) garments that fit.

JSLIST jackets and pants are ordered Separately, which has helped take care of many soldiers who have unusual builds: a short soldier with a stocky build can order a larger coat, for example. But the Army can't stock every possible size variation. That's where special measurements come in. They ensure all soldiers can be properly fitted with JSLIST.

The first step in finding a JSLIST garment that fits is get yourself measured using the guidance in JSLIST's TM 10-8415-220-10. Then check out the JSLIST size charts to see if you can order a jacket and trousers that fit. Size charts and size NSNs are found on Pages 48-49 in PS 617 (Apr 04). You can access the story at pubs/psissues/617/617-48-49.pdf

No luck? Then you need to special order a JSLIST jacket and/or trousers. Go to the special order section of your local military clothing sales store and have them measure you. Record the measurements on a DD Form 358 (for men) or DD Form 1111 (for women). These forms are at pamdocs/pam2530_main.htm

Then fill out a DD Form 1348-6.

The JSLIST jacket or trousers must be ordered from Defense Supply Center-Philadelphia (DSCP).

Contact DSCP's Ellen Henning at DSN 444-2482/(215) 737-2482 or email for instructions or if you have any questions. Forms can be faxed to DSN 444-3163/(215) 737-3163.

Normally a soldier should order four JSLIST suits: two to be kept by his parent unit and two to be kept in sustainment stock.

Usually, it takes 30-45 days for a special order JSLIST to be made and shipped.
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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